Has anyone ever been caught

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Has anyone ever been caught

Post by Evil777 »

Has anyone ever been caught stealing shoes or caught smelling them? I was caught 2 times , first time I was over a friends house and we were upstairs in his room, I was always turned on by his moms feet , so I told him I had to use the bathroom , there bathroom was connected to his moms room so I snuck into her room and grabbed a pair of her slippers and put 1 slipper over my nose and the slid my c-ck into the other one and started to fuck her slipper while smelling the other slipper , then suddenly I heard him say what the fu-k are you doing , Wow I was embarresed . The 2nd Time was a friends sister, she walked in on me smelling her white flats but she just shut the door real quick, she never brought it up again and I actually slept with her several times but she never once mentioned it.
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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by sexyjulia »

never caught, although many years back my gf saw pictures on my computer of her roommate's shoes...
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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by schuhmensch »

i have been caught cumming in moms heels. well wasnt too bad. now i cum in her shoes almost every day and sometimes even on her soles
Manchmal frage ich mich, wie viele liter wichse ich schon in die heels meiner mutter abgeladen habe...
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Post by henslayer49 »

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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by gnasm »

sexyjulia wrote:never caught, although many years back my gf saw pictures on my computer of her roommate's shoes...
Intriguing... I'm curious to hear how this played out. Feel like sharing?
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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by dicklipschitz »

Never caught in the act but, when I was a high school teenager back in the 1980s, my parents did ask me why I had two pairs of women's shoes in my bedroom. I said my girlfriend left them there on accident.

Only one pair (some leather sandals) actually belonged to her ... which she really did forget, but I somehow never made it a point to tell her where they were. The other pair (red leather pumps, 3" heels, very worn) belonged to the hot college girl who lived four houses down and they might have, um, been borrowed from her unlocked car one night. I'm not proud of it, but they way they smelled (a heady combination of leather, perfume and natural feminine musk) was heavenly and totally worth it.

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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by hobbesvr6 »

My sister caught me smelling her worn nylon while jerking off into her heels in my bathroom. She didn't say anything and left. The next day she suprised me by handing me her worn nylon and her heels and told me to have fun. She told me she understand how guy is with foot fetish and just clean up my mess. ever since that I didn't have to steal her nylon and heels.
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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by hilltop238 »

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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by leatherbotas »

My parents found my huge stash of boots that id bought off ebay. They asked why i had them and i said i was buying and selling em to make a little cash. They didn't believe me but there was no way i was gonna tell em why i had them. They threw them all away but i still buy and sell them when they're not around!
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Re: Has anyone ever been caught

Post by in2shoes »

I have told a story of being VERY nearly caught with a customers shoes by her daughter...but this is a different story.

when I was still living at home my mum found about 20 pairs of shoes . she asked me about them and I gave her a totally lame story that I was dropping them off to a charity shop for someone and had used the box they came in .No way she believed me.....I thought no more of it untill the following xmas when she told the story of finding ladies shoes in my wardrobe to over 12 people at xmas dinner (including my then girlfriend)........you might guess mum and I never did really get on ...(she was a man hater!)
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