Step MIL seducing me

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Re: Step MIL seducing me

Post by doper »

Damn .. this thread is going more and more interesting ... and cumtastic.
Stolen shoes smell better and makes you cum harder.
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Re: Step MIL seducing me

Post by deckelsmouk »

Those heels are heaven. And her feet are so sexy. I wish i would be at your place.
How old is she ? Do you have some pics of her ?
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Re: Step MIL seducing me

Post by Pheromonefanatic »

If only this happened with my MIL😩
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Re: Step MIL seducing me

Post by wifey-heels »

Now that’s fucking AWESOME!
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Re: Step MIL seducing me

Post by ViTr3x2 »

your Mil has vvery hot feet, amazing
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Re: Step MIL seducing me

Post by Heels Fan »

Amazing work, can't wait to see more photos from your adventures. Your MIL's heels are so hot & she knows it!
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Re: Step MIL seducing me

Post by shoefreak »

I think she enjoyed that session as much as you did perhaps?
She’s pushing her limits…
Next time she may unzip and let the cream flow on her feet and heels.
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Re: Step MIL seducing me

Post by dagaffar »

Why don't you share the CUMMED PICTURES?
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Re: Step MIL seducing me

Post by plzacc »

amazing i cant wait for more
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Re: Step MIL seducing me

Post by LouieAldofootman »

I was summoned for another meaningless task by the Mil.. As I'm on my way she calls me this is rare because it's always text..Small talk turns into her saying "Wow is Stacy lucky to have such a great massage therapist at her disposal, my ankle def felt alot better up until yesterday, I think I need your magical hands again" I tell her it is all my pleasure as you know.. She says "this time I'd like you to use her special new thc foot lotion" I tell her I had been using a special lotion on the heels she gave me...She tells me "oh I know all about it,see you shortly" n hangs up. I finish the simple task she asks of me and I walk in and she is sitting on a loveseat with these Cumworthy delights with her lotion on the table.
First thing I say is oh wow...those shows are what dreams are made of. Laughing "I knew you'd like them n would do just about aanything for them to reach our Little goal so get to work" I slide one heel off put her foot on my lap with precum oozing, pump some lotion and massage her ankles and pushing them around on my cock I let off and she continues but stops and says "minus well do the other" she lifts up her foot and I slide the heel on her lotioned foot the same scenario occurs for the second she pulls away as I'm close to cumming and says "that was relaxing" she moves to the counter and sits on a stool... she points her foot with the slide on at me and says "here you earned them say hold on can I get a pic of them on you they will sell faster "go ahead make it quick I have a nail appt" I snap these pics, she goes "here you go"
she doesn't kick them off but waits for me to slowly slide them of her feet..thank you these will sell quickly.. I'll ttyl. Iget to the door holding my new cum dumpsters stop and ask to use the bathroom.. "go right ahead" I beat a huge load in them in 10 seconds. I come out relaxed with my cum onthe footed she sees it and says "that must be the lotion you were telling me about" and slides her finger through it and licks my cum off the tip of her nail..."yum that's tasty, I can't wait until you gain access to my room I have a few pairs that could use this" and pushes me to the door "safe travels dear"
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