Quarantine Adventures

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Re: Quarantine Adventures UPDATED 01/24/21

Post by steve0001 »

Footjob00000 wrote: Sun Jan 24, 2021 2:25 am Hey guys! Little update of my first cumming adventure of 2021. Got a chance to use the MILF Birks again and was surprised how much darker the footbeds were. I started sniffing/licking the left side and tasted how sweaty they were while i slid my cock over the moist right side. While licking the sole area, my eyes were right at where her toes were and for some reason I felt a extra rush of adrenaline. I usually don't cum on Birks because the fabric stains easily but I ended up jizzing on it anyways. I kinda panicked and started wiping/spreading my cum and to my relief, the footbed was already so sweat stained that it didn't look too obvious. Hope you guys enjoy!
wooooooow, just wow!!!!
Please more of those Birkis. Made me cum hard
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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by ballerinas13 »

More Birks ! And daughters Sandals, So nice !!
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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by raisha90 »

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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by floplove »

Great thread dont let it end!
Your descriptions are great and really put us there.
Love that adrenaline rush makes it feel so right and finishes a guy off nicely. Glad you could mess them up and not have her notice. Your residual cum should be felt by her soles when she sweats in them again. Bonus!
It will be a tingle and she won't know why lol.
Those have to be the most worn birkies I've ever seen.
So hot a true foot and shoe perv Id be lapping that worn leather sole sweat right with ya...and have done.
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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by kushboss »

Awesome post man those heels reminded me of my friends moms mules, such deep toe prints i would try to fuck them and my cock would get stuck to them so i did the same them put a bit of Vaseline on them and OH MY GOD what a feeling being honest i think it felt better then a tight pussy at that moment. Looking forward to seeing more dont stop posting bro.
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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by koniu »

Salty sandals :D
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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by ShoeBuyer_ShoeFucker »

nice thread - love the Tory Birche's
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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by wizardoz »

my friend, thats amazing... any chance to see of your neighbours or her daughter ? or their feet ? any updates ?
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Re: Quarantine Adventures UPDATED 2/28/21

Post by Footjob00000 »

Hey guys! Sorry its been a while since the last update but got some new pics for you. Last week I noticed a pair of Birks that I haven't seen in a while that I never got the chance to play with. The MILF's daughter is back home and I couldn't resist the chance once I saw them. I have never seen these type of white Birks before and once I got it home, I saw that they were not made of the same material as the moms one. I was a bit disappointed since the material they made of is like waterproof of something. It wasn't the usually leather that was able to soak up all her foot sweat and didn't have too much smell but when I licked it, I could taste the salty sweat. I instantly realized that while I thought it was a bad thing, I could actually now fuck the pair without worrying of staining it! I put some lube on the footbed of the daughters Birk and slowly fucked it. I slide my dick through the front strap allowing my balls to slide against the heel cushion. It felt amazing as my dick got harder and harder, the front strap got tighter against my dick. I then switched the Birk around and entered on the toe side so my jizz could go all over her sole area. I exploded pretty fast as I was smelling and licking the moms musty sweat soaked Birk while I fucked and slid my dick on the daughters. Even after cumming I kept fucking the daughters Birk with the mixture of lube, cum and whatever residual foot sweat. It's been about a week since I took the pics so seeing the daughter wearing her white Birks today was such a turn on!
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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by moclover »

Those white PVC Birks are perfect!
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