Quarantine Adventures

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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by prizee »

adidas running shoes so comfortable to fuck my mother also has a pair I add one charge per week at least
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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by rivenious »

More of the sneakers and socks please! Would be amazing to see the selection!
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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by Footjob00000 »

Nice little update for you guys! This past weekend, I saw these Tory Burch wedges left for the taking! I have seen her wear these out before but never got the chance to borrow them as she would take them inside. I have no idea if this is what happened but my fantasy is that since quarantine has slightly lifted, she wore these out to go shopping or a party and wore these for the greater part of the day. I never realized how deep her toe imprints were until I got them back home. Personally, the smell of a womans well worn footwear is the biggest turn on but after I saw her wedges, just looking at her toe prints got me hard. The leather made it hard to fuck so I thought about it and said fuck it and put lube on her wedge. Let me tell you guys that the feeling of the sloped arch sliding on my shaft and balls while my head slightly bounced around the divisions that her toes made was one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Hope you guys enjoy some of the action pics I took.
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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by ViTr3x2 »

Wow looks amazing, cant wait to see more. Do you have and pics of her wearing those shoes ?
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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by 000000 »

nice! what size are their shoes? any pics of the owners?
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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by rush440 »

Awesome stuff!
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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by nismo4 »

OMG what size do they wear? Those toe prints are hot!
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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by floplove »

Wow ! Awesome wedges getting a good edge on to these pics and story
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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by wifey-heels »

Those wedges are what most of us dream about. Those are phenomenal!
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Re: Quarantine Adventures

Post by evergreenhouse »

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