office temp fiction

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Re: office temp fiction

Post by italianboots »

Samantha's off to do the banking.....but first she just needs to negotiate her way out of the carpark......seems she's more adept in her heels than behind the wheel...... seems that Neil Atlas from down in accounts is the only witness to Samanthas latest little misfortune....... 8)

He's a good guy, and he likes Sam so he wouldn't use this little incident to his advantage.....would he?!?! :shock:
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Re: office temp fiction

Post by Atlas »

Lol....this is going to get juicy:)....
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Re: office temp fiction

Post by FootFreak »

Please make sure they meet before work so he can fill her heels right before she puts them on barefoot to her protest, absolute disgust and embarassment. She gets to spend her days with his nut drying between her toes
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Re: office temp fiction

Post by Leatherappreciater »

I love those boots
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