My second contribution!!! ;)

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Re: My second contribution!!! ;)

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your friend has gorgeous feet i love her anklet and toe ring is making videos a possibility and dose she have any really well worn flats or sandals she would be willing to sell for good money?
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Re: My second contribution!!! ;)

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Judging by these pics and her poses she looks very eager for a shoejob/footjob with end result of lots of cum on her feet and in her shoes! I hope for all of our sake you get that chance and when you do please remember us and take plenty of pics to share!
Good luck!
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Re: My second contribution!!! ;)

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Really good pictures you have there.
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Re: My second contribution!!! ;)

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Re: My second contribution!!! ;)

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Re: My second contribution!!! ;)

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Why post if you're just gonna delete
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