Accidental crush in work

Stepping on and crushing anything (legal to crush) but people. If stepping on people is your thing, please see the Trampling section.

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Re: Accidental crush in work

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Serena86 wrote: Wed Oct 13, 2021 3:00 pm
GroundCon wrote: Wed Oct 13, 2021 1:10 pm Hey Chrissy,
I'm absolutely not into hard crush but I do like reading stories like these. Wish it had even more details! :) (PM me if you like.) I wouldn't consider it objectionable at all. No intention, the animal was already dead plus you didn't post any pictures.
Many years ago, I ran into a forum with lots of hard crush stories. Most of them about farmer's women who preferred stomping rodents instead of setting up traps. As long as no pictures or clips were posted, the mods were fine with it.
This forum wouldn't happen to be ocmb would it lmao
Hey Serena :)
as a matter of fact, the forum I was referring to was not the ocmb. It was some German forum. Although there were certainly lots of hard crush stories on the ocmb as well.
Kind regards,
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Re: Accidental crush in work

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I love you.
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Re: Accidental crush in work

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You can`t beat accidental or completely unaware crush. Really hot, even better if it is caught on camera and the FEMALE crusher walked away totally unaware of what was crushed. :D :D
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