The first shoejob you received

A shoejob, or heeljob, similar to a handjob, requires the involvement of a female. There are various ways a woman can be involved, whether she is wearing shoes while they are being cum on, she is jerking someone off into her shoes, licking cum off her shoes, etc. Shoe masturbation, shoe cumming or shoe fucking requiring no female involvement belongs in the Shoe Cumming Forum below.

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Re: The first shoejob you received

Post by droid1959 »

Like I said on my post, I told me wife over ten years ago that I like to buy her shoes, with the requirement that what I buy she wears for sex also. I recently bought her a pair of red strappy mid-heels and SHE said these will be fun in the bedroom! THAT's my gal!!
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Re: The first shoejob you received

Post by Wetshoe »

droid1959 wrote: Wed Jan 05, 2022 8:38 am Like I said on my post, I told me wife over ten years ago that I like to buy her shoes, with the requirement that what I buy she wears for sex also. I recently bought her a pair of red strappy mid-heels and SHE said these will be fun in the bedroom! THAT's my gal!!
Apparently the secret to a long lasting marriage :)
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Re: The first shoejob you received

Post by droid1959 »

Certainly makes all the difference, communication and understanding, with respect both ways.

Sure wish I had met her decades past, like when she was 35. Back then she worked in a local small bank, which meant skirts/dresses daily with pantyhose and heels (just like my 1st wife). I've told her that had we met back then she'd be in trouble daily, and wearing crotchless pantyhose daily cause I'd be all over her, and wanting her daily. And she said she would have gone for it. She changed jobs to work administration at the local high school, and some older students hung out in her office, calling her a MILF. When she found out what MILF meant, said she chuckled and smiled. Back then her husband was cold as a fish.

I recall my 1st wife when she got into her 30s the sexuality ramped up. Same for women in their 40's. I met my current wife when she was 53, and very sexual. We'd make love, fuck, a lot, indoors, outdoors, wearing crotchless pantyhose with dresses in public, and for the first eight years it continued. Then menopause for her, has brought a pause in our sexual relationship. Still good, not as frequent. In her words, "its a bitch, you men just keep going, up and ready all the time. Not the same for us women, though we want to". So again, communication and respect, still having fun. She said the other day "foot fucking works, whenever you want, there you go." I refer to her feet as her naughty cousins down there.
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Re: The first shoejob you received

Post by rollinon24s »

First shoejob for me happened in High School, it was through my pants...long story, but i want you all to know what lead up to the shoejob.

I had this friend, and we will say she was a solid 5, but was a ton of fun to hang out with and just a cool chic all around. One day at lunch I was walking over to our table where our group of friends always sat and there was only 1 open chair. My friend had both of her feet up in that chair and refused to move the in a friendly sort of way. She was wearing some Adidas cross trainer type sneakers. I reached down to un-tie one of the shoes and she quickly pulled both feet out of the chair and I quickly sat down. After I was seated, she put her foot in my lap and said I needed to tie her shoe back, after I tied it back, she said that the other needed to be retied, so it felt the same as the other. She placed her other foot in my lap and I did the same with it. After tying both of her shoes she said that she was comfortable and was keeping her feet in my lap...Of course I had a huge boner and a few times she was pressing against it or my nuts. I didn't say much of anything and neither did she. I thought about that encounter the whole day and had decided from that point on to always sit in front of her. The next day at lunch i sat in front of her again and she was acting normal. I said hey, do you need me to tie your shoes again? She smiles and put both feet up in my lap and i retied both adidas shoes and she kept them in my lap the whole lunch period. This became a regular thing; she mostly would put one foot against the seat part of the chair between my legs, but would sometimes use the top of my leg or lap. It would be rare that she pressed hard into my crotch, but would occasionally move her foot to where the toe area of the shoe would lightly touch my balls or dick. She wore adidas sneakers or slides every day, but she started to fix herself up more and bought a pair of black chunky heeled platform ankle boots.(this was around the year 1999 or 2000. I sat in front of her the 1st day she wore those boots and she didn't put them in my lap..... I had grown accustomed to her doing this every day and was trying to figure out a way to get her feet in my lap...I said hey I bet I can make those new boots shine, let me clean them for you. She smiled and placed one foot between my legs against the seat bottom like she always did, but since these were hi heeled boots, the heel went under the seat and the toe/ball of the foot area went into my groin.. It was a full court press if you I had never at that time felt a foot pushed hard into my groin mashing my balls and dick up against my was awesome! She started wearing those boots almost daily and this became the new norm for our thing we had...
She got a new pair of Nike sneakers and started wearing those... On the first day of wearing them she did not put them in my lap....I asked her if she wanted me to tie them and she said no but you can wipe them off like you normally do my boots. She placed her foot up in my chair, not against it like she normally did, and was fully pressed into my groin. Baggy pants were the thing back then and I was wearing boxers so i was basically freeballin. I wiped her shoes off and while i was doing that her foot was moving side to side, like a ankle roll type movement. She kept that movement going on her own after i wiped her shoes off and i just sat back and was in heaven. The rough soles of the sneakers created an awesome friction, she slowly kept rolling her ankle and pressing into my groin... Before long i knew it was too late...i knew what was coming... I put my hand on her foot to stop the movement....i was in heaven for a few seconds too long... I busted a huge nut all in my pants... at the lunch table... i put her foot down and started to panic and wondering how i would get out of the cafeteria and keep this a secret.. I stood up and quickly left out the side door.. I could feel the hot cum running down my leg and starting to show on my pants EVERYWHERE. I went out a side door and went to my truck and no teacher caught me.. I was able to skip school and go home and change... We never talked about what happened that day. I got another shoejob from that same girl after high school.. I can tell it another time.

For my first shoejob that was bare dick was from my wife. She would normally tease me with shoes through my pants or underwear, but would always use her hand, foot or mouth when it was bare and out. She was wearing these pep-toed heels and was rubbing me hard with them and my dick came out of my underwear. She didn't realize at first and kept rubbing my dick roughly with those shoes.. she stopped and said do you want me to finish with my bare foot or give you a blowjob... I told her to keep doing what she was doing... 15 seconds later i blew it everywhere!!.. She said i didnt think i could get you off with my that was the first for many many many...

hope you all enjoyed..
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Re: The first shoejob you received

Post by Toe Cleavage1 »

The first time for me was when my wife owned a pair of Next peeptoes.
She had known since day one that I had a thing for women in high heels, she was quite amused that I loved to see her in heels and under her bed she had lots of them. I do remember buying her a pair of River Island ankle boots with a chunky heel and she really liked them, even buying for herself a pair of really cheap boots similar that she wore on a day out in the woods. I still have them up in the attic with the mud still caked on them :twisted:

So one night we were laid in bed and I suggested that she wear her heels, she called me kinky in a playful manner and told me to pick a pair. I went for the ones where one shoe often slipped off her foot while she walked, that had got me so hot that I had wanted to fuck her there and then.
I slipped them on her feet and we went at each other with such passion and desire that we were exhausted afterwards.
A couple of weeks later I suggested going a little further with our kink:
"How about you sit on the edge of the bed with your legs crossed and those heels on and I worship your feet in them and even cum on them."
She was unsure as she felt a little silly being 'worshipped', but she went with it regardless.
So there I was on my hands and knees kissing and licking her shoes, tonguing her sexy toes through the peephole, running my tongue up the shoe until I came across her arch. I then licked and sucked that arch whilst my hand moved from my cock, all wet from pre-cum, to hold her shoe and wipe my juices over her heel.
I then felt her other foot rise and press against my throbbing penis, the sole of her shoe rubbing the end as transparent cum seeped out and coated the black surface. When she moved it for better positioning the precum stretched and strung out over her toes, i glanced down and could see that sexy shoe and foot rubbing with more purpose. I then reached down with my right hand and assisted it, my fingers wrapping around the heel and rubbing her shoe sole that had been roughed by nights out in them. The toe end of the sole even had chewing gum squashed hard against it and occasionally touched the tip of my cock until finally, tilting her foot I shot a massive load all over her foot. It shot up onto the top of her foot, ran down to her arch, more cum exploded out and ran to her toe cleavage until the final weaker burst dropped onto her toes with the larger loads running down the side of her shoe. The other shoe was placed firmly in my mouth and as my body jerked from the exertion of the climax my lips kissed the peephole edge whilst my tongue probed at her toes as though I was kissing her on the mouth.
I will always remember this because it was my first.

The shoes ended up (to my horror) going to charity as she struggled to walk in them as the right shoes slipped off all the time.
Next peeptoes.jpg
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Re: The first shoejob you received

Post by codhed89 »

Pics of the nikes 💥💪
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Re: The first shoejob you received

Post by FLshoeguy »

My ex-wife was off and on fascinated by my foot fetish. She rarely wore sexy shoes, but when she did, I knew there would be fun later. One night, we went out to dinner for my birthday, and she wore my favorite pair of her shoes -- black, patent-leather with 4" heels. I told her over dinner how much I loved what she was wearing, and she perked up. She excused herself to the bathroom, and when she returned, she tucked her black lacy panties in my jacket pocket. And to prove her point, she grabbed my hand and shoved it between her legs to demonstrate she was free-muffing it at dinner.

We fooled around a bit in the car on the terminally long drive back home. She kicked her legs onto the dashboard and masturbated in the passenger seat while I drove (and nearly wrecked the car while watching her, I might add). She managed to have two orgasms on the drive. When we finally got home, we raced to the bedroom. I was still in my jacket as she unbelted my pants and shoved me onto the bed. As she did that, she raised her shoe-clad feet up and stroked my cock for about five minutes. "Are you gonna cum on my shoes, baby?" she asked. I told her to keep going, and she slipped one of her heels (her left shoe, as I recall) off and picked it up and placed it on my cock. It still felt warm and damp from her foot as she jacked me off with her heel.

I blew a huge load into her heel, and she slipped it back on to feel my cum squish between her toes. "I wondered what that would feel like," she confessed. "How did you like it?" I answered by pushing her back gently onto the bed and ate her pussy until she came for the third time that night.

Alas, the hot-and-cold reception I got from her sexually over the years caught up with me, and I finally decided we should separate. Frankly, when I'm jerking off by myself, I do think of her from time to time.
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Re: The first shoejob you received

Post by droid1959 »

1st gal I dated after my 1st divorce, after that divorce I had no physical interaction with any woman for over three years, that gal on our 1st date was as horny as I was. I made a comment about how I liked painted toe nails. She asked me directly "do you have a foot fetish?" I chickened out and said no, but she found out over time I did have a foot fetish and shoe fetish as well. Like one night in a casino hotel she wore ivory thigh high stockings and low 2" pumps. Later in our room I fucked her three times in a row with her wearing the stockings and heels.

After that she often wore nylons, pantyhose and shoes/heels. I fucked her feet a number of times, but never came in her shoes with her. One time she said "How about you fuck my foot in my shoe, put you cock between my foot and shoe." Wish I had. One night she came to my place (this was after we broke up, I started dating someone else) wearing only a crotchless body stocking and heels. She lived 30 miles away. She forced herself on me, sucking my cock as I tried to keep from getting hard, tried to mount my semi hard cock. I tried to end it, then she said "want to fuck my feet in my nylons?" And she grabbed my cock with her feet and stroked me hard. Finally I gave in, fucked her feet hard, then pushed her back on the bed and fucked her hard with her heels over my shoulders.

She was crazy in the bed,...but unfortunately crazy in the head too much to stay with.
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Re: The first shoejob you received

Post by freestyler7 »

I am into shoes and feet since forever. I was always dreaming about shoejob, but was too shy to ask for it from my first gfs.

There was a very nice girl a year lower at the high school I liked. Sexy, leggy, slim and sporty, long brown curly hair = exactly my type. We looked at each other for years, mutual attraction was there for sure since we met for the first time. After her graduation, we happened to get together on a party. Lived together for about a year before the turning point came and I dared to tell her about my interest in shoes (heels & flats). She already knew about my footfetish - as a ballet dancer, she had stunning body, beautiful and dexterous legs, she knew about it and she liked them very much ... Already gave me some footjobs, but never wore heels or any other shoes for sex ...

We were on a summer music festival, DNB stage, late night close to the motning sun, maybe a little bit overkilled both of us with last dose of exctasy. I do not know how it happened, but we just started to fuck without worrying about other people watching us - pretty cool, but the extasy ... i was not able to finish, you know sometimes the excitement is too big. After a while she somehow took my penis between her feets because she already knew how much her feets are turning me on - it was a long public footjob, even some of my friends have seen us, who cares ...

As she was doing an totaly crazy, public footjob to me, telling me that she wants my cum all over her feet and body and that she wants to feel the sticky sperm in her shoes then ... I was feeling that there is nothing to be ashamed of anymore in front of her and told her I would love if she do me a footjob, but with some sexy heels on ... she answered "obviously I do not have any here, but you can imagine I have and once we come home I will do it for you". It took just a short while for me to cum since she said this. She put her socks and skate shoes on her cummed feets. Spend the rest of the festival like this and I was so looking forward and excited for returning home ...

The festival was ended, we returned home and I was curious if she remebers (we were realy high the before night) and yes she remembered. Once we came home, she went to her shoe cabinet and took a pair of her HH sandals and told me - I promissed you to do a footjob but with heels on. I told her something like I love you so much, let´s do it - and yeah it´s called a shoejob. It was such a great feeling - her sexy feets with heels on stroking my dick and cumming all over the beaty. Since that time I lived for about a 6 yaers in shoejob heaven, was allowed to cum in her heels, she was even lending her heels to her friends time to time (i bought her a pile of beatiful heels, I have had a great job when studing on university so I could afford to buy her shoes that her friends envied) for events so I could see other girls walking in those sperm banks ...
She liked how excited I was when I saw other girls in shoes that she had done a shoejob with to me just a few hours before :-)

Great times.

We broke up after years, now I have another sexy heelslut, but that´s a another story :-)

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Re: The first shoejob you received

Post by Atlas »

Those heels in the 2nd pic are sexy as!! Imagine filling her arches & it all slides into her toe area where it stays :))
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