The first shoejob you received

A shoejob, or heeljob, similar to a handjob, requires the involvement of a female. There are various ways a woman can be involved, whether she is wearing shoes while they are being cum on, she is jerking someone off into her shoes, licking cum off her shoes, etc. Shoe masturbation, shoe cumming or shoe fucking requiring no female involvement belongs in the Shoe Cumming Forum below.

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Re: The first shoejob you received

Post by yellowpanda8 »

This is a fun thread.

I haven’t done a heal job, but many nylon and barefoot foot jobs if those are of any interest.

Great content for sure.
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Re: The first shoejob you received

Post by ninewest33 »

Please do share!
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Re: The first shoejob you received

Post by Krawfishy »

Hi I am new here. I love heels and sexy powerful feet in them. My first shoejob I can remember... hurt...alot! She started by twisting and grinding me with her powerful right foot. She would mix in some hard rubbing and tapping but if I whimpered or winced in pain, She would go back to grinding me back into the wood. I remember pleading with her to spare me, but she would grind me even harder. I accidently knocked over the light while writhing in pain. I remember her making a deal with me but I dont remember what the deal was. She could've said anything and I would've said yes. I dont remember what I agreed to, but she started crushing me again but this time with a her bare foot. She stepped on me so hard, my cum spewed out out of me. I begged her not to step on my babies but she smeared them around under her powerful toes anyway. I couldn't move. I just lied there and twitched in pain...

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Re: The first shoejob you received

Post by shomp »

U must have liked it. Your Dick is hard
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Re: The first shoejob you received

Post by qazwsxedcrfv »

Copied and pasted from another site where I shared this story. There were a few girls who teased or kicked me prior to this, but this was the first real shoejob I got:

My first was with a girl at an outdoor concert. She was wearing a sundress and cowgirl boots and sat right behind me for a while with her legs on either side of me. As the evening wore on and it got colder out, we shared a blanket and she moved beside me and put her boots in my lap (under the blanket). I discreetly unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out, which she then worked between her boots. She couldn't fully go to town on my dick because we didn't want to be too obvious about what we were doing, especially with our friends sitting right next to us. It was incredibly hot feeling her leather boots work against my cock and seeing her smile at me as she was doing it.

I took these pictures that same day, maybe a couple hours before the bootjob.
bootjob cowgirl 1.png
bootjob cowgirl 2.png
bootjob cowgirl 3.png
bootjob cowgirl 4.png
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Re: The first shoejob you received

Post by nico0071998 »

freestyler7 wrote: Sat Mar 12, 2022 12:00 am I am into shoes and feet since forever. I was always dreaming about shoejob, but was too shy to ask for it from my first gfs.

There was a very nice girl a year lower at the high school I liked. Sexy, leggy, slim and sporty, long brown curly hair = exactly my type. We looked at each other for years, mutual attraction was there for sure since we met for the first time. After her graduation, we happened to get together on a party. Lived together for about a year before the turning point came and I dared to tell her about my interest in shoes (heels & flats). She already knew about my footfetish - as a ballet dancer, she had stunning body, beautiful and dexterous legs, she knew about it and she liked them very much ... Already gave me some footjobs, but never wore heels or any other shoes for sex ...

We were on a summer music festival, DNB stage, late night close to the motning sun, maybe a little bit overkilled both of us with last dose of exctasy. I do not know how it happened, but we just started to fuck without worrying about other people watching us - pretty cool, but the extasy ... i was not able to finish, you know sometimes the excitement is too big. After a while she somehow took my penis between her feets because she already knew how much her feets are turning me on - it was a long public footjob, even some of my friends have seen us, who cares ...

As she was doing an totaly crazy, public footjob to me, telling me that she wants my cum all over her feet and body and that she wants to feel the sticky sperm in her shoes then ... I was feeling that there is nothing to be ashamed of anymore in front of her and told her I would love if she do me a footjob, but with some sexy heels on ... she answered "obviously I do not have any here, but you can imagine I have and once we come home I will do it for you". It took just a short while for me to cum since she said this. She put her socks and skate shoes on her cummed feets. Spend the rest of the festival like this and I was so looking forward and excited for returning home ...

The festival was ended, we returned home and I was curious if she remebers (we were realy high the before night) and yes she remembered. Once we came home, she went to her shoe cabinet and took a pair of her HH sandals and told me - I promissed you to do a footjob but with heels on. I told her something like I love you so much, let´s do it - and yeah it´s called a shoejob. It was such a great feeling - her sexy feets with heels on stroking my dick and cumming all over the beaty. Since that time I lived for about a 6 yaers in shoejob heaven, was allowed to cum in her heels, she was even lending her heels to her friends time to time (i bought her a pile of beatiful heels, I have had a great job when studing on university so I could afford to buy her shoes that her friends envied) for events so I could see other girls walking in those sperm banks ...
She liked how excited I was when I saw other girls in shoes that she had done a shoejob with to me just a few hours before :-)

Great times.

We broke up after years, now I have another sexy heelslut, but that´s a another story :-)


Mmmh very hot i love the second heels they are so hot 🤩
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