Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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The last chapter was more of a teaser to kind of break this one up a bit. This one is long and it’s the real thing. Enjoy

Chapter 12

“Whatcha got there?” Jack asked Anna as she shuffled sideways from the pantry to the kitchen island, keeping what was in her hands hidden behind her back.

She didn’t initially reply until she was at the island, then swung one arm out from behind her back, holding the heels in her hand, “well obviously these gorgeous things” she said with a big smile. Her pussy throbbed as the shoes clacked on the granite counter top, followed by her slowing running her fingers across the insoles from the instep to the heel. Once she recomposed herself, she brought her other arm out and plopped a large jug of maple syrup on the counter.

Brooklyn’s eyes widened and her mouth opened slightly, her hand subconsciously finding its way to her pussy. “You wouldn’t” she said in disbelief, even though she fully hoped and knew it would be true.

“Watch me.” Anna firmly replied. She opened the lid and moved the bottle towards the heels. Jack and Brooklyn took a couple steps forward to get a better view of what was happening. They watched the syrup slowly reach the lid, then slowly leave the small hole and fall downward. It hit the left shoe and there was a collective gasp from the three as it continued to flow out of the bottle, slide down the sole and fill the toe box. It didn’t take long before the box was almost and Anna quickly switched to the right shoe, matching the level of syrup as in the left and setting the bottle down. She walked around the counter to give Jack and Brooklyn a better view of what was next.

As she came around, she noticed Brooklyn’s hand reaching up her dress while she stared at the syrup filled heels, and Jack slowly stroking his half hard dick. She smiled at the thought of all the cumming he’s done in the last few days, and how much more was ahead of him. She finally reached the front of the counter. “Are you guys ready?”

“Yes!” they both excitedly replied.

Anna smiled and reached for the shoes. She grabbed them carefully, and slowly lowered them to the floor, trying not to spill any of the contents. They sat on the floor, begging for her feet to plunge into the syrup. Anna finally lifted her right foot, and slowly dipped her big toe in, letting it make its way further into the toe box; the syrup soaking her foot as it went further in, gushing out the sides under the slingback and out of the top line onto the outside of the toe. The entire bottom half of the shoe, inside and out, was covered in syrup by the time her foot made it all the way in. She slowly reached down and pulled the sling around her heel and completed putting on the shoe, and her body shook multiple times with pleasure.

“I can’t believe you still have to do that a second time. That was exhilarating to witness” Brooklyn said, moaning in between her sentences.

Jack stood speechless, waiting for shoe number two.

Anna finally gained control of her body again, so she lifted her left foot and plunged it into the awaiting heel, this time much faster. She took a few small steps with the syrup filled heels, everyone listening to the clicking and the squishing and being more and more turned on.

Jack had an idea and abruptly went to the freezer and retrieved four eggos and put them in the toaster.

“Oooo I like where this is going” Anna said, “do you have any special requests Brook?”

Brooklyn stopped rubbing her pussy for a few moments then started again as she got an idea. “Do you have any cool whip?”

“As a matter of fact we do” Jack replied with his head in the freezer. He set it beside the toaster and waited impatiently.

Meanwhile, Anna continued to play with the borrowed heels on her feet. She was interrupted by the ding of the toaster. Jack brought them over to the island on a plate and set them down.

“Well it looks like we need more syrup” Anna said with a smile. She slipped her feet out of the heels and slapped them on the floor, then proceeded to fill the shoes again. Just as she was about to dump it onto the waffles, Brooklyn interrupted her.

“Wait! Can I give it a try?”

“Of course babe” Anna said. She slowly walked to the table and found the Louboutin Milla heels she was wearing earlier and slipped those on; the remaining syrup on her feet getting on the beautiful straps as she slid her feet in, and she let out a soft moan.

Brooklyn looked at the syrup filled heels and decided to put them on the floor. Then she looked at the waffles, threw them on the floor, then placed them in pairs. She grabbed the shoes and put one on one pair of waffles, and one on the other pair. She slipped her feet out of her loubs - which had a little bit of syrup on the outsoles from the floor on them - and tossed them aside.

Finally, she put her left foot into the heel sitting on the waffles. Syrup spilled out of the sides and onto the waffles and covered her foot. The syrup soaked into the waffles and as she added pressure, the shoes crushed them into a soggy syrupy mess. She repeated the process with her right foot, pulled the slings around her ankles and began to stomp around, making a bigger mess.

Anna had been rubbing her pussy, getting wet again while watching Brooklyn play. She stood up and joined her friend, stepping around in the syrupy mess with her moms Louboutins.

“Oh the cool whip!” Brooklyn was so excited about the syrup she had totally forgotten about the next part. She grabbed the spoon Jack had left by it and scooped some out, and threw onto her feet. After another good sized spoonful, she stomped around some more. “This feels so good!”

Anna tapped her on the shoulder, “I want some too.”

Brooklyn filled her spoon again and threw it down at Anna’s feet. The first throw completely missed and the second throw only half of the scoop hit Anna’s toes.

“It’s ok I can get it” Anna said as she slid her heel clad foot over to the big clump of cool whip on the floor. She stepped in it with her right foot first, squishing it out, then played with it with her toe, shaping it into a lump again. She pulled the lump over to her left foot and covered those toes, spreading the cool whip up her left foot with her right, all over the beautiful heels.

The two girls were getting more and more turned on, rubbing their pussies and admiring each other’s heels.

Anna was looking down when Jack suddenly handed her one of Brooklyn’s Louboutins. She grabbed it without hesitation and immediately put the toe to her clit and started rubbing it. He handed Brooklyn one of the Casadei heels that Anna had been wearing and she did the same. He took one of the Valentino’s for himself and shoved his dick inside the straps and stroked it back and forth.

It wasn’t very long before a chain reaction of orgasms went off, starting with Anna. Her legs buckled as her pussy gushed all over Brooklyn’s beloved high heel. Her cum ran down her legs and over the straps of the heels on her feet and into the mush that was beneath and on them. Brooklyn was next, and she had a similar orgasm, only it seemed that her feet pushed out the last bit of excess syrup inside the slingbacks she was wearing. Her cum met the syrup and cool whip on top of her feet after running down her legs and covered the black heel in her pussy. Finally, Jack couldn’t take any more and came inside the gorgeous Valentino Rockstud heel.

Everyone stood in silence until it was broken by the beeping of the lock code on the front door being typed in.
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Arrrggghh, don't stop there looool!!! Keep going!!! This is going great!!!
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Absolutely amazing stories, can't wait for the next one. Such a great thread, thank you!
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Awesome stuff, what a cliff hanger. Looking forward to the next one!
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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This was absolutely incredible! I loveee the wet heels and cum. Can’t wait to see what mom thinks
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Cannot wait for another episode hope the michael kors watch makes another appearance loved that bit
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Cannot wait for another episode hope the michael kors watch makes another appearance loved that bit
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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I really hope this isn’t the end of this tread it was amazing
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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It’s not the end, I just don’t find a lot of time to do this so sorry to those of you who want more. But also thanks for the excitement, it’s fun to do this when I do find the time. This chapter is another teaser one to set up the next one so it’s not super long.

Hope you like it

Chapter 13

The door opened and closed. The three fetish indulgers stood in the kitchen, frozen amongst the mess they had made. The sound of clicking stilettos got louder as the person wakes closer. Finally, Blair appeared around the corner, and she stopped in her tracks, startled by the kids in the kitchen. She thought they were still outside but the look on her face screamed, “what the hell is going on here?”, but not enough to hide the intense sexual curiosity along with it.

Everyone stood in silence now, Blair surveying the situation in front of her.

“I uhh...I forgot my purse,” she scrambled to find words as her eyes darted from the sloppy heels on the girls feet to the cum filled heels in everyone’s hands and everything in between. She made a gesture as if her purse was in Chelsea’s room, but her legs refrained from taking anything more than small steps in a circle.

“Sorry” Anna finally said.

Blair jumped a little bit, “oh no no no it’s ok you don’t have to be sorry at all” she quickly fired off. “I’m sorry for interrupting.”

“It’s ok, you only scared the shit out of us,” Jack said, “I’m actually still kind of scared.”

Blair looked at him, and the curiosity in her eyes had totally taken over the shocked look. “Why are you scared?”

“Because of what we’ve done to your shoes.”

“Did you not read the note I left you? They are yours to do whatever you please with and if this is that then so be it. I’m not going to stop you from having a good time.” Blair started to take a step away. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a wedding to attend that will likely be much more boring than this.”

“You can stay here if you want” Brooklyn piped up, covering her mouth immediately, her eyes as wide the Hoover dam. “I don’t know where that came from. Don’t listen to me” she said in a panic.

Blair stopped on her first step and turned her shoulders. “Don’t get me wrong - I love stilettos - but I would have no idea where to start with what you guys are doing.”

Anna had caught on to Blair’s curiosity, and matched it with an almost flirtatious attitude. “Well what are you into then? You know what we are into so it’s only fair.”

Blair had now fully turned back to facing them and took a deep breath, “I don’t have a specific fetish like this. I love heels and I do wear them during sex sometimes. If anything, I’d say I just like kinky stuff like a bit of bondage aside from normal sex.”

“Well I’m sure we can arrange something of the sorts.” Anna said with a grin, “Do you like being tied up or do you like doing the tying?”

Blair pauses for a second. “Both” she finally spat out.

“I’ll tell you what,” Anna began, “you can go back to your boring little wedding reception and whenever you feel like coming back you can. It’s not like we can lock you out of the house anyway.”

“Hmm” Blair thought for a moment. Anna gave her a couple seconds before furthering her proposal.

“We won’t do anything out of your comfort zone if you choose to come back. You can decide what we do and don’t do.”

Blair thought for a couple more seconds but the answer was already written on her face. “Deal” she exclaimed. She took a couple steps forward, clicking her stilettos on the floor, which got the attention of Jack. As she reached out her hand to shake Anna’s, she noticed him taking a peak at the shoes out of the corner of her eye. “I thought you might like these ones sweetie. I’ve wanted to try them for a long time - little did I know you’d enjoy them just as much as me.” She winked at him and turned away, showing off her exquisite figure.

The three kids stared at her as she walked away, finally taking note of her outfit. She had the same blue mini dress she had on as before, but the shoes she borrowed from Chelsea’s closet were black and gold Jimmy Choo Bunting sandals.

She disappeared around the corner and the sound of the stilettos eventually came to a silence, followed by the door opening and closing. The three looked at each other for a few minutes with excitement.

“Time to clean all this up,” Anna said, “and no cumming until Blair comes back! We have to give her as much fun as possible.”

Brooklyn and Jack nodded in agreement and they all started cleaning up the huge mess in the kitchen, eager for what was next.
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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This looks like a great next chapter
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