Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Hey guys here’s the next piece. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 9

Anna got back to the house and went to her room. She had an exhausting couple of days and needed to take a nap. She fell into a deep sleep and when she woke up it was already 6:30.

“Shit! Brooklyn’s gonna be here in an hour!” She jumped out of bed, put some clothes on and went to the kitchen to have some supper.

Jack was in the living room playing video games. “Took you long enough. You were asleep for like three hours.”

“I know I didn’t mean to sleep that long. Guess I was just really tired.”

“How was lunch?” Jack asked. He’s always had a crush on Brooklyn since he met her, so he typically interested in hearing about days Anna spends with her.

“Oh it was good. She’s coming over tonight.” She smiled knowing Jack couldn’t see her.

Jack was both excited and disappointed at the same time. He got excited because of his crush coming over, but disappointed because he was hoping to have some more fun with Anna’s shoes. “Oh ok cool.” He finally replied.

Anna finished eating and went back to her room to get ready. She felt like she wanted to look hot for the night that was ahead of her.

Shortly after 7:30, Jack noticed the headlights of a car pull into the driveway. “Brooklyn’s here!” He yelled over his shoulder towards Anna’s room. He stopped playing his game because he wanted to get a good look at Brooklyn when she walked in, as she often wore heels to these visits.

His eyes widened when the clicking stilettos of Anna got louder, and as she came around the corner, showed off her hot outfit. She was wearing a tight, red mini dress that hugged her curves perfectly, along with her brand new watch. On her feet were her mom’s black Christian Louboutin Milla heels. Jack watched her in amazement as she walked to the door.

However, as amazed as he was by Anna’s outfit, his jaw slightly dropped when she opened the door and Brooklyn stepped inside. She was also wearing a tight mini dress, except hers was black with long sleeves. She completed it with marble patterned Louboutin Iriza pumps. His dick grew as he marvelled at the sight.

“Are you going to say hi or are you just going to be weird?” Anna asked him.

Jack snapped out of it and looked at her, then looked back at Brooklyn and smiled sheepishly, “Hi Brooklyn” he managed to squeak out.

“Hi Jacky” she replied happily.

Anna grabbed her hand and started leading her to the hallway, the clicking of their heels driving Jack insane. He leaned over so he could see them walk down the hall, and watched the beautiful red soles step down on the marble floor. He noticed them turn into their parents’ room, however, and thought it was kind of weird but went back to his business. He was distracted by the thought of the gorgeous girls but he did his best to not let it bother him.

About ten minutes later, he was startled by Anna’s voice yelling at him from the hall. “Jaaack can you come here please?”

“Absolutely” he said to himself as jumped off the couch.

He walked down the hall and heard Anna’s voice again, coming from their parents’ room. “We’re in here.”

Jack turned into the door way. “Why are y-“ he cut himself off as he looked into the room. Both girls were laying on the bed, their dresses slightly rolled up, exposing their pussies. He looked at Anna first. She had a pair of her mother’s black and white Louboutin Uptown Double heels - one stiletto in her mouth and one stiletto in her pussy. His gaze went to Brooklyn and found her in the same position, only she was using a pair of Chelsea’s gold Jimmy Choo Lang sandals. Jack couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Come join us” Anna said in between sucks on the heel.

Jack slowly stepped forward, unsure of what to do, his eyes darting back and forth between the girls.

“Well? You know where the shoes are. Get some and get on this bed with us.” Anna ordered.

Jack turned to the walk in shoe closet and went in. He didn’t want to waste any time, so he reached for one of his favourite pairs - metallic blue So Kate’s.

He came back and put the shoes on the bed so he could take his pants off, then sat at the foot of the bed in between the girls. He put one of the shoes up to his face and began smelling and licking the insole. He shoved the other shoe over his cock and started stroking it.

He stopped when he felt a kick at his hand. “Take it off” Anna said to him. He did as he was told and watched her put the sole of her heel on his dick and push it up and down. Brooklyn then moved her foot so the toe of the shoe was rubbing on Jack’s balls. Each of the girls had a shoe in their mouth, in their pussy, and were now playing with Jack’s dick with the heels on their feet. He was on cloud nine.

Brooklyn turned the shoe in her pussy around so the toe was rubbing her, and she took the one out of her mouth and put it underneath. Anna took the heels in her hands and placed them both underneath her pussy and started fingering herself vigorously.

Jack’s cock felt the pressure from the girls’ feet pushing against it with each wave of pleasure they got. They went faster and moaned more, before Anna caved first, letting out a smell yelp, arching her back and squirting all over the loubs under her pussy. Brooklyn watched her friend cum on the beautiful shoes and said “aw fuck” under her breath. She came a few seconds later, soaking the gold sandals.

Their orgasms made their feet push hard against Jack’s cock, so he was in pain but he loved it and was about the cum himself. He put their feet down in front of him and started to jerk himself off, pointing his dick at their heels.

“No wait” Anna said. She sat up and grabbed the soaking wet heels from under her and Brooklyn and placed them in front of him. “Now you can go.”

He jerked himself off until he grunted, spraying as much cum as he could over all four heels. He sat back and let out some deep breaths when he finished.

Anna was quick to unzipping the sandals on her feet and taking them off. She grabbed the black loubs and gave them to Brooklyn. “You can have these ones. I want both of your cum on my feet.” She giggled and picked up the gold sandals, slipped her feet inside and bit her lip. “Ohhh that feels amazing.” Then she did up the buckles and watched her best friend slip her feet out of her Iriza’s and into the cum soaked uptown’s.

“Oh my goodness they’re so wet” she said as she squirmed with a wave of pleasure.

They sat back and showed off their feet to each other and to Jack. All three sat in amazement for a few moments.

“Well” Anna broke the silence, “what’s next?”
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Don’t know how I missed this... but great story!
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Cannot wait for the next chapter
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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The next piece is finally here. Sorry about the wait. Hopefully it was worth it. It’s a very long one this time.


Chapter 10

The three continued to sit on the bed in silence, even after Anna asked the question. “Hello?” She said, hoping someone would give an answer.

Brooklyn finally replied, “well I don’t know. What do you guys normally do? Apparently this is a normal thing around here.”

Anna giggled. “We just started doing stuff a couple days ago because our parents are gone. It’s not regular.”

“Lucky” Brooklyn said.

“What do you like to do?” Anna asked her best friend.

“I haven’t been able to do a lot more than masturbate with heels because my mom is always home.”

“Well do you have any fantasies?”

Brooklyn thought about it for a second. “I’m not sure. I’ve worn them in the bath a couple times and it was super hot. But I just don’t have enough alone time to fully experiment.”

“Perfect” Anna said, “I know what we’ll do next.” She stood up and looked at her feet which were wearing her mom’s gold Jimmy Choo sandals covered in her step brother’s and her best friend’s cum. She smiled and walked to the closet. “Do we want to keep playing with these shoes or do we want to play with as many as we can?”

Jack answered, “as many as we can obviously.” Brooklyn nodded in agreement.

“That’s what i thought” Anna said, “so come pick out your next pair for now.”

The other two excitedly came to the closet. Brooklyn’s face was shining with pleasure from wearing the cum soaked loubs and now having full access to Chelsea’s shoe closet. She looked around in awe until her eyes stopped on her next victim - purple and nude Valentino Rockstud caged pumps. She grabbed one of them and caressed it in her hands, admiring it as much as she could. After a few seconds she grabbed its partner and stood by Anna while she searched. She decided on black Casadei Blade pumps with a silver heel.

Meanwhile, Jack had a different idea. He had left the closet and come back with Brooklyn’s Iriza’s. “Is this allowed?” He asked.

The girls turned and Anna had a naughty smile on her face as she looked at Brooklyn. Her eyes widened and she thought about it for a minute before she finally came up with an answer. “Yes. However, you have to buy me a new pair of those exact ones if anything happens to them. They’re my favourite pair at the moment.”

“Deal.” Jack happily replied. “What’s your plan sis?”

Anna made her way to the bedroom and headed for the door. “Meet me in the kitchen in five minutes.” And she walked out.

Jack still felt a little awkward with what happened because he had a crush on Brooklyn. They stood there in silence and he had no idea what to say. He looked around the room nervously until he noticed movement in his peripheral vision. Brooklyn stepped toward him and grabbed his face and gave him a huge kiss. After a couple seconds, they pulled apart.

“Wh-what was that for?” Jack spat out.

“Well you already get to live out some fantasies so why not this one?” She said before she bit her lip. She gave him another kiss and they started making out. Before they knew it, Anna was calling for them in the kitchen. “Enjoy the view” Brooklyn said. She turned and walked out the door, showing off her perfect ass in her tight dress and her sexy legs and heels. Jack followed.

They reached the kitchen and Anna was standing there waiting for them. She led them outside and Jack knew exactly what her plan was. They stopped on the deck and she sat down on the chair where she had the Casadei heels, then swapped the shoes on her feet for them. Brooklyn followed suit, then Anna led her to the garden at the back. She had come out and already sprayed a large portion of unused dirt and made a nice section of mud.

“Ever think of this?” She asked Brooklyn.

“Surprisingly no, but I’m very excited.”

“Well let’s go then.” Anna said as she took her last step on grass towards the mud pit. Her next step slowly sunk her foot to just below the top of the heel of the shoe. She brought her other foot to the same point and stood there, admiring the sight. “Your turn” she said to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn looked down eagerly. She took a deep breath, then reached her right foot out and slowly pushed it down on the mud. She let out a small whimper when she felt the softness of the ground and saw the messiness about to cover the Valentino’s on her feet. Her foot only sank about two inches in before it stopped, and then she did the same with her left foot.

“Well that’s not enough.” Anna said with a smile, “Jack, give me that please.” She pointed star the hose and Jack handed it to her. She squeezed the handle and sprayed more mud about a foot in front of where Brooklyn was standing. Anna soaked a small area for a couple minutes, while Brooklyn took a couple light steps in the mud where she was and admired the little bit of mess on her heels.

“That’s better” she said as she let go of the handle and dropped the hose, “try that.”

Brooklyn looked up her and then back down at her feet. She lifted her foot up once more and stared it, twisting it around to get a look from all angles, then reached it out in front of her. She placed the shoe lightly on the mud, then slowly started to lean forward, gradually adding pressure. She watched her foot sink and sink, the beautiful Rockstud heel was starting to get covered by mud falling around it, until her foot came to a stop. The mud was about halfway up her calf and the stiletto shoe was completely gone.

“Oh my god” Brooklyn said, almost moaning in the process. “How could I have never thought of this? This is amazing.” Her hand was rubbing her pussy without her even realizing. She took her other foot and pushed it down into the deep mud beside her already sunken foot, burying the second stiletto.

At this point, Jack has his cock shoved in one of Brooklyn’s Irizas and was stroking it back and forth while he watched this unfold.

Anna took a couple steps towards Brooklyn, “I want in there!” She accidentally found a deep spot that was closer than she was expecting, and her left foot plunged down about a foot deep into the mud. She let out a quick scream as she started to fall over, reaching out her left hand to catch herself. Her hand sunk into the mud a few inches, but she kept herself from completely falling down. “Awe fuck. I just bought this watch today!” She regained her balance and lifted her hand up, looking at her brand new watch that was now completely covered in mud. She wiped some off of it, sighed, then got over it and continued towards Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn was trying to lift her feet out of the mud. “I think I’m stuck. This is so deep.” Then she finally got one of her feet free, and stepped around in the super deep mud for a few minutes. Her pussy was tingling with this new sensation of muddy heels on her feet. She started to make her way back towards the shallow spot where she had first entered the mud pit.

A few more minutes passed and the girls were having fun playing in the mud, and Jack was having his own fun watching. He had switched shoes and wiped pre cum on both of them, ensuring they both get wet with his fluids no matter what.

Anna’s foot slipped out of her shoe as she tried to take another step. “Dammit, not again.” She said with a smile. She slid her foot back in and the mud on her foot made it extra slippery. “Maybe I should’ve picked a pair with straps like you did.” She said to Brooklyn, “but then I wouldn’t be able to put my muddy feet back in and stuff the mud all the way into the toe.”

Brooklyn got to her shallow spot and watched Anna struggle with her heels in the deep mud. She looked down at her own feet and couldn’t even tell the colour of the shoes. She lifted her foot up to examine her work and let out a whimper, then set her foot back down, pulled up her dress, and started fingering herself more aggressively, continuing to watch Anna play.

It didn’t take long before she moaned and her legs shook, leaking cum down her legs until it met the mud covered heels. A steady flow of her cum ran down for a while.

Jack stroked the heel on his cock even harder. He watched as Anna stopped walking around and was fingering herself just as Brooklyn did, and the sight of Brooklyn’s beautiful, muddy and cummy legs and heels sent him over the edge. He grunted and unloaded his cum into the toe box of Brooklyn’s Louboutin. There was a healthy amount of his cum in the shoe by the time his orgasm was over, so he tilted it back and forth and let his cum run over the entire insole. Finally, he held out its partner and poured the cum out of the first one’s d’orsay cutout, and repeated the process of soaking the second heel. Brooklyn gave him a naughty smile of approval.

Anna was the last left to orgasm. Brooklyn and Jack both intently looked at her, waiting for it to happen. Her eyes widened and a smile came across her face as she had an idea. She stopped fingering herself and yanked out a foot with a mud soaked stiletto on it, then slipped the shoe off and slapped her foot back in the mud, and did the same with the other foot.

“This should be fun” she said with a wink. Then she held the heels in one hand underneath her pussy and began to finger herself again. She went faster and faster until her legs buckled and she moaned, “oh fuck!” She exclaimed as she squirted all over the muddy stilettos in her hand. More fun flowed out for a bit, and when it was over, she regained her breath and lifted her foot out of the mud. She slipped it into the now muddy and cummy pump and twisted her ankle around, showing it off to the others. She plunged it back into the mud and did the same with the other.

Brooklyn and Jack stared in awe. “That was amazing” Brooklyn finally said, “I’m so glad you introduced me to this.”

Anna smiled back to her, “well I’m glad you enjoyed it because I know I sure did. Now we have to get cleaned up.”

The girls started to make their way out of the mud pit, knowing that they would definitely be visiting it many more times in the future.
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Looking forward to the next chapter!!!!
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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I hope that this is not the end I love reading this
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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I hope that this is not the end I love reading this
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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fucken hot
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Hello again. Here is the next instalment. Hope you all enjoy.

PS these are fun to write even though writing is clearly not my forte, I’m just very busy. I hope the long waits are worth it every time.

Chapter 11

The three made their way across the lawn from the mud pit to the deck, the girls stumbling in their muddy heels every few steps as the stilettos sunk into the grass. Brooklyn reached the deck first and left a few footprints of mud on the wood. Jack was next, still holding Brooklyn’s Iriza’s filled with cum. Finally, Anna stepped up and slapped her heels on the deck one after the other, then reached down and started to pull the hose in.

“Time to wash off!” She exclaimed with a smile.

Anna sprayed her legs off and slipped her feet out of the heels, spraying off the shoes and the rest of the mud off her feet, then handed the hose to Brooklyn. She sprayed her legs and feet until she could identify the buckles of the straps again so she could undo those and take the heels off. Once she was all done, she sat down on one of the chairs, the same as Anna and Jack. They sat in silence in a triangle, but Brooklyn was facing Jack. A few minutes passed by until she noticed that her Louboutins were sitting on the table beside him, and her eyes widened.

“Jack” she said to get his attention, “can you bring me those please?” She pointed at the shoes with a smile.

Jack looked at the heels and excitedly picked them up and took them to her. She took them in her hands and swirled the cum around in the toe boxes and all the way up to the heels and then back down to the toes, completely covering the insoles of both shoes. Finally, after what seemed like forever, she bit her lip and placed the shoes on the ground. She slowly lifted her right foot and slid it into the shoe. She gasped as she touched the cum with her toe, then pushed it further. A small stream of cum leaked out the d’orsay cutout of the shoe as it perfectly held her foot. She did the same with the left shoe, and the moment her heel fully slipped into it, the back door opened.

“Oh there you guys are! I looked all over the house and - “ Chelsea’s best friend Blair stopped mid sentence when she saw all the heels and all the water and mud on the deck.

“Oh hi Aunt Blair” Anna said with a nervous grin on her face.

“What is going on?” Blair asked, still confused.

“We’re uhh just having a small a get together thing. Just the three of us hanging out you know?” Anna sheepishly replied.

“Ok there is a serious lack of alcohol and you girls are way too dressed up to just be ‘hanging out’. What is going on Anna?”

She stared blankly at Blair for a few seconds.

Blair broke the silence, “Anna, I’ve known you you’re entire life, you should be able to tell me anything. I won’t tell your mom you know that.”

Anna finally gave her an answer. “We are playing with all of these” she said as she pointed at the black Casadei’s beside her chair, “because it’s a fun thing to do for us. It’s our fetish.”

“All of you like this type of thing?” Blair asked surprisingly, seeing Brooklyn and Jack’s nodding for their answer. “Hm. Well look I’m not going to ask for details or anything. But I do think it’s actually kinda cool that you all enjoy the same thing.”

“Really?” Anna asked.

“Of course. Having people to do things with all the time would be amazing. But anyway I’m running late for a wedding reception and your mom said I can borrow a pair of her earrings I like. So have fun with the rest of this and I’ll see you guys later!” She smiled and waved goodbye, then spun around and walked inside. No one noticed until she was walking away that she was wearing some sort of stilettos and a tight blue mini dress.

The three kids awkwardly sat and talked for a bit, not too sure of what to do next or how to feel. Finally, after about twenty minutes they decided to head inside. Brooklyn had forgotten that she was still wearing the pumps with Jack’s cum inside them until she stood up and her feet slipped inside them a bit.

“Ooo that’s a nice surprise” she said with a smile. Her heels clicked on the deck towards the door.

Jack got to the door first and let the girls in ahead of him.

“What is this?” Anna said as she walked in first. She was looking at the kitchen island. The other two quickly looked as well to see a pair of high heels sitting on it with a note beside them. Anna picked up the note and read it:

“These are the shoes I was wearing to the wedding but you guys will have more fun with them than I will. I borrowed a pair of your mother’s that I’ve always wanted to wear anyway. These ones are yours to do whatever you please with for the time being. I will get them when I get them.
Love Blair”

The shoes were Nine West Tina slingbacks in glittery black.

“Dibs!” Jack exclaimed as he reached for the heels, only to be met quickly with a smack on the hand from each girl and a firm no.

“We have to share these ones” Anna demanded, “and I know just what to start with.” She took the shoes off the counter and headed for the pantry. She opened the doors and walked in, then came out a few moments later with her hands behind her back, sporting an evil smile.
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Absolutely amazing thread, can’t wait for the next update.
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