Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Absolutely amazing story and way of writing! Thank you so much for this. I am anxious and waiting for more. You've already covered some real great scenarios I've dreamed of and with such sultry detail :twisted: ...including the specific brand and model of heels being used. Please keep this going. It is fantastic!
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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johnwrite wrote: Sun Jun 14, 2020 11:05 pm Absolutely amazing story and way of writing! Thank you so much for this. I am anxious and waiting for more. You've already covered some real great scenarios I've dreamed of and with such sultry detail :twisted: ...including the specific brand and model of heels being used. Please keep this going. It is fantastic!
Thanks. I’m hoping to have another one done tonight or tomorrow but I’m just really busy so it’s taking a while
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Sorry this took so long guys. I’m really busy right now.

Let me know what you think, not sure what some of you think about not just cum on shoes here. I know there’s another site that would be more suitable but I’d rather keep it all in one place.

Chapter 6

Jack woke up in confusion. He didn’t realize he had drifted asleep and was still sitting on the chair on the deck. He looked at the time and it had been an hour already.

He got up and went inside to see what Anna was up to, and found a note she left.
“I went to get groceries. I’ll be back around 1 so have some food ready for lunch please.” He looked at the clock and the time was 12:57. “Ah shit” he said.

As if on queue, Anna pulled into the driveway. She walked through the door without any bags and walked to Jack. “Bring the groceries in please” she ordered. “I see you haven’t made lunch yet so I’m going for a shower while you do that.” And she walked away.

Jack went to get the groceries and while he was unpacking them he came found five big bags of gummy bears. He smiled as an idea came to mind. He grabbed one of the bags and put some into a pot and melted them down into a sticky mess. Then he found a box in the recycling and brought it to the kitchen. He found some duct tape and went to the hallway, put the cardboard down just around the corner from the hall and taped the edges down. Then he fetched the pot of melted gummy bears off the stove and scooped the mess onto the cardboard, and waited.

A few seconds later he heard the water from the shower turn off, then after a few more moments heard the faint sound of stilettos before the door opened, then he watched his trap as the clicking got louder and louder.

Finally Anna came around the corner, only wearing her black crop top, bright pink panties and heels, and stepped right into the goop with her left foot and her right foot landed in the mess immediately after to catch her from falling over. “What the fuck?!”

“Surprise!” Jack excitedly said.

“These aren’t my shoes!”

Jack’s excitement turned to concern as he walked closer and looked down to see Anna had put on her mom’s nude Christian Louboutin Dos Noeud heels.

Anna tried to lift her foot but the sticky substance pulled it back down into the pile. As her foot slapped back down her anger turned into pleasure and her hand moved to her pussy. “This is so hot how bad it is.” She repeatedly lifted her feet up and down, trying to get them free from the goop. By now it had gotten all over each of the shoes and a little bit onto her feet. There was more that had found its way through the peep toe of the shoes and was sticking to her toes.

“This feels amazing” Anna said as she fingered herself faster. “I’m so glad you - uhhh!” She moaned. “I’m so glad you did this to me.”

“I didn’t know you were wearing your mom’s Loubs.” Jack said, now with his cock in his hand.

“I know. I wanted to surprise you with them.” She moaned again. “But this is even hotter.” With that her legs half buckled and she came, squirting down her legs and into the shoes which were stuck in the mess.

Jack couldn’t take it any longer and knelt down in front of Anna and came all over her feet and heels, getting some on the ankle straps and in the peep toe.

“This was one of the best orgasms ever.” Anna said, catching her breath. “But how are we going to this shit up?”

Jack looked up at her from his knees and shrugged. “We’ll figure something out.”
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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These are amazing is there any more chapters?
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Hello again. My apologies for having been gone for so long. Just kind of forgot to post more to this story. I hope you enjoy the update.

Chapter 7

Anna stared in awe at her feet. One of her mother’s pairs of Louboutins had just been covered in sticky goop, Jack’s cum and her own cum. She wanted so badly for this moment to last forever but her legs were shaky and they had to clean off the heels. She bent over and undid the ankle strap of the left shoe and took her foot out of it, while some of the goop that had gotten between her foot and the shoe stretched out as she pulled away. She did the same with her fight foot and found the same thing happen. She took a step back and looked at the situation she was just in and she shivered in pleasure. A pair of Louboutins wet with her own cum and her step brothers cum while sitting in the middle of a sticky mess.

Jack had gone to the kitchen to clean himself up and returned to stand beside Anna and relish the sight. “I guess we have to clean this up now.” He said.

“I guess so.” Anna replied, sounding disappointed. She leaned over and pulled at the right shoe, but a bunch of goo stretch out with it. She grabbed it with her fingers close to the sole of the shoe and pulled it off, handing it to Jack, then did the same with the left shoe.

Jack took the heels over to the sink and put them under the tap and turned it on. He was turned on again when the water hit the designer heels, completely soaking them. Then Anna sat on the counter beside the sink and put her feet under the water to clean them off. They did this in silence for a few minutes until Jack finished cleaning the heels and realized he still had to get groceries from Anna’s car, so he handed the shoes back to her and left.

He opened her back door where he saw the bags, only they looked different. There was a different logo on them that he didn’t recognize. He looked inside the first bag and was shocked when he found rope and handcuffs. There was suddenly a large bulge in his pants. He eagerly looked in the next bag to find an Aldo shoebox and the bulge got bigger. He grabbed the bags and headed inside.

When Jack came around into the kitchen, he found Anna with a grin on her face and her legs crossed at the table, still only wearing her crop top and now soaking wet panties.

“These are some interesting groceries” Jack said.

Anna scoffed. “You really thought I was getting groceries even though you got some yesterday? I needed some sort of an excuse but I didn’t think that would actually work. Now bring those here.”

Jack did as he was ordered and walked to Anna with the bags. She reached in and pulled out the rope and handcuffs. “Don’t get too excited about these yet. They are for later.” Then she grabbed the shoe box and gave it to Jack. “This one you may open now.”

Jack took the box eagerly and opened it. He unfolded the tissue paper to find a pair of black Aldo Shorr heels, and a smile came across his face.

“Put them on please.” Anna said as she reached her foot out. Jack took the shoes out of the box and did as he was told. Anna saw the bulge in his pants and once the second shoe was on her foot, she pressed the sole into his cock. He let out a grunt and she let out a giggle. Then she got up and walked around for a bit.

“How do they look?” She rhetorically asked, knowing his answer was going to be “amazing”. She walked over to him and pushed his shoulders down so he sat on the chair. She walked around the room some more and then got another chair and placed it in front of him. “How is this doing?” She asked as she pressed on his cock again, knowing that he had cum about six times in the last 30 hours. “I hope it’s not too sore. It has a lot of work ahead of it.” She kept teasing his penis inside his pants. “Well, maybe if it’s already sore then it should save some life for the rest of the week.” She evilly smiled, then removed her foot from his dick.

“It’s ready to go any second.” Jack begged. He could feel the pre cum on the tip.

“But if it already hurts from all the times you’ve came, and this time will make it hurt more, then maybe blue balls won’t be so bad.” Anna stood up and very slowly stepped away, teasing Jack with the soft sound of the stilettos. “Besides, I’m already late for my lunch with Brooklyn. It’s a shame you couldn’t cum on these beautiful shoes. But hopefully you’ll just have some more saved up for tonight.”
She winked and spun around and went towards her room.

Jack couldn’t believe that Anna had teased him like that and not let him cum. His dick was in pain but he just wanted to finish. He sat in the chair doing nothing for the next few minutes.

Anna came around the corner with jean shorts on and still her black crop top but no heels on. Her hand was behind her back, but Jack didn’t really notice. She pulled it out and had the beautiful new heels in her hand, then sat in the chair in front of him again, holding them out. “I can’t resist it either. Cum on these for me.”

Jack had his cock out in no time at all, and was stroking it quickly to relieve himself. He took a couple deep breaths as he pushed out all that he could on the shoes. The last drops fell on the heels and he sat back in his chair, then watched as Anna reached them down and put them on her feet.

“Don’t you have to go to lunch?” Jack asked.

“Yup.” Anna said as she did up the last buckle. She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks” she said. She got up and smiled when she looked at the heels on her feet with the cum on them. She started walking away and then stopped. “I hope you have fun thinking about this. I know I will.” She smiled more and walked to the door, her clicking stilettos driving Jack crazy already.
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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I hope you guys are still enjoying this. Here’s the next chapter.

Chapter 8

Anna arrived at the restaurant where her best friend, Brooklyn, was meeting her. Brooklyn also had wealthy parents, so the two would often go shopping for designer clothes and shoes. She was basically a carbon copy if Anna in terms of size, the only difference being her brunette hair.

About a minute after Anna arrived, she saw Brooklyn’s Tesla turn into the parking lot. Anna got out of her car to wait for her. She stepped out and set her nude Stuart Weitzman heels on the ground. She got out and showed her jean shorts and white t shirt to be the rest of her outfit. She immediately noticed Anna’s new heels and said “oooo those are cute”. Anna hoped she didn’t notice the cum on them as she replied, “thanks! I got them this morning.” And flung her foot up to show the shoe off.

The conversation kept going as the girls walked towards the restaurant, their stilettos clicking just out of unison. Anna knew that anyone like Jack would love this place. The floor was all hardwood and it was a usual spot for people with lots of money and lots of ladies wearing heels. To top it off, the waitresses had to wear shoes with at least a 3” heel. It would be absolute ecstasy for a person with a high heel fetish.

As lunch came to an end, the girls had decided they would go shopping, so they paid their bills and headed out. They walked to their cars and both got in Brooklyn’s Tesla and went to the mall. They went to a few stores and didn’t really buy anything, and then went into the Michael Kors store. “I need a new wallet” Brooklyn said.

“Yeah I could probably use a new watch too.” Anna replied.

Brooklyn picked out a white leather wallet with gold accents, and Anna found a nice rose gold watch. They naturally made their way to the shoe section to check out any heels on sale. Anna didn’t really want to take her current heels off in case Jack’s cum was still wet. As much as she would love to put her cummy feet in new heels, she held herself back.

Brooklyn, however, found a pair of Goldie Logo sandals that were on sale. She tried them on and walked around with them for a bit. Anna has suspected that her friend also had a thing for heels like she did, but she never asked her about it or had enough evidence to know for sure. She just thought Brooklyn wore heels in a more seductive way than usual, especially when trying them on in stores. Watching her friend walk around in these heels was starting to make her pussy a little excited.

“I need these. I love them so much!” Brooklyn exclaimed. “What do you think?” She asked as she kicked her foot up behind her, then walked over to Anna and put her foot up on her thigh so she could get a closer look.

Anna contained a shiver. Her best friend had this beautiful shoe a foot away from her wet pussy. “They’re so cute. You should definitely get them.”

Brooklyn could tell something was up. She also had a suspicion of Anna’s shoe fetish. She felt more daring today, and decided to try something. She pushed her foot closer to Anna’s groin. Anna just stared at her foot, so she pushed again.

Anna finally looked up, but didn’t move Brooklyn’s foot. “What are you doing?” She squeaked out.

“Just trying something.” Brooklyn said, smiling back.

Anna cleared her throat. “What are you trying?” She was clearly turned on now.

Brooklyn gave one final push, having the toe of the shoe touch Anna’s pussy. “Do you want me to stop?” She said softly.

Anna tensed up without hiding it this time. “Just buy the fucking shoes.”

Brooklyn put her foot back on the floor and sat down to take the heels off. She paid for the shoes and they started walking to her car.

“I’m sorry if I crossed a line.” She said.

“You crossed a line I wanted to cross a long time ago. Thank you.” Anna replied.

“So now what?” Brooklyn asked.

“Well my parents are out of town so we could go back to my place...but I don’t think I can wait that long.”

Brooklyn just smiled and that was the end of the conversation until they got to her car. They both knew to get in the back seat. Brooklyn took out the box with her new shoes and put the other stuff in the front seat. She handed one of the heels to Anna and they both started sucking on the stilettos and rubbed their pussies.

“So you like shoes too, huh?” Anna asked.

Brooklyn was breathing heavier. “Yeah. I love your collection.”

“I have a confession.” Anna said, also breathing heavier and now unzipping her jean shorts. “When I house sit for you, I fuck your heels and your moms heels all the time. I’ve cummed on pretty much every pair you own.”

Brooklyn’s backed arched a bit. “That’s not fair. I only get to fuck the ones you wear to my house for sleepovers.”

“I guess we’ll just have to have more sleepovers then” Anna said.

They both stopped and slid their shorts and panties down and over the heels on their feet. They put the stilettos in their pussies and stroked them in and out. Then they switched shoes and used the toes, rubbing their clits and pushing them slightly inside. Finally, Brooklyn let out a yelp and her back arched, cumming all over her brand new heel. Anna watched this and did the same thing.

Both girls sat with Brooklyn’s cum soaked heels in their hands, catching their breath. Brooklyn finally sat up and handed her shoe to Anna who shivered again at the feeling. She unbuckled the heels on her feet and set them on the seat, then took the cum soaked heels from Anna. She moaned as she slid the wet shoes on her feet and did up the buckles. They looked at her feet in awe, before Anna broke the silence.

“So do you want to come over tonight?”

“I would love to. But we can’t do any of this stuff cause your brother is still home.” Brooklyn said disappointedly.

“I’m sure we can work something out.” Anna winked. “Just come over. You don’t even have to bring any shoes. We can just use mine and my moms.”

Brooklyn moaned again. “Your mom has such an amazing shoe collection.”

“And tonight they’re all ours.” Anna said with an evil smile.
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Anyway u could include some nike shoes?
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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amazing story thankyou
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Chad96 wrote: Mon Feb 08, 2021 7:19 am Anyway u could include some nike shoes?
Sorry man I personally am not really into sneakers. Maybe you can join us in writing some fun stuff for those of you who are though!
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