Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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very nice story i wish i can find someone like that i really like high heels and i love to suck the heels and lick the soles and also cum in their awsoke heels
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Here is the next instalment. Unfortunately I won’t be able to write the next one until Sunday so hopefully this tides you guys over.


Chapter 4

Jack was sitting back in his chair in complete exhaustion. He had ejaculated for the third time that day, so his penis was aching. Anna, however, was still turned on from the chocolate sauce and hadn’t had her fun yet.

She continued rubbing her pussy while Jack was spent, and she bit her lip as she stared at the chocolaty, cummy mess on her heels and feet. She put her feet on the floor and bent down, undid the ankle strap of the left shoe and slid her foot out of it. More sauce came out of the toe box and dripped onto the floor. She picked up the stiletto and brought it up to her face and began to lick it clean - starting with the vamp that took the most of the chocolate and cum.

She licked all around the toe of the shoe, then moved to the insole, working her way from toe to heel. She licked the outsole next, starting at the toe and then moved all the way back until she put the stiletto heel all the way in her mouth and sucked on it for a few moments.

When the shoe was as clean as it could get, Anna put it back on the floor, slid her foot into it and did up the ankle strap, and repeated the process with the right shoe.

“What a mess we made.” Anna said as she stood up and looked at the chocolate sauce and stray droplets of cum all over the floor. “I’m going for a shower so have fun cleaning this up - unless you wonna come join me?” She asked Jack as she looked at his cock starting to get hard again.

“It’s so sore already so maybe not. I’ll clean up.” He replied.

“Suit yourself then.” Anna smiled and then spun around on one of her heels and walked away. The clicking of the stilettos were drawing Jack in and a an idea crossed his mind.

Anna got to the shower and turned the tap on and took off her bikini, leaving the heels on - they needed to get cleaned somehow.

She stepped under the water and watched as her heels got soaked again, and put a couple fingers in her pussy. Then Jack came into the bathroom, naked with his hands behind his back.

“Whatcha got there?” Anna questioned.

“Nothing too special.” He said with a grin.

“Show me.” Anna demanded.

Jack’s smile grew as he brought his hands in front of him, revealing his step-mother’s black Jimmy Choo Anouk heels. “You said we can be as naughty as we want.”

Anna fingered herself a bit more aggressively. “Oh that’s so hot” she whimpered.

Jack walked up to the shower and gave Anna one of the pumps. She stepped out from under the water and gently put the shoe closer to it, letting a few drops hit the toe. “Oops” she giggled. The she put the shoe under the water, letting it completely fill up.

Jack stepped into the shower and did the same with the shoe he had. Then they both dumped the water out, and played with the shoes. Anna used the toe of the pump to rub her clit while Jack stuffed his cock inside the heel.

Both of them were starting to pick up the pace before Anna shivered and came all over the toe of the beautiful pump. Jack watched Anna and got sent over the edge and came inside the other pump.

They were in awe of how naughty they felt to have done this to a very expensive pair of Chelsea’s heels.

“What a day.” Anna said, breathing heavily.

“Yup.” Jack agreed. “I’m going to clean the living room tomorrow. I need to sleep after all this now.”

With that they got out of the shower and went their separate ways to their rooms, eager to see what might happen tomorrow.
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Hot story!
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Simply amazing! Thanks so much!
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Great work! You’ve inspired me to do some more on my reworking off Sudsey’s story
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Phantastin story, great, .... Photos of the heels would even top it, ....
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Fucking excellent writing. Keep it up.
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Sorry this took so long folks but here’s the next part of the story. Let me know what you think of this one.

Chapter 5

After a very tiring Monday and a long sleep, Jack woke up the next day already turned on. He laid in bed for a few minutes then got up to go get something to eat.

When he got to the kitchen, he found the mess that he still had to clean up. He looked at all the dried chocolate sauce and spots of cum that remained on the floor and started to get a boner. He ignored it and started cleaning up the mess.

After he finished, he finally sat down and ate some cereal. Then he heard the door to Anna’s room open and he immediately perked up, listening for the sound of stiletto, but heard nothing. Anna came around the corner wearing only a t shirt and her pj shorts.

“Morning” she said as she walked towards the table.

“Morning” Jack replied.

“Don’t sound so upset cause I’m not wearing heels. We’re get to that point soon today.”

Jack smiled. “I kinda figured we would.”

Anna got herself some cereal and sat at the table with him. After a few minutes of silence she put her spoon down and looked at Jack. “So, what kind of stuff turns you on with high heels? Like what do you watch?”

Jack looked at her and sheepishly said “uhhh I don’t know. Don’t worry about it.”

“Jack you can tell me. We literally just messed around with them a lot yesterday and probably will for a while.”

“Fine” he said “but you can’t make fun of me for them.”

Anna laughed. “Of course I won’t.”

“Alright so I like a bunch of things I guess. Obviously I like cumming in heels, I like when they get wet, and we saw last night that I like stuff inside them. That’s all I’ve ever done I guess.”

“But what else do you want to do?” Anna asked.

Jack thought for a second. “I guess I like seeing them get dirty; like muddy and stuff. I like videos of chicks stepping in sticky stuff with heels, I like seeing chicks tied up while wearing them, and I obviously love the sound of them. The sound is amazing.”

Anna had a big grin across her face. “I’m sure we can make something if that sense happen.” She picked up her spoon and kept eating. When she was done she pushed her bowl towards Jack. “Here you go. Let’s go outside for a second.”

Jack looked confused and followed her to their giant backyard. She grabbed the hose and led him to the garden. “My mom said we need to water the plants every couple days so today can be your turn.” She handed the hose to Jack and walked back inside.

Five minutes later she came back out but Jack didn’t hear her. She walked out the door wearing a black crop top with short jean shorts, and her gold Guess Taavi caged heels. The stilettos dug into the dirt as she walked across the lawn towards Jack. She walked up beside him and he turned to see that she seemed taller than normal, then looked down to see her shoes and instantly got a boner.

Anna took the hose from him and sprayed water on a spot with no plants, just dirt. She sprayed until it was all mud, then stop and threw the hose down. “This should be fun.”

She reached her right foot out and slowly pressed it down into the mud. The heel hit the mud first, then the platform, and her foot slowly sunk. She moved her weight forward and it sunk faster until it stopped so the mud was just below her ankle. Then she brought her left foot beside her calf and repeated.

She looked over her shoulder at Jack to see him staring in amazement at her beautiful gold heels in the mud. She smiled and looked down at them, then lifted her left foot up to reveal a mud covered, heel clad foot. She pressed it down in a different spot, and carefully did the same thing over and over for a few minutes.

Jack watched and had to pull his dick out. He stroked it until he was about to cum, watching Anna play in the mud with her heels.

“No don’t cum yet.” Anna said, making Jack stop jerking himself. She walked through the mud and onto the lawn, revealing her very muddy shoes and heels. She picked up and the hose and grabbed Jack’s hand with her other hand and walked to the deck. Jack couldn’t take his eyes off her heels covered in mud.

When they reached the deck, Anna stopped just short of it and sprayed her feet off with the hose. She picked up her feet and turned them every way to get all the mud out from them, then she threw the hose down and stepped on the deck.

“Go sit on the chair” she ordered.

Jack went to the chair, while Anna started walking around on the deck, loudly clicking her heels in the wood. Jack started to jerk himself off, but Anna said “Quit that. No cumming yet.” Jack sighed and stared at her heels walking around on the deck some more. Then Anna walked towards him and pulled the footrest over to in front of his chair. She sat down and lifted her feet up and began giving him a shoe job.

Jack was on the verge of exploding again when Anna stopped and put her feet to the front of his chair. “Now you may cum.”

Jack sat up a bit and fiercely stroked his cock until he came all over the straps of Anna’s sandals. He sat back in the chair and Anna bit her lip as she put her feet to the ground and walked around for a few seconds, then walked inside.
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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wow! very nice!
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Great story, I hope for a new chapter soon...
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