Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Seriously love this story. Hoping for loads more Louboutin ruining and maybe for them to get a little more destructive.....loool!!!
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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I can’t wait for the next chapter
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Einfach nur Mega geil
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Here’s the next one finally. Sorry for the wait guys.

Chapter 14

Between all the shoes that got cummed on or covered in syrup and waffles, the kitchen turned into quite a mess. The kids started with the bulk of the mess, then, all with a pair of extra heels in their hand, walked to the shower to clean off, leaving a trail from the girls’ dirty heels. The shoes would slightly stick to the floor with each step, which turned everyone on a little bit.

“Remember. No one cums until Blair comes back.” Anna demanded as her legs quivered.

They finally reached the bathroom. Anna turned the water on and once it was warm enough, she reached out her heel clad foot and stomped it on the ground in the water. Both her and Brooklyn gasped, then she fully stepped in, letting the water soak her red dress and the heels in her hands.

“Care to join me?” She reached her hand out to Brooklyn, who slowly made her way to the door of the shower. Anna quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the water with her, and she gasped as her two pairs of heels - one being her favourite Louboutins - and her dress were now soaking wet. She whimpered as she thought about it more. Then, she looked into Anna’s eyes and was suddenly pulled into a kiss. Her hand sub consciously dropped the Loubs and she embraced Anna’s gesture. Neither of the two stopped kissing each other for almost a whole minute before they both slowly pulled apart.

“I’m sorry if that was offside.” Anna said.

“If it was I wouldn’t have kept kissing you.”

Meanwhile, Jack stood with his mouth completely wide open as he watched this all unfold.

Anna and Brooklyn stared into each other’s gleaming eyes before Anna finally broke the silence. “Let’s clean these beautiful shoes up shall we?” She looked over at the statue-like Jack. “Quit staring at us like that and give me those heels.”

Jack snapped out of it, but his eyes were still shocked. “That’s not exactly something I can just pretend didn’t happen.”

“Well you’re going to have to figure it out. No cumming until Blair gets back.” Anna said sternly. Then she ripped the Valentino’s out of his hand and held them under the water, cleaning out the remnants of Jack’s cum.

Brooklyn bent down and picked up her beloved marble Iriza’s and dumped a bit of water out of the toe boxes. “My poor shoes.” She said with a mix of sadness and joy.

“Don’t worry, I’ll replace them.” Anna said to comfort her.

A smile came across Brooklyn’s face. “You better.” Then she put both heels in one hand, holding them by the stilettos, grabbed a bottle of body wash, opened the cap and squirted a bunch of it down into each shoe. “Gotta make sure these babies are clean, right?” Her legs shook with pleasure when she put the heels under the water and bubbles formed and poured out of them.

“Do mine next!” Anna said excitedly, holding out the black Casadei blades in one hand and the nude and purple Valentino’s in the other. The process followed suit with both pairs, and both girls quivered with pleasure.

Once they were all clean, they threw them out of the shower and onto the floor. Jack picked them up and nicely set them on the counter to dry. Next, Brooklyn held out one of her legs and shirted the soap on it, watching it slowly run down until it reached her shoe. Then she rubbed it in to make the bubbles form, and made sure to clean as much of the shoe as possible while it was still on her foot. She was still leaning over when she noticed Anna take a step closer to her.

“Do mine.” Anna said.

Brooklyn stood up and squirted the soap on her leg, waiting for her to repeat the process, but Anna didn’t move.

“I said you do mine. Do it for me.”

Brooklyn cracked a little grin and bent over a little bit, reached out and grabbed Anna’s thigh. She slowly rubbed her hands down and around her whole leg, creating the bubbles from the soap. Then she fully crouched down so she was sitting on her heels. Anna lifted a foot up and set it on her lap for her, and she rubbed down her ankles and started on her feet. She caressed her foot, lightly rubbing over the straps, ensuring enough soap covered her foot, all the way down to her toes. She made sure to get as much soap as possible in between her foot and the shoe, including between her toes and between her arch and the insole. She looked up at Anna, whose face couldn’t hide the pleasure. She had one hand tightly squeezing the shower door handle while the other one made its way to her pussy.

“Hey no cumming, remember?” Brooklyn teasingly said.

“But I want to so bad.” Anna begged.

“You made the rule so you have to follow it.” Brooklyn demanded. She moved Anna’s foot to under the water and rinsed all of the soap off. “Next” she said, reaching for Anna’s other foot.

“Oh man I don’t know if I’ll be able to contain it.” Anna whimpered.

“You have to.” Brooklyn demanded again. “It’s your rule, not mine. When Blair gets back you can have all the satisfaction you want.” Then she repeated the process with the other foot.

The next two minutes felt like forever to Anna, trying to contain her orgasm. She whimpered and gasped multiple times, but was able to restrain herself enough to save it all for when Blair arrived.

The girls finally took the shoes off their feet and finished cleaning them. The Milla’s that Anna was wearing were a little bit more difficult with all the straps, but they figured it out. They turned the water off and took off their dresses and bras, standing there naked in front of Jack.

“Towels please.” Anna said.

Jack was still in shock from witnessing everything play out, and now he had two beautiful girls standing in front of him, totally naked and soaking wet.

Anna could see it on his face that he wanted to do something with this situation. “Don’t worry, we’ll get to do something like this again. But for now we have to make sure we are fully prepared for Blair.”

He nodded and retrieved two towels and the girls dried themselves off.

Anna started to walk out of the bathroom. “It looks like we need new outfits for when our guest arrives. Come on.” She smiled and the other two happily followed.
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Can't wait for the next installment!!
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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What an awesome thread. Always looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for taking the time to write them
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Re: Step-Siblings Heels Fiction

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Wow that is such a hot story. Can't wait for more
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