Taboo Fiction

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Re: Taboo Fiction

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Second update. Cant promise when the next one will come, sorry.

Chapter 31

Aryana woke the next morning to the smell of eggs cooking downstairs and Sarah and Cassie nowhere to be seen. Stacy and Becky lay nearby amongst her mothers high heels, snoring gently with the sunlight dappling their smooth, bare flesh. She yawned, stretched, then stood and looked around.

Her mother had taken their new sneakers and washed them before putting them outside to dry, leaving the three girls and Cassie to enjoy her heels, then joined them for one last play before sleep. Of course all of them had awoken at various times during the night, played with themselves and one another, before falling back to sleep again.

“Hey, sleepyheads,” she grinned, nudging Stacey and Becky with her foot, “smells like breakfast is nearly ready.”

“Unh,” Stacey mumbled, “oh breakfast!” She was suddenly awake and beaming.

Becky was instantly awake, “yummy,” she grinned, “do you think your mum will really use my mum’s shoes?”

“You can count on it,” Aryana laughed, “come on,” she helped Becky to her feet, “let’s go see,” and she lead her two friends downstairs.

The three girls padded into the kitchen, barefoot and naked, to find Sarah and Cassie cooking and preparing breakfast. Sarah stood, stirring and tossing eggs in a large frying pan, while sausages and bacon sizzled in another. A third pot bubbled and spat and smelled of baked beans. Sarah was naked except for an apron and an exquisite pair of black patent peep toes. Cassie was busily preparing the dining table, setting cutlery and plates. She wore only her pink One Stars.

“Oh hi girls,” Sarah said, turning to look at them, “hey, you’d best get dressed if you are going to have breakfast.”

“Ok mum, be right back,” Aryana said, leading her friends out.

Beck looked crestfallen, “I thought we’d continue from last night,” she sighed.

“Yeah,” Stacey sounded disappointed.

“You numpties,” Aryana laughed, leading them out the back yard, “mum meant to put a pair of shoes on!” She lead them to where their sneakers were now clean and dry, “ooh look Stace, your One Stars! You can actually wear them for a change!”

Stacey laughed, “yeah it’s been a while, not that I am complaining,” she slipped her feet into her pale yellow sneakers, “I love seeing them in our mums pussy’s.”

“Why don’t we all wear are new One Stars,” Aryana suggested, “I bet it will drive our mums crazy.”

“Good plan,” Stacey grinned. Truth be told, she was already eying Aryanas and Becky’s new sneakers as they both sat and put on their new shoes. “If they a get a look in,” she bit her lip.

“Yeah,” Becky agreed, “you both look so hot,” as she pushed her white laces inside her pale blue sneakers.

“Mmm,” Aryana murmured, running her fingers over the black suede of her new Converse, “I so want to fuck you both with these, but breakfast is nearly ready and I want that just as much.”

“Yeah true,” Stacey nodded, “first breakfast, then I want one of those in me.”

“Agreed,” nodded Becky, as they headed back to the kitchen, besides, her mothers expensive shoes might be waiting.

When the three girls arrived back in the kitchen, they found Sarah and Cassie waiting beside a magnificent sight. The table was set with six plates, one in the centre of the table and five equally spaced around the outside. On two plates was a single, black, high top chuck of Aryanas, the tongues pushed forwards and the ankles opened wide. On another two were a single black Vans Old Skool of Stacey’s, tongues forward and waiting. On one plate were Becky’s mothers black Louboutins, and finally, in the centre, surrounded by condiments were Stacey’s pale yellow Old Skools.

“Oh wow it looks better than I imagined,” Stacey breathed, looking at her breakfastware.

“Come on in girls,” Cassie grinned, looking at the sneakers on her daughters feet and licking her lips, “take your seats.”

Aryana lead the way, sitting at one of her chucks. Stacey followed suit, sitting at the other chuck and stroking the white rubber toecap appreciatively.

Becky stood looking at her mother expensive pumps. Was she really about to do this? Was she really about to eat breakfast out of them? Her pussy twinged and her hand moved towards it, while her feet carried her forwards. She sat as if in a day dream and stared at the insoles of the pumps, reading the silver text, her fingers caressing the black patent.

“Watch your fingers Becky,” Sarah said, scooping a serving spoonful of scrambled eggs out of the pan. She lowered in front of Becky’s eyes, who stared unblinking as she tipped the eggs into one of her mothers pumps, “there,” she said, tipping a spoonful into the other shoe, “doesn’t that look delicious?”

Becky stared numbly at her mothers shoes, her pussy pulsing heavily and her legs shaking, “oh my god this is so...” naughty she was trying to think, but could only think hot, “so hot.”

Sarah had moved onto Stacey and started to scoop eggs into Aryanas chuck. She pushed them down into the toe of the sneaker and the dropped in another scoop, “mmm eggs always looks so good in your sneakers honey,” she smiled, doing the same with the chuck in front of her daughter.

“Delicious,” Aryana grinned.

“Now for Stacey’s yummy Vans,” Sarah licked her lips and scooped eggs into Stacey’s black Old Skools.

“Mmm yummy,” Cassie grinned, “looks so good baby,” she said to her daughter who was looking between the chuck in front of her and her own black sneakers.

Stacey nodded and squirmed in her seat.

Sarah had switched pans and returned with bacon and sausages. She started at Becky again, inserting a sausage into the eggs in each shoe, “I’m afraid the oil might stain the insoles,” she said with mock concern as she lay some bacon across the black patent toes. She moved to Stacey, placing two small sausages in her daughters chuck and then topping with bacon, repeating the process with the sneaker in front of Aryana. “Now ours,” Sarah smiled, placing sausages and bacon in Stacey’s Vans.

“Now for the beans,” Sarah grinned, grabbing the pot, returning to Becky’s side, “Beans for your mothers shoes, Becky?”

Becky stared at the expensive pumps and found herself nodding, “yes please, cover them.”

“Very well,” Sarah smiled, scooping beans into the pumps, covering the heels and toes, and spreading a puddle around the red soles.

“Oh that’s so hot,” Becky murmured, her hand moving between her legs, her fingers rubbing at her clit.

Next Sarah turned to Stacey and poured beans over the white toe caps, the laces, the black canvas and the sidewalls of Aryanas high top.

“Looks so yummy,” Stacey breathed, mimicking Becky, her fingers rubbing, rubbing between her legs.

“Yeah it does,” Aryana agreed as her mother poured beans over her sneaker.

“Now those lovely Old Skools,” Sarah smiled, pouring beans over the white laces and turning the black suede toes slick with tomato bean juice.

“Oh wow that looks so good,” Cassie murmured, “your shoes look so tasty baby.”

“I’m not finished yet,” Sarah smiled as she took a scoop of beans and poured them into Stacey’s pale yellow Vans, “mmm wanted to do this since we played with them in the hot tub,” she sighed as she poured another scoop into the other sneaker, then a third and a fourth, pushing them down into the toes. When she was finished, the pale yellow sneakers were filled to the collar and bean juice ran down the yellow and white sides, “mmm so yummy,” she sighed, putting the pot back on the stove and sitting down.

They all sat and stared at their meals and the yellow Old Schools filled with beans. The liquid sound of fingers against slick, sensitive flesh could be heard, then Stacey broke the silence, as she came, liquid pattering onto the floor beneath the table. Becky came a split second later.

“Well we can’t be having that,” Sarah said, “so much wasted cum. Shoes in pussy’s girls,” she said sternly, then laughed.

“Sorry,” Stacey giggled, “but it looked so good. Can I have one of your pink One Stars mum?”

“Of course baby,” Cassie smiled, slipping her sneakers off her feet and handing one to her daughter, “but I need one of yours please.”

“You two,” smiled Sarah, “always cumming on each other’s sneakers.”

“Of course,” Cassie laughed, taking her daughters yellow One Star, “I expect you want this?” She held her other pink sneaker out to Sarah.

“Of course,” Sarah grinned, taking the pink suede shoe.

Meanwhile, Aryana and Becky exchanged a sneaker each, and soon the exquisite sounds, and sight, of suede sneakers in pussys could be heard and seen. Pale yellow, blue and pink, and classic black, slick and dark with cum, sliding in and out, while white sidewalls gleamed wet, and laces clung to skin. Moist, liquid sounds, along with panting and the cry of release as sneakers were soaked and filled with cum.

Eventually, Sarah looked up from Cassie’s soaked pink shoe, panting and said, “our breakfast is getting cold,” she dug her fork into the eggs in Stacey’s Old Skool and took a bite, Cassie’s shoe still lodged in her pussy. “Needs sauce,” she said, picking up the ketchup. She flicked the cap open with her thumb and squirted it on the eggs in the black sneaker in front of her, making sure some also covered the white laces, “that’s better,” she smiled, then reached over and squirted some bright red tomato sauce on the pale yellow suede toes of the yellow Old Skools in the centre of the table.

“Oh my shoes,” Stacey gasped as she gushed over her mums pink sneaker, “looks so good.”

Sarah smiled, handing the sauce bottle to Cassie, before diving into her breakfast.

“Yeah looks amazing,” Cassie agreed, squirting more sauce on her daughters pale yellow Vans, this time covering the pale yellow laces and tongue, before handing the bottle to her daughter and starting to eat her meal.

“Oh my poor shoes,” Stacey moaned, squirting sauce over the white stripes on the sides of her sneakers. She came again, then looked at Aryanas breakfast filled chuck in front of her and squirted some sauce on the laces.

As Stacey began to devour the food out of her chuck, Aryana took the ketchup and squirted some along the white sidewalls of the yellow sneakers and then handed it to Becky.

Becky stared at her mothers food-filled pumps, the black One Star in her pussy dripping with cum. She could see some of the tan insole on each shoe, the silver script reading Louboutin just peeking out behind scrambled eggs and baked beans. She looked at the sauce bottle, and squirted twice - once with the bottle as it covered that expensive text, the second simultaneously as she came on Ayanas shoe in her pussy. She turned her attention to the other pump and repeated, cumming as she covered the insole, “oh god,” she came again, “that’s so naughty.”

“Hey save some for Stacey’s Vans,” Aryana giggled as Becky squirted sauce on the bacon covered toes of her mums shoes.

Becky looked up, “sorry,” she bit her lip then looked at the once-yellow sneakers in the middle of the table, seeing them for the first time, “oh your poor shoes Stacey!” She looked at the ketchup bottle in her hand and squirted some on her friends shoes, the splurt and airy spray announcing the end of the bottle.

Quiet fell around the table as every ate their breakfast. Forks scooped eggs and beans from shoes, knives cut sausages and bacon across toes and laces of sneakers, not sharp enough to damage them but the thought was delightful. Becky cut across the patent toe of her mothers pump, then squealed and came as the knife scratched the shiny black leather.

As they ate, they came, shoes sliding in and out of their pussy’s with each mouthful.

“God I love eating out of shoes,” Aryana sighed as she came on Becky’s pale blue One Star. It was a darker blue now, soaked through and slipping delightfully in and out of her pussy.

“Me too baby,” Sarah smiled as she picked up Stacey’s black Van and licked bean juice from the white sidewalls and gum sole, “mmm,” she sighed, squirting on Cassie’s wet, pink sneaker, “so tasty.”

“I have to say I love it too,” Cassie picked up her daughters shoe and sucked in the black suede toe, “it’s so good.”

“Oh god I love seeing you do that mum,” Stacey moaned, plunging the bean coated toe of Aryanas chuck in her mouth, “and I love eating out of Aryanas shoe,” she sucked and licked hungrily, “can we do this again?”

“Of course,” Sarah licked at the Vans logo on the heel of Stacey’s sneaker, “which of Aryanas shoes do you want to eat out of next?”

“I want to eat out of all of them,” she giggled.

“I am sure that can be arranged,” Sarah laughed, “what about you Becky?”

Becky glanced up, “oh it’s amazing,” she replied, “but I think I am going to get into trouble if I do this to all my mums shoes.” She looked at the Louboutins and realised there was no coming back from this - the linings and insole were stained with oil and sauce and the black patent was badly scratched.

“That’s ok,” Sarah smiled, “how about we make you eat out of yours instead? I am sure your mother would get very angry if she found out.”

Becky bit her lip. Her mother would definitely not be pleased at her for ruining her shoes deliberately, and just the thought excited her, “Ok,” she grinned, “that sounds great.”

“Ok then,” Sarah told the girls, “that’s settled.”

“It sounds amazing,” Stacey enthused, “but I don’t know how I am going to cope at school, knowing what’s going to happen.”

“Yeah,” Aryana grinned, “imagine picking out a pair of shoes for the day, knowing you are going to eat out of them later.”

“I can’t wait,” Becky grinned.
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Re: Taboo Fiction

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Another small update.

Chapter 32

“Ok girls,” Sarah said, standing, still with Cassie’s pink One Star deep in her pussy, “Cassie and I are going to leave you to do the dishes,” she grinned, “make sure you get them nice and clean. It’s fun to wear shoes knowing you ate out of them and no-one else knows.”

“Even better going home and eating from the ones you’ve been wearing,” Aryana said, standing and collecting her messy chucks and walking to the sink in one sneaker-clad foot, Becky’s pale blue One Star still visible in her pussy. She turned the hot tap on and began to rinse her black chucks under the flow, enjoying watching the water flow over the black canvas, washing thick sauce from them.

“Oh wow,” Stacey said, grabbing her messy black Vans and joining Aryana, “how often have you done that before I found out?”

“Oh lots,” Aryana giggled, “one time I wore these at school, ate spaghetti from them that night and then wore them next day. Thing is, when I was changing for netball, I found I had left a piece of pasta in them.”

“Oh wow,” Stacey giggled, “that could have been embarrassing.”

“Yes,” Sarah agreed, “so let’s be careful, ok? We don’t want our secret getting out there,” she nodded towards the window, to the general outdoors, “but enough of that. Now I want to see my pumps inside your mothers pussy,” she smiled, looking down at her black patent peep-toes before taking Cassie’s hand, “come on, I need these good and cummy.”

“That sounds nice,” Cassie grinned, “but I am going to need those, please,” she pointed at the girls feet. Each wore a single Converse One Star, “I want to fuck you with my daughters pretty yellow shoe, then your daughters black one, and then our new adopted daughters pretty pale blue one.”

The three girls giggled, handing over their sneakers.

“What are we going to do with these?” Aryana asked, gesturing to Stacey’s yellow Old Skools which were filled with baked beans and covered in tomato sauce.

“Do the best you can,” Sarah replied, “but I think they are probably ruined.”

“Ok, and Becky’s mums shoes?”

“Well,” Sarah looked at the black patent pumps still in front of Becky, “I would try scrubbing them. Maybe use a scourer,” she winked, “or a knife.”

Becky looked shocked at the thought of destroying her mothers expensive Louboutins, but her hand was thrusting Aryana’s black One Star in and out of her pussy again. The black suede was saturated with cum and a liquid sound could be heard as it sloshed around inside.

“Looks like Becky will enjoy that,” Cassie laughed, “now stop delaying and get those shoes in me,” she dragged Sarah out of the room.

Aryana placed her chucks on the drainer, soles up to drain, then took Stacey’s black Old Skools and began to rinse them, “why don’t you help Becky while I do this,” she suggested, “you’ll find the scourers here,” she pointed to the cupboard below the sink, “and you know where the knives are.”

“Ok,” Stacey grinned, dropping to one knee and opening the cupboard Aryana was standing at. “Hmmm,” she said, glancing at the pale blue One Star still in her friends pussy, “but first,” she leant in and kissed Aryanas opening, “mmm lovely,” she licked her clit.

“Oh yeah,” Aryana dropped the Vans in the sink beneath the flow of water which splashed and sprayed off the gum sole of one and filled the other. She gripped the sink and shuffled her feet wider, “just like that,” she moaned as her friend began to slide the sneaker in and out of her pussy. She closed her eyes, loving the feeling of her friends tongue and her other friends sneaker, then gasped as she felt fingers on her nipples. She felt hot breath on her neck, and then soft nibbling.

“Thanks for including me,” Becky whispered from behind her, “I have never enjoyed myself so much.”

“Oh, we are loving it too,” Aryana moaned as the combined efforts of her friends pushed her through an orgasm. Below her, liquid flowed around the soaking wet, pale blue suede shoe and pattered to the floor like rain.

Stacey looked up from between Aryana’s legs, her face wet, “that was fun,” she giggled, then started rummaging in the cupboard. She soon found the scouring pad and stood back up, “voila!” She grinned, handing it to Becky, “ready to trash your mums shoes?”

Becky bit her lip and nodded, “but don’t you want to see, Aryana?”

“Oh yeah I do,” Aryana nodded, “hmm, Stacey’s Vans can soak for a while,” she said, pushing in the plug and running the tap. She took Stacey’s pale yellow Old Skools and emptied the beans into a bag before licking the gum sole on one and dropping them into the sink with the black pair. “There,” she squirmed as she pushed the sneakers beneath the water with a delightful gurgling noise. She turned the tap off and faced her friends, “now let’s destroy those pretty pumps,” she grinned, leading the girls into the living room. “You sit there,” she told Becky, pointing to the middle of the sofa, “so Stacey and I can fuck you while you cut them up.”

Becky sat in the middle, her mothers Louboutins in her lap and a scouring pad and knife in her hands. Aryana sat next to her, on her right, and slid her fingers between Becky’s legs. Stacey sat on her other side and took her friends nipple in her fingers and started to squeeze.

“Oh god yes,” Becky moaned, loving the feeling of her friends fingers and hands. She gasped as Aryanas black sneaker started to move inside her, “feels so good,” she sighed, then took her mothers right shoe and gently touched the scouring pad against it. She shuddered as she slid it lightly along the length of the shoe, from toe to heel along the instep, not hard enough to damage it, then slid it back to the toe. “Oh this is so naughty,” she sighed, repeating, but pushing harder, seeing fine scratches appear in the black patent. Her hips immediately shuddered as she squirted around Aryanas sneaker. “Oh yes,” she moaned, rubbing again, this time even harder, and faster, and realised Aryana was matching her strokes with the One Star in her pussy. Stacey meanwhile had taken both her nipples in her fingers and was squeezing them in time with her strokes.

“That’s it Becky,” Aryana urged, “ruin your mums shoes.”

“Yes Becky,” Stacey grinned, “show your mum how naughty you are!”

“Oh god,” Becky moaned again, her hand a blur, the black patent scratched and dulled on that side of the shoe. She turned it round and worked on the other side, her pussy spraying cum freely around Aryanas black One Star, “oh I am so bad,” she moaned as layer after layer was removed from the shiny black leather. She swapped shoes and the exchanged the scouring pad for the knife. She looked at the shiny black leather toe, came again, and then pushed the blade of the knife through it, “oh my god,” she shuddered, removing the knife and plunging it through the side of the pump, “that feels so good.” She began sawing through the leather, each stroke of the knife matched by her friends, cutting down towards the toe.

“You are so bad, Becky,” Aryana grinned.

“Yeah,” Stacey agreed, “your mum would kill you if she found out.”

“Fuck my mum,” Becky giggled, cutting the black patent upper from her mums expensive shoes. She came again, her back arching high, her juices spraying.

Aryana and Stacey looked at each other, surprised at her friend’s outburst, then laughed along with their friend.
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Re: Taboo Fiction

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Arrrgh!!! Don't leave it there!!!! I totally need more.

Also, great to see you back. 😊😊😊
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Re: Taboo Fiction

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I’m not really back... I am just slow.
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Re: Taboo Fiction

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Loooool whatever it is that means you write more, keep doing it! 😂😂😂
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Re: Taboo Fiction

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Another one for you…

Chapter 33

Lisa stood outside in a pretty yellow summer dress and her white high top chucks, bags in her left hand, her iPhone in her right, with another large bag over her arm, while Ben quietly unlocked and opened the front door. She had been watching the girls on her iPhone as they had fun with Becky’s mums shoes and wanted to surprise them.

The girls sat quietly, happily in each other’s company. Becky still had her mothers destroyed Louboutins in her hand and was continuing to cut small pieces of red sole from the remains of the expensive shoes, while Aryana, sitting to her right, very slowly slid her black One Star in and out of Becky’s pussy with one hand, and Becky’s pale blue sneaker in and out of her own with the other.

Stacy watched on from where she sat on Becky’s left, her mothers pink Converse One Star in her pussy matching the movements of her friends, slowly sliding in, then slowly out. She felt like she was in heaven. She had lost count of how many times she had cum this morning, but her mothers sneaker was thoroughly soaked.

“Well isn’t that an amazing sight?” A voice asked from the doorway.

Stacy and Becky jumped with a start, a look of shock, mixed with guilt flashing across their faces. Aryana grinned, jumped up and ran to the voice. “Lisa!” She exclaimed, hugging the petite woman in the yellow flowery summer dress and white high top chucks, then, “hi Benny!”

“Hi girls,” Lisa grinned, “please don’t stop,” she hugged Aryana tight.

“Hi sis,” Aryanas brother grinned from where he stood beside Lisa, “hi girls.”

Stacy sat covering herself, her hands instinctively over her breasts and pussy. She recognised Lisa from the chat the previous night, and of course she knew Ben, but both of them seeing her naked, with a sneaker in her pussy, in person, felt very different to them seeing her on webcam.

Becky was terrified that, just for a moment, she had thought her mother had stumbled upon her and found out what she was doing. She sat in stunned silence, her guilt plain on her face as she attempted to hide the evidence.

“What’s wrong Becky,” Lisa asked, “you look like the cat that ate the budgie. Did you think I was your mum?”

Becky sat mutely, nodding, some of the guilt vanishing, but embarrassment lingering with her being found in such a compromising position.

“I can see how that would make you feel,” Lisa said, kindly, “she would have seen what you had done to her shoes. Well done by the way,” she added with a smile, “I have been watching,” she held up her phone, “and while I am not a huge fan of destroying heels, I must say you did a wonderful job.”

“That’s right,” Aryana agreed, “Lees would much rather cut up a nice pair of Asics, wouldn’t you Lees?” She grinned as she knelt down before Lisa and put her head under her dress, “oh yummy,” her giggles were muffled from beneath there.

“Oh god yes,” Lisa gasped, feeling Aryana between her legs, “I love cutting up Asics,” she closed her eyes as she felt a tongue lapping at her clit, “oh Aryana, you are amazing,” she murmured, feeling the sneaker lodged in her pussy beginning to move, “but don’t think I don’t know what you are doing, you tease.” She lifted the front of her dress, revealing the younger girl licking at her pussy and fucking her with a pink chucks 70.

“Who me?” Aryana looked up, feigning innocence, then giggled as she continued to pump the pink sneaker in and out, “I just thought it might put Becky more at ease if you cut up her Asics,” she grinned brightly, then went back to lapping at Lisa’s clit.

Becky felt a pulse in between her legs, watching her friend make love to Lisa. The thought of her cutting her sneakers was driving a wedge through her guilt like a hot knife through, well, her Asics. The sight of a pink sneaker in Lisa’s pussy shattered it, and her hand went between her legs.

“I think Becky likes that idea,” Lisa stammered, “or is it the sight of your pretty shoe in my pussy?”

“Oh is that mine?” Becky gasped, her fingers moving faster on her clit, while her other hand grabbed the soaked black One-Star in her pussy and began to fuck herself with it.

“You bet,” Lisa smiled, “show her where her other shoe is Ben.”

Ben laughed, dropping his pants and revealing a second pink Converse, this one on his penis, “your shoe feels great, Becky,” he said as he stepped out of his pants and started pumping it on his cock.

“Oh that looks amazing,” Becky moaned.

“We have been fucking ourselves with your pretty chucks since last night,” Lisa shuddered through an orgasm, “oh god that’s good,” she sighed, stepping away from Aryana and collapsing into and armchair opposite, careful not to dislodge the sneaker in her pussy.

“Hey Ben, why don’t you let Becky do that for you,” Aryana suggested as she crawled over to Lisa’s feet. She lay down and started to lick the white toecaps of Lisa’s shoes.

“Do you want to, Beck?” Ben asked, moving to sit next to Becky.

Becky looked down at her sneaker on Aryana’s brothers cock. The canvas was dark and wet, “looks so good,” she sighed, reaching out tentatively, then grasping it, “what do I do?”

“Like this,” Ben took Becky’s hand gently, positioning it so she could feel his cock through the canvas, then moved it so she was sliding it up and down his shaft.

“Oh wow,” Becky murmured, “I you feel so big in there,” she squeezed, eliciting a gasp from Ben, “oh, was that ok?”

“Better than ok,” Ben encouraged her, “you are doing great,” he put an arm around Becky, his fingers finding her nipples and squeezing.

Becky gasped, loving the feeling of Bens fingers on her nipples, the warm embrace of his arms, the feeling of his cock in her shoe, in her hand. She squeezed again.

Stacy watched on in amazement. Moments ago she had been shocked when this woman had caught her fucking herself with her mothers sneaker, and to make matters worse, Aryana’s brother was with them. She had met Ben before, of course, but that was before her world had been shifted, before her eyes had been open as to the pleasures to be had with shoes and sneakers. She thought back to those times, remembering how he had always appeared shy, his eyes down turned, but of course she now realised he was not shy - he was just checking out her shoes, wanting to fuck them. The thought make her smile, and she looked to where Becky was now giving him a hand job in her chuck. It looked so good and she wanted Bens cock in her own shoes. Wait. “Lisa, where are my shoes?” She blurted out, wondering where her pale blue chucks 70s were.

“Oh, your lovely pale blue chucks 70’s?” Lisa asked, “those are lovely. We all had a lot of fun with them last night and this morning,” she smiled, “and we brought them with us, didn’t we Ben?”

“Oh yeah,” Ben moaned, “they felt great, Stace,” his hand wandered downwards to Becky’s pussy, to his sisters black One Star still deep inside there, “here let me,” he suggested, taking the heel of the sneaker when Becky removed her own, “oh yeah this is good and wet,” he grinned as he began to slide it in and out, “it’s great to see my sisters sneakers in you Beck.”

“They feel so good in me too,” Becky sighed, losing herself in the moment.

Lisa looked down to her feet and smiled to herself as Aryana tugged her white high tops off her feet. This was an amazing family, she thought to herself. She looked back to when she accidentally told Beth about her own fetish, how lonely a life she lead back then. Sure she’d had friends, Beth chief amongst them, but she had always kept the biggest part of her life to herself, embarrassed to talk about it. Now she sat in a room filled with four other people enjoying sneakers as much as she did, in fact Aryana had crawled over to Stacey and was, even now, pushing the toecap of her white chuck into Stacey’s mouth.

“Oh mmmm,” Stacey moaned, sucking on the toe of Lisa’s sneaker, “I love chucks,” she gasped as her mothers pink One Star was replaced with the white high top’s partner, “oh yeah that feels soo good,” she licked and sucked at the sneaker in her mouth as Aryana moved the other in, deeper.

“You look amazing,” Lisa grinned. She was fucking herself with Becky’s shoe again, “get them good and cummy for me, girls,” she urged, “I want them nice and wet.”

“Oh, we will,” Aryana grinned, leaning in to lick at Stacey’s clit.

Beside Stacey, Becky was reaching a climax, her pumping of her sneaker on Bens cock matching move for move with the sneaker in her pussy. She felt Bens movements stutter and realised he was about to cum. She squeezed her pink shoe on his cock, feeling it tense inside there. “Oh god,” she cried, gushing on Aryanas sneaker in her pussy, as she felt Bens cock pulsating in her chuck, “I can feel you pumping cum into my shoe!”

“Wow you guys look so good,” Lisa sighed, cumming on the pink low top. She looked from Ben, to Becky, then to Aryana and Stacey, “but there something wrong,” she stood and walked to the hallway, returning moments later with bags in her hands, “you girls, and I,” she added, looking down, “are barefoot, and that’s against the rules,” she grinned and began rummaging in the bags.

“Oh, new shoes?” The voice came from Sarah who was now standing at the doorway. She and Cassie had come back downstairs when they heard Lisa’s voice, “you are spoiling the girls,” Sarah admonished with a smile.

“Feel free to spoil them as much as you like,” Cassie grinned from beside Sarah. Both women were naked except for their heels - Cassie was in her wedges and Sarah was in a simple pair of black patent pumps - and both women had their daughters sneaker still lodged deep in their pussy’s.

“Oh I will,” Lisa grinned, looking both women up and down, loving what she saw, “especially if you are going to treat my purchases the way you are.”

“Oh you can count on it,” Sarah grinned, walking through to the kitchen and returning with two dining chairs. She sat on one while Cassie took the other, both ladies sitting with their legs apart as they began to play with themselves.

“Ok, me first,” Lisa smiled, pulling out a Converse box and opening it, “I saw these and couldn’t help myself,” she said showing the brand new high tops. They were a gold colour with lighter gold lines in the form of a stylistic sunset. “I love them,” she grinned, pulling them onto her feet.

“Very pretty,” Sarah agreed, “it’s going to be fun playing with them.”

“Yes,” Lisa grinned, looking at her feet, “yes it will. Now,” she pulled another Converse box out of her bags, “these are for you Stacey,” she opened the box, showing a pair of bright, lime yellow high tops, “I thought they would be just your colour.”

“Oh yes they are,” Cassie smiled, glancing down at the pale yellow sneaker in her pussy, “you are going to look great in those, baby,” she grinned.

“Oh wow, they look great, thank you,” Stacey enthused, standing and taking the new sneakers from Lisa, then slipping them on her feet, “wait, how long am I going to be able to wear these?” She looked at her mum.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Cassie laughed, “I can’t help it if I like being naughty with your shoes.”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way,” Stacey giggled.

“These are for you, Aryana,” Lisa held out a pair of white low tops with bright floral colours on the outside and rainbow striped soles, “they are called pride, and I am pretty proud of you,” she handed them over.

“They are very pretty,” Aryana smiled, slipping them onto her feet, “what do you think, mum, Ben?”

“They look awesome, sis,” Ben grinned, “I’m going to like cumming on them.”

“Yes, very pretty baby,” Sarah smiled, “hmm, I wonder what colours on those soles will still be visible when they are in me?”

“Now that sounds like a fun new game,” Lisa laughed, “now Becky, I hope you like these.” She handed over a pair of pink low top chucks 70’s with black laces and linings and an 80’s style print.

“Oh they are lovely, thank you,” Becky said, slipping them on her feet, “can I make Ben cum in them?”

“Of course you can,” Lisa laughed, “in fact I am not sure you could keep his cock out of them.”

“Hey,” Ben protested, then laughed, “ok, fair point.”

“So what else do you have there?” Sarah asked, looking at the other stuffed bags.

“Well, I brought morning tea,” Lisa explained, “and I am really liking the look of these at the moment,” she pulled out three Puma boxes, “so I bought these for the girls and thought we could use them as bowls.” She opened all three boxes, revealing three pairs of Puma Calis. One pair were white with black Puma text on the heel and toe bumpers - Aryanas, Lisa explained. One pair was white with yellow stripes, yellow Puma text on the heel bumper and a yellow heel tab - these were obviously for Stacey, and the third pair were white with pink toe and heel bumpers and heel tabs.

“Oh wow those are lovely,” the three girls agreed.

“Yes they are,” Sarah agreed, counting, “but there are seven of us and only six bowls.”

“That’s ok,” Lisa grinned, taking the last item out of her bags - a large plastic bowl, “I made a trifle this morning and thought you would all like it,” she removed the cover. The top was beautifully presented with smooth cream covered in sprinkles. What caught everyone’s eye were the white toecaps of a pair of chucks that peeked through the cream.

“Oh that looks yummy,” Aryana smiled, “and will look even better in my new Pumas!”

“Oh yeah it will,” Stacey grinned, “wait, you said you brought my chucks back,” she looked at the obviously empty bags, then at the sneakers in the trifle, “are those?”

“Uh-huh,” Lisa grinned, “I made a chucks trifle with your pretty blue 70’s. Thought you and your mum with like to eat from them.”

“Oh that’s amazing,” Stacey grabbed one of Lisa’s white high tops and thrust it back into her pussy, “my shoes look so good in there,” she moaned as she pumped hard.

“Oh god yes they do, baby” Cassie agreed, fucking herself with her daughters One Star, “I’d never though of including your shoes in food. Imagine coming home from school and finding your sneakers in jelly,” she and Stacey came at the thought.

“Oh yeah that’s a lot of fun,” Aryana licked her lips, “mum sometimes makes pasta bakes with our shoes in them,” she was fucking herself with Lisa’s other sneaker now, loving the memories, “it’s so hot to see your sneaker all covered in sauce and cheese and completely ruined.”

“Oh that sounds so good,” Stacey moaned, cumming again.

“Oh imagine coming home in your Vans,” Cassie suggested, “and I cook them in a pasta bake. Even better if it’s a netball day and I set your Asics in jelly for dessert too.”

“Oh god yes,” Stacey came again, “we have to do that.”

Lisa laughed, “that all sounds amazing, but let’s have morning tea first,” she stood and walked into the kitchen with the chucks trifle in her hands, her new chucks on her feet and Becky’s pink low top in her pussy. Life didn’t get much better than this, she thought to herself, then out loud, looking over her shoulder, “well grab your bowls,” she grinned, “I’ll have one of Stacey’s for mine, please.”
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Re: Taboo Fiction

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Sudsey wrote: Tue Jan 21, 2020 4:01 pm Chapter 28

Sarah surveyed the scene in front of her. Her daughter was sitting, leaning back, her eyes closed, a smile on her lips, purple slush up to her knees. She imagined the pink and black Netburners on her feet, slush squishy between her toes. Her best friend Stacy knelt, her face down between her thighs working her new white and yellow Netburner. Beside Stacy, on and in the slush was a single black high too chuck. She imagined she could see the partner buried in Stacy’s pussy deep beneath the slush, and on Stacy’s feet she imagine she could see her brand new yellow Nimbus 20’s. A little further off she could see just the top of the collar of one of Stacy’s high-tops, a flash of turquoise peaking out of the purple slush.

A moan of pleasure brought Sarah’s attention to the left side of the hot tub where Becky sat in almost a mirror image to Aryana. Cassie knelt between her legs, licking her clit while she worked her daughters white and yellow Netburner in and out of her pussy. She looked down, past Stacy’s other turquoise high top where it lay submerged in the slush with only the toe and first row of laces protruding, imagining she could see the delightful black Nimbus 19s on Cassie’s feet and the yellow One Star in her pussy. Behind Cassie, half submerged in the slush, were her new blue Nimbus 19s and her wedge sandals. She looked to Becky’s feet, imagining them bare beneath the slush, then glanced down and to her right. Her wedge heeled espadrille pumps lay in the slush, covered in cum and goo, while on the edge lay the remains of Becky’s pink suede Superstars and her tools of destruction.

“Becky,” she said eventually, “I am afraid we cannot have you in the hot tub the way you are.”

“W-what?” Becky was in heaven, loving the feeling of Stacy’s new sneaker being skilfully slid in and out of her pussy, and enjoying Stacy’s mums tongue just as much. It was a shock to hear Sarah scolding her. “What did I do wrong,” she asked looking at Sarah.

“Why, you are barefoot,” Sarah grinned, reach down behind her, “we cannot have that,” she grinned as she produced a brand new pair of pink suede Reebok Freestyle Hi’s. She pulled the Velcro straps wide, followed by the laces, then filled them both with handfuls of slush before smooshing more over the pink suede and laces, “there,” she smiled, handing them to Becky, “get these on your feet please,” she winked and laughed.

“Wow, thank you,” Becky gasped, taking the sneakers from Sarah. She slipped her feet into the slime filled shoes, revelling in the sensations, causing slush to spill out, then pulled the laces tight without tying them, and then fastened the straps. “They feel great,” she smiled, submerging her new sneakers into the slush.

“They look great too,” Sarah smiled, then produced two more pairs behind her and pushed them into the slush up to the collars, “oh girls,” she called to Stacy and Aryana who had been oblivious, “look what I bought you,” she showed gestured to the tops of the sneakers. When she had their attention, “white for my baby,” she smiled, pulled the white pair from the slush with a sucking noise, handing them to her daughter.

“Oh yummy new Freestyles,” Aryana grinned, pulling her new Netburners off and replacing them with the Reebok’s. She sighed contentedly as she lowered feet into the slush, then filled her new Asics with slush and sat them on top.

“Oh wow, thanks Sarah,” Stacy said, accepting the new pale yellow suede sneakers, “I’ve never had a pair of these before.” She held them up to look at them, emptied the slime and refilled them, “they are lovely.” She pulled off her new yellow Nimbus 20s then donned her new Reebok’s, “they feel as good as they look,” she smiled, lowered them under the slush, “thank you.”

“You are all welcome,” Sarah beamed.

“I think it’s high time I thanked Sarah for my new Asics,” Cassie smiled, removing her daughters yellow Converse from her pussy, “hmmm,” she looked around the garden, “ah, wait here a second.” She climbed out of the hot tub, making a show of letting the slush fall from her new black Nimbus 19s, knowing how much Sarah liked them. “Hmm,” she said theatrically, “my poor Asics are all messy,” she grinned, then hopped down onto the pavers. Her sneaker squelched delightfully as the slushed moved beneath her toes. She returned with a small plastic garden table, tested the sturdiness, “this will work,” she smiled, putting the table in the hot tub, then hopping up onto the side, “oh dear my poor Asics are getting messy again,” she grinned then lowered them into the slush.

“What are you up to?” Sarah asked intrigued.

Cassie pushed the table under the slush, then tested the depth - it was about two feet from the tabletop to the surface, “excellent,” she grinned, then to Sarah, “hop onto the table and lay back - I am going to fuck you with my pretty blue Nimbus,” she grinned.

“Oh great idea,” Sarah grinned, doing as she was told. She lowered herself into the slush, sat on the table, lay back with her shoulders on the edge of the hot tub, her breasts just on the surface, her legs open and waiting beneath the surface. She poked the toes of her new Kayanos above the slush, then lowered them again with a sigh of pleasure.

“Ok,” Cassie said, grabbing her new blue Nimbus 19s and turning to Sarah, “you won’t be needing this for the time being,” she groped between Sarah’s legs, finding the heel of a yellow One Star and removing it, causing Sarah to pout. “Oh don’t get upset,” Cassie laughed, pushing one of her new blue sneakers beneath the slush and probing Sarah’s opening with the toe.

“Oh yes,” Sarah moan, biting her lip, “fuck me with your pretty sneaker.”

“Oh I will,” Cassie smiled. She positioned the shoe laying with the midsole on Sarah’s opening, toe towards her legs, then climbed on top, wedging the midsole between both their pussy lips.

“Oh yes,” Sarah sighed, “ride me with your shoe,” she put her hand under the slush, feeling the Asics there, holding it in position as Cassie ground it between them.

“Here,” Cassie smiled, placing her other sneaker in between Sarah’s breasts and began to hump the sneaker. The slush lubricated the sneaker beautifully and the bumps and ridges felt amazing.

“Oh god that feels so good,” Sarah moaned, then took the entire toe of the other blue Asics in her mouth and started to lick and suck on it hungrily.

“Oh god yes it does,” agreed Cassie, “fucking submerged Asics feels so good,” she sighed.

Becky, Stacy and Aryana watched on from the edge of the hot tub as the two mothers made love in two feet of slush. It looked incredible. They could imagine the blue sneaker between them, the cum flowing over it, and they wished it was them doing the fucking.

Aryana turned to her two friends, “I think our mums need thanking,” she whispered, with a smile, “why don’t you two take those pretty new yellow Nimbus and play with my mums nipples?”

“I like that idea,” Stacey whispered back, picking up her new sneakers and hading one to Becky, “what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to play with your mums nipples,” Aryana whispered, moving to stand behind Stacy’s mother. She stood watching her movements, picturing the sneaker between them, beneath the slush, their pussy lips around the midsole as Cassie ground and humped against it.

“Oh yes,” Cassie cried, shuddering and cumming, “feels so good,” she gasped as she felt hands circle from behind her, felt Aryanas smooth skin push up against her back, matching her movements, the hands reaching up in a hug, fingers finding her nipples and squeezing, “oh god yes Aryana,” she moaned, continuing to grind against her sneaker, “just like that.”

Sarah looked up to see her daughter wrapped around her best friends mother, saw her eyes peeking over Cassie’s shoulder with a gleam to them. She smiled, then realised Stacy and Becky were either side of her. Each held a pale yellow Nimbus 20 which was filled with slush. She looked up at them over Cassie’s new blue Nimbus 19 in her mouth. Cassie’s movements were getting deliciously aggressive, the pulse and grind of the Asics between them sending stars of pleasure dancing across her vision. She opened her mouth to say something, the Asics there falling away, and all she could do was gasp as Stacy’s and Becky’s fingers found her nipples, squeezing them while they ran the yellow soles of Stacy’s sneakers across their tips.

Aryana squeezed, teased and pulsed Cassie’s nipples, feeling a shudder run through her at each movement. She kissed her friends mother on the shoulders and back, nibbled occasionally as she flicked her nipples.

“That feels amazing Aryana,” Cassie breathed, cumming on her Asics again and again, “so good.”

Sarah was in similar raptures, her daughters friends making her nipples buzz with incredible excitement while Cassie fucked her with her new shoe. She felt the warmth beneath the slush as Cassie gushed countless times, then gasped as Becky began to suck on her left nipple. No sooner was her mouth open than a yellow Nimbus was offered. She took it in, hungrily sucking on the toe as Stacy also began to suck on her nipple.

Cassie looked down at Sarah, moved in and began to lick the other side of the same yellow sneaker, sharing her daughters Nimbus as she shared her own between her legs, “oh my god,” she sighed, cumming for the umpteenth time, “I love you guys.”

For both women time seemed to simultaneously stretch out and shorten. Their ecstasy took them to new heights that they hoped would never end, caught in a dream of explosive orgasms, of cum soaked sneakers, but a dream which finished all too soon, leaving them both drained, exhausted and panting.

Cassie rolled off of Sarah, catching her breath, while the girls sat back and watched with smiled on their faces.

“Oh god,” Cassie said breathlessly, “that was amazing.”

Sarah just lay back in the slush and smiled.

jetzt fehlt nur noch ,dass sie gegenseitig aus ihren schwitzigen schuhen champangner trinken auf einer party*_*
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Re: Taboo Fiction

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Sudsey wrote: Sun Feb 09, 2020 7:09 pm This sounds silly considering the topic and the sheer number of characters... but I feel I am stretching the believability by giving her a secret shoe fetish too.

No... Beckys Mum is a 1st class bitch, a terrible mother who is so self absorbed she doesn’t even know, nor care, where her daughter is at the moment.

She does, however, have an extensive and expensive shoe collection that Becky can play with behind her mothers back. That’s the sweet spot for Becky. She’s enjoying the shoes but it’s the badness that’s intoxicating for her. Doing things to hers and her mothers shoes behind her back that she knows would anger her.

Hey Sudsey, hope you're well!!! Hoping we're gonna get a nice new update soon and I'm personally hoping a lot more of that expensive collection gets ruined, very, very soon. 😉😉😉
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Re: Taboo Fiction

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Been a while… but hopefully two updates will make up for that?

Forgive any errors… I have not proof-read.

Chapter 34

The sound was exquisite - a thick, liquid, sucking noise as Lisa gripped Stacey’s sneaker by the white toecap and slowly pulled it from the trifle. As it slid out, cream and custard clung to the pale blue canvas and smeared along the rubber sidewalls. It filled the white laces and tongue so that they were almost unrecognisable. When the heel pulled free of the trifle, it was clear that the bottom layer was raspberry jelly - the back two inches of the chuck was filled with the solid red dessert and the pale blue canvas was stained. While still liquid, the jelly had wicked into the white stitching and it seemed that the laces had lain in it too, as the first six inches of both were stained red.

“Oh my god,” Cassie moaned, fucking herself with her daughters pale yellow Converse, “your poor shoes, baby. They look so delicious, so sexy!”

Stacey remained silent, Lisa’s white high top a blur in her pussy as her sneaker was placed on a plate in front of her. She stared at her dessert covered shoe, licked her lips and came, and came again, her mouth almost as wet as her pussy. Liquid pooled on the seat between her legs and pattered down onto the lime yellow canvas of her new chucks where her feet were crossed beneath her.

“Looks like your pretty new chucks are getting wet, baby,” Cassie grinned from beside her, “I think they will be nice and soaked in no time.”

Stacey moaned in happiness, leaned forwards and licked cream and custard from the laces of her shoe, Lisa’s chuck constantly, noisily moving, liquid trickling onto her feet, “it’s so good,” she sighed, shakily, between licks, “so good.”

“That’s the response I hoped for,” Lisa grinned, pulling the second chuck from the trifle with a delightful, delicious slurp, “here you go Cassie,” she smiled, placing it in front of Stacey’s mother.

“Thank you Lisa,” Cassie reached out and squeezed Lisa’s hand, “for everything.”

“The pleasure is all mine, I assure you,” Lisa smiled, then turned to Becky, “pass me your new shoe please Becky.”

Becky picked up the new, white and pink leather sneaker and handed it to Lisa. She could not believe, even after everything she, her friends, and their mothers had done, that she was about to eat out of a brand new shoe. The idea should appall her, she knew, but there was a knot of excitement and pleasure between her legs that needed feeding, and her hand wandered to Aryana’s black One Star still deep inside her. She toyed with her clit while she squirmed against the soaked, suede sneaker.

“Such pretty sneakers,” Lisa smiled, tracing a finger along the ridged, pink rubber toe-bumper, “I bet this feels amazing on the clit,” she ran her finger over the white leather toe, the laces, then slid her hand into the smooth, white cloth interior, “mmm, I bet Bens cock would like it in here,” she grinned, seeing the boy nod in approval, “later,” she laughed, turning the shoe to look at the sole, running a finger along the lines moulded into the white rubber, “oh these will be good to cut out,” she glanced around the table, happy to see everyone excited at the prospect. Sneakers moved between legs with wet noises, and squeaked on tiles below as rubber moved against ceramic in spreading pools of liquid.

“Mmm can’t Ben cum in one of my new Pumas now?” Stacey asked, hopefully, looking at her mum.

“Of course baby,” Cassie laughed, “if it’s ok with what Lisa has planned.”

Lisa laughed, “of course he can,” she replied, “go on then Ben, get your cock into Stacy’s pretty new sneaker,” she looked down, “but hurry, because you don’t want to miss sneakers getting messy do you?”

“No way,” Ben agreed, dashing to retrieve Stacy’s shoe. He discarded Beckys pink chuck and returned with the white and yellow Puma on his cock. The cool, smooth interior felt wonderful. By the time he returned, Lisa had deposited a blob of cream and custard on the perforated leather toe of Becky’s pink and white sneaker, and was smearing it around the shoe with her hand.

“Excuse my hands,” Lisa smiled, smearing the trifle along the instep, covering the perforated puma logo on the side, “I love feeling the messy sneaker beneath my fingers. She dipped her hand into the bowl and pulled out another handful of trifle, smooshing it into the outside of the shoe, round the heel, covering the pink heel tab and heel bumper, “feels, and looks so nice,” she grinned, smearing another handful on the white, rubber sole. Another load went onto the laces, and she made sure to push it through onto the tongue below. Finally she pushed trifle into the interior, smoothing it around the white cloth collar, and pushing it down into the toes, covering the pink insole.

“That looks amazing,” Becky moaned as Lisa placed the very messy sneaker on her plate. There were only glimpses of white leather and pink rubber that were visible beneath the trifle. Her hand, and the soaked, black suede Converse between her legs were a blur.

Lisa repeated the process with Becky’s other Cali, which was serving as Bens bowl, smothering the white and pink shoe in trifle, making sure it was smooshed into every surface. Aryana’s new shoes were next, with Lisa taking care to cover the black rubber Puma text on the toes and heels, before depositing the messy sneakers in front of Aryana and her mother. Finally, she covered the white and yellow sneaker belonging to Stacy - the partner to the one on Bens cock. This one was for herself. She took care to cover the yellow stripes, the yellow puma text on the heel bumper and the yellow insoles.

“Well, dig in,” Lisa grinned, sitting down carefully so that the pink chucks 70 in her pussy applied exquisite pressure in all the right places. She brought the messy Puma to her mouth, he tongue licking cream and custard from the pale yellow stripe on one side. She moaned in pleasure and ground against the sneaker inside her.

Cassie picked up her daughters pale blue converse and licked at the trifle covering the sole, “mmm this so good,” she sighed, her left hand slowly moving Stacey’s yellow One Star in her pussy, “I love your shoes baby,” she moaned between licks.

Sarah held Aryanas new Puma in her right hand and was busily licking cream from the black rubber lettering on the toe bumper, “mmm I like these,” she told Aryana between licks, “going to love seeing you in them,” she squirmed as her left hand pushed her daughters black One Star deeper, “and fucking them.”

Stacy licked at the pale blue canvas of her chuck, then glanced at her new Puma on Bens cock. She reached out and put her hand around it, Ben removing his own hand and looking at his sisters friend with a smile. She squeezed, feeling his rod inside her shoe and the pair of them gasped. “Oh wow, mum,” she said, licking her chuck, “I can feel him in there.”

“Of course baby,” Cassie smiled, “Ben, show her what to do.”

“Like this,” Ben put his hand over Stacey’s, guiding her, stroking the sneaker on his cock. He licked at the trifle covering the pink rubber heel-pumper of Becky’s Puma, his eyes closing as his penis slid inside the smooth lining, his pre-cum soaking into the yellow insole, “oh yes, that feels good,” he sucked on the toe of Becky’s leather sneaker, and then shuddered.

“Oh wow,” Stacey gasped, cumming on Lisa’s white high top again, her teeth clamping onto the rubber sidewall of her own, pale blue chuck 70. She could feel Bens cock pulsing inside her shoe, the thought of him cumming in there driving through another orgasm.

“Feels good to have a man cum in your shoe, doesn’t it?” Cassie smiled, remembering past events, “think I need to get you to cum in mine Ben. Would you like that?”

“You bet,” Ben nodded eagerly, “I’d love it.”

Cassie smiled wistfully, her mind in the past, her left pumping her daughters sneaker in her pussy while her tongue lapped at the pale blue sneaker in her right hand.

Aryana and Becky consumed their sneaker desserts, revealing more and more of their respective sneakers while they cummed over and over on the shoes in their pussys. Aryanas tongue traced the shallow grooves in the white rubber soles, while Becky nibbled at the leather tab beside the laces of her new shoe.

All around the table were the sounds of murmuring, moans of enjoyment, slurping and sucking on leather, rubber and cloth, and the wet noises of sneakers in pussys. These sounds were silenced at the sound of a mobile phone ringing somewhere in the house.

Becky’s eyes were wide, her face buried inside her new Puma and slurping at the insole, “shit, that’s my mums ringtone,” she said, dropping her sneaker on the table and dashing from the room.

“Uh-oh,” Aryana said, “Becky’s mum is a bit of a bitch,” she explained when she saw Lisa’s surprised face.

Moments later, Becky appeared in the doorway, a mix of disappointment and panic on her face, which somewhat contrasted with the cream and custard smeared there, “that was my mum,” the words coming quickly, “she’s coming to get me. She will be here in ten minutes!”

Chapter 35

“Oh don’t mention it,” Sarah told Becky’s mother, “it was our pleasure having her, wasn’t it Aryana?”

“Oh for sure,” Aryana agreed, “we’d love to have you stay with us again,” she grinned brightly at her friend who blushed furiously as she glanced towards her mother.

“Oh,” Becky’s mother replied, not noticing her daughters glowing red face, “well, I don’t see a problem with that. It’s good to see Rebecca making some good friends,” and, she thought to herself, it man’s I can have some time to myself. “How does next weekend sound?”

“That sounds good,” Sarah smiled, “I will make sure to have some exciting games planned,” noting Becky’s growing discomfort.

Moments later, Sarah and Aryana watched as Becky and her mother walked down the path to the sidewalk. Becky was wearing her new gold-stripe Superstars, fresh and clean now, except for the cum lining the insides - a parting gift from everyone. Her mother wore a beautiful pair of black suede Jimmy Choo Anouk pumps with a shiny black 5” heel.

“Those pumps are gorgeous,” Sarah told her daughter, “she may be a bitch but she’s got great taste.”

Aryana giggled, “yeah, I’d love to get the chance to play with them.”

“God yes,” Sarah squirmed, shuffling her feet in her own white patent pumps, “but we would probably get Becky into trouble if we came all over the beautiful suede.”

“What are you two gossiping about?” Lisa stood behind Sarah and Aryana at the open door. She had her bag in her hand.

“Oh just dreaming of fucking Becky’s mums shoes,” Sarah replied, nodding to the retreating pair.

“Oh yeah, they are hot,” Lisa agreed, “maybe you should get yourself a pair,” she smiled.

“Yes,” Sarah smiled, “perhaps I will,” she looked back to Lisa, “wait, you are leaving?”

“Yes, I am sorry but I have to go home,” she smiled, “Bobby is tied up in the hot tub and I think I should let him out. Besides,” she continued, “Beth and Nat will be home soon and I have to have dinner ready for them,” she winked and grinned.

Sarah laughed, “oh of course,” she hugged Lisa, “take care and send our love.”

“Of course,” Lisa smiled, hugging her back, then hugging Aryana, “I hope you don’t mind but I have taken some toys with me.”

“Oh, what did you take?” Aryana asked, her hand wanting to move between her legs.

“I have one of your yellow hightop’s here,” Lisa patted her skirt between her legs, “and these,” she opened her bag. Inside was the partner of the chuck currently nestled in Lisa’s pussy and Aryanas bright pink Kayano 25s, “I was going take your Netburners too but Stacy told me you had Netball tomorrow.”

“Oh nice,” Aryana breathed. She was horny as hell and needed to go back inside and satisfy herself, “what are you going to do with them?”
“Do you really need to ask?” An evil grin crossed Lisa’s face, causing Aryanas pussy to do a backflip.

“Oh god,” Aryana moaned, “Sorry Lees, but I have to go and get my friend to fuck me with her new chucks,” she hurried off, much to the amusement of Sarah and Lisa.

“I’m going to have to go in too,” Sarah smiled, then kissed Lisa on the cheek, “you have fun with my babies shoes. I have to go and fuck Cassie with these pumps,” she looked down at her feet.

“Ok, go have fun,” Lisa laughed, “we will be watching.”

When Sarah entered the bedroom, Aryana was on the floor, Stacey between her legs, the rainbow soles of Aryanas Pride chucks up around Stacey’s head, her shorts discarded nearby. Stacey was barefoot - her new lime yellow hightops in Aryanas mouth and pussy.

Ben was seated on the edge of the bed, naked except for one of his mothers cream patent pumps on his cock which Cassie was licking and sucking like a lollipop.

Cassie looked round as Sarah entered, “about time you came back,” she said, removing the cream pump from Bens cock and dropping it on the floor, “I wanted one of those pretty pumps!”

“Sorry,” Sarah laughed, slipping one of her shoes off and handing it to her friend, “I came back as quickly as I could.” She slipped out of her dress, removed her other heel and jumped onto the bed to watch her friend fuck her son. She wasted no time in inserting her white shoe into her pussy and playing with her clit.

“That’s better,” Cassie smiled, slipping the shoe onto Bens cock, “nice and warm from your mums foot,” she looked up at Ben who was clearly in heaven. She leaned forwards and started to lick the white patent shoe, her tongue occasionally brushing Bens red hot cock. “Mmm I haven’t tasted a man’s cock for so long Ben, “she murmured through slurps, “can I ride your mums shoe?”

“Oh yes,” Ben moaned, his cock snug and warm in his mums shoe.

“Good,” Cassie got to her feet, pushing Ben back and straddling his legs, the white patent pump directly below her wet pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto the pump, guiding the toe with one hand into her pussy, “oh god that feels so good,” she sighed, beginning to grind against her friends son.

“Oh wow that looks so good,” Stacy watched her mother, her hand no longer moving her new chuck in Aryanas pussy.

Aryana looked up at her brother, “oh wow you are right,” she sighed, taking Stacy’s hand.

“Oh, sorry,” Stacey giggled, leant forwards and began licking Aryanas clit while her cum-soaked chuck slid in and out.

Cassie movements were growing faster, her breathing more heavy. She looked down at Ben who wore a blissful smile on his face. He matched her movements, equal and opposite, thrusting the tip of his cock into the toe box of his mothers shoe and at the same time, pushing it deeper into his mothers friends pussy. He felt warm liquid fill the shoe, felt Cassie shudder, but push through it.

“Oh god that looks so good,” Sarah’s shoe was a blur in her pussy as she watched Cassie fucking her son. She could just see glimpses of her pump as their body’s parted, the white patent slick and wet.

Ben lay back, struggling to hold back an enormous orgasm. This was the first time he’d ever done this and he loved every, exquisite sensation - the warmth of Cassie, the hot liquid cum in the shoe surrounding his cock, the feeling of the tip of his cock squishing into the toe of his mothers shoe, “unnggh” he moaned as he thrust his hips forwards, once, twice, shaking, his cock erupting inside the white patent heel, filling it.

Cassie’s eyes opened wide, feeling the shoe push deep into her, feeling Bens cock pumping it full of cum. She came too, gushing over the pump, creamy liquid pattering like rain onto Bens groin. She held herself against Ben as he collapsed back onto the bed, a sheen of sweat coating her body as she panted, her pussy pulsing and squeezing the cock-filled shoe inside her.

Bens hips rocked uncontrollably as he felt the pressure on his cock, “oh,” he sighed in surprise, thrusting gently two more times, emptying himself into his mothers shoe.

“Oh god that felt amazing,” Cassie sighed after a few moments. She rolled off of Ben and collapsed onto the bed.

“God yes it was,” Ben sighed, the white shoe still on his groin.
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