Sharp wedges stomp him to orgasm twice

Girls who love to kick and trample guys you know where.

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Sharp wedges stomp him to orgasm twice

Post by rodriguez » Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:46 am

After she has brutally trampled and cut the slaves body and cock in front of a mirror Mistress Julia places her slave in the cockbox. She exaactly knows that he is ready for some extra torture. She applies her wedges to his cock and finds the slave letting her down. He is not as erect as she demands. So that is his problem as he will undergo hard toture under the wedge heels of her shoes. First she squeezes the cocks root off completly and massages anad crushes the cock with the other shoe. To her surprise the slave cums and she is not amused about this as she has just started her abuse. So without interuption she continues disregarded the moans of her sub. Only this time she much crueler and uses her sharp wedge heels to almost cut the cocks head off. She does a combination of full weight crushing and heel crushing until the slave cums another time. Now she has enough and meets Mistress Pearl to tralk about the next session.

Hope you like it.
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