Story Time 3

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Story Time 3

Post by Pumpsfetish » Wed Sep 16, 2020 6:40 am

As Laura sat there in 5 inch red pumps and tight fitting pencil skirt she realised she was already getting excited again. The story of how Debbie and Richard met was very sexy and she couldn't wait to hear more of their stories. As she glanced over at Richard in his super slutty school girl uniform with stockings and Debbie's black pumps she just wanted to take his cock in her mouth.
This was all so new to her though and she explained this to them as they waited for dinner to finish cooking. Her boyfriends had never been into anything "fun" that she knew off and she had always dressed very conservatively. "Now though" Said Laura, "I want to try new things. I didn't realise how much I was missing. Also I had never even kissed a girl or woman before today." "Well said Debbie, "We can be your guides if you like. As you can tell we have a very open and frequent sex life. If there is anything you want to try let us know. I'm sure we can accommodate."
"You don't mind Richard having sex with another woman?" Said Laura.
"Not at all, as long as I am there too then it's all fine. And i get to have sex with the woman too so it's great for both of us. We have two rules and two rules only."
1. Neither of us want another man to join us. If I want another cock I can grab a dildo. Although we do have a strap-on for when i'm feeling cruel and wont let Richard fuck me himself.
2. Richard wont take anything in the arse (We tried it once and he hated it)
3. The safe word is "Apple". As soon as someone ways it, everything stops.

"Good rules." Said Laura, "Is there anything you don't like?"
"Other than flat shoes and other men... Nothing i can think of" Said Debbie.
"So what things do you want to try then Laura? I assume Debbie showed you the secret room." Asked Richard.
"Oh yes, it looks incredible. I'm not sure really, It's all new to me but the ropes and catsuit looked like fun!" Replied Laura.
"I thought so," Said Debbie, I could see you eyeing it up. Well maybe next time if you are good."
Debbie looked at Richard and nodded to him so he picked up the glasses and went to refill them in the kitchen.
He hung back for a few seconds to give them some time to talk.
"So what about anal" asked Debbie, "Ever wanted to give it ago?"
"Well one boyfriend mentioned it but we broke up the next day so i have never tried it. I heard it hurts at first but can be enjoyable after???" Said Laura.
"That sounds about right. I still remember my first time with Richard, it hurt for the first 20 seconds and then it was great. I'm also not a big fan of pain really. The first few days wearing these types of heels were hard but once you push through it it's great. I always feel super sexy now." Said Debbie.
"Well maybe next time we could try that if you like, Just make sure you are gentle with me." Said Laura.

Just then Richard came back into the room and handed out the drinks. Laura took a large gulp, smiled at Richard and then collapsed.
Debbie looked at Richard and smiled. "That should be her out for a few hours now" Said Debbie. Lets eat and then we can sort her out."

Once they had eaten Debbie cleared up while Richard carried Laura back upstairs. Doing this in 5 inch heels wasn't the easiest but he managed.
They stripped her down and they couldn't resist having a quick smell of her pumps. They were amazing!
"Right." Said Debbie, "You get the catsuit and I will get the ropes".
A few minutes later, Laura was put into a black latex catsuit and Debbie was slowly putting her feel into the 6-7 inch ballet heels. Debbie decided to do her make up a little bit too. Bright red lipstick and she even brushed her hair. She looked perfect, they both thought. Richard put her on her back and tied her hands together and then to the bed frame. Debbie picked up a long metal bar and placed it between her ankles. Once she had fastened the cuffs there was no way for her to close her legs. They carefully unzipped part of the catsuit so her pussy and arse were now exposed.
Richard then picked up one of her red pumps and tied it to face using one of the cum soaked stockings.
"Now we just need her to wake up," Said Richard.
"It won't be long now" Said Debbie as she put on the strap-on.

When Laura awoke she felt very odd at first. She was very sleepy and then suddenly wide awake and unable to move. "Welcome back" Said Debbie. "You have been asleep for a few hours and we took the opportunity to set a few things up for you to try." You currently have one of your pumps tied to your face, You are wearing my catsuit and ballet heels and you are tied to the bed so you can't move." Oh yes and we are going to take it in turns to fuck your arse.
As Laura breathed in she could smell and taste the mixture of Richards cum and her own sweaty feet. She liked it a lot. She tried to move a little but was unable. And sure enough we must have been wearing ballet heels. The angle her feet were at was odd but not as uncomfortable as she thought it would be. All together this was very enjoyable but she was a little concerned about taking Richard in her arse, it was her first time after all.

When she turned her head she could see him standing there. Still dressed as a slutty school girl in 5 inch black pumps and knee high socks with a massive boner.
"Fuck me" Laura mumbled through the shoe. Debbie moved closer to her and started to kiss and lick around her hole. Using her saliva to make it nice and moist for Richard. Using her hands Debbie started to massage Laura's clit and then used some of her juices to lubricate her arse to.
When she was ready Richard approached and told her to relax, As he slowly entered her she let out a little yelp in pain but once he was in that went straight away. He started off very slowly moving back and forth.
The pain had gone almost instantly and she loved the feeling of Richard inside of her. She wasn't sure if she would enjoy it at first but now it was very pleasurable.
After a few minutes Laura started to rock herself back and forth onto Richard's cock forcing him deeper and faster. Just then Debbie pulled Richard out and shoved his cock down her throat. She pulled him out again and she turned to Laura and said "You like being fucked in the arse then do you?" "Yes replied Laura, I want more."
"Well you need to wait, it's my turn now" finished Debbie and she lay down on the bed next to her, Lifted her legs and instructed him to fuck her hard and fast.
His cock was already moist and went straight in and he started pounding her.
Laura looked on longingly. As she did she noticed Debbie was wearing a strap on. It looked massive and she wanted to try that too.
As Richard continued to pound her he took the opportunity to start kissing her boots and shoving the toe into his mouth. Debbie reached over and removed the shoe from Laura's face and started kissing her. When she pulled back Laura said "Fuck me with that" as she glanced down at the strap-on. "Soon enough, but for now keep kissing me" Said Debbie and as they did she took Laura's heel and sniffed it once more. A minute or two later and she let out a moan of pure pleasure. Richard slowed down and pulled out of her arse and she stood up.

"Now it's your turn." Said Debbie. She took her strap-on in both hands and slowly slid it inside of her. It was a good 10 inches and very wide. It was a tight fit at first but soon enough Laura widened and took all of it. Richard carefully straddled Laura's chest and with his cock peeking out from under his skirt he slid it into her mouth. She started to suck on it like her life depended on it.
Debbie was starting to go at it now and wondered how hard Laura could take this but whatever she did Laura did not complain. Debbie lifted her feet up and started to kiss and lick the ballet heels, with her other hand she reached under the strap-on and started to pleasure herself with her fingers. Richard couldn't hold back any more and Laura felt it coming. She took all six inches of him and made sure she got every last drop when he came in her mouth. It tasted just as good as she thought it would. When he was done he moved and started to lick Laura's clit while Debbie continued to pound her. She was ready and she knew it was going to be a big one. The taste of cum in her mouth, a massive cock in her arse, wearing a catsuit and huge ballet heels would have been enough but seeing Richard dressed in high heels and a skirt like that was the icing on the cake. She came and she came for almost 2 full minutes.

When she was done they untied her and she looked at them both. "Thank you" Said Laura. That was brilliant.
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Re: Story Time 3

Post by Caymen » Wed Sep 16, 2020 8:46 am

Any more stories

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