Story time 2.5

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Story time 2.5

Post by Pumpsfetish » Fri Sep 11, 2020 2:23 pm

Once they had cleared up they all needed a good shower. Even though Laura was enjoying having Richards cum between her toes she knew she needed to wash.
Laura and Debbie decided to shower together while Richard cleared up the mess they had made. When they came out of the bathroom they saw their clothes had been neatly folded and their shoes placed carefully next to them. Laura decided to skip the stockings as it was so hot but seeing as they were covered in Richards cum still she quickly put them in her mouth without Debbie noticing. The taste was amazing. “Richard will be ages in there, he always is.” “Let’s pick him out something nice to wear.” said Debbie. Given it was just after 6pm now there was still a lot of the day left so Laura was curious as to what she had in mind.
Debbie led her into her walk in wardrobe and Laura’s jaw dropped. It was huge! There must have been dozens of suits and over 30 pairs of heels. Laura was speechless. “Oh my god! How can you afford all this?” “Oh Richard treats me, his job pays very very well” said Debbie with a huge grin on her face. “Come on pull out the rack with the shoes on.” As Laura pulled it the entire wall moved and revealed another small room behind it. When Debbie turned on the light Laura couldn’t even form words. There were costumes, dildos, ropes, chains, ball-gags and more heels and boots than in her normal closet.
“Hmm” Said Debbie, “He wore the Pink and black latex dress on Tuesday and the Nurse outfit on Sunday so…. Ah yes.” This will be perfect, it’s his favourite” And Debbie pulled out a skimpy School girl outfit. It consisted of a black and red pleated checked skirt that was very short,a white shirt and white over the knee socks. Now we just need a pair of heels for him to wear.
“How about the black 5 inch pumps you are wearing now? Suggested Laura. But what will i wear? “How about these?” As Laura reached for a pair of over the knee-high boots with a 6 inch heel. “Oh, you like those do you?” Said Debbie. “Ok then, pass them here”, “Those ropes look fun” said Laura. “They are,” replied Debbie. As she was putting the boots on she noticed Laura couldn't stop playing with a black latex catsuit as well. It was then that she had the idea, Was it going too far? Maybe, but it would be a lot of fun.

When Richard emerged from the shower Laura couldn't take her eyes off him. When she had seen him in a normal business suit he was just a random guy on the street but now… Now she had seen him in stockings and sexy heels, she wanted him again and again.
When he realised what had been laid out for him his eyes widened with excitement. He loved nothing better than dressing as a slutty school girl. It was his biggest turn on.
Once he was dressed he went into the kitchen to make dinner. Laura was amazed at how easily he walked in heels. Debbie went to join him for a moment to make herself and Laura a drink before joining her on the sofa.
When she came back with two glasses of wine Laura asked her where they met and how all of this started. It was so new to her but it looks like they had been doing this forever.
Debbie paused for a moment and then said “Ok, no one knows the real story but given what's being going on I feel I can tell you the real story and I'm sure Richard wont mind.”

How Debbie and Richard met -

Debbie sat there on her sofa crying into a tub of chocolate ice cream. She had broken up with her boyfriend Kyle a few days before and it was still devastating. She was meant to be going to a fancy dress party with him this evening but wasn’t sure she could muster the energy. He had already said he wouldn’t be going as he had decided to move away and start a new life without her. He had essentially used her while they were at university and now had no need for her.
Just then her phone rang, It was Jade who was hosting the party while her parents were on holiday. Jade came from a very wealthy family and they were hosting the party at their place just outside the city. She knew Debbie would struggle to get to hers so offered to pick her up. What Debbie didn’t know when she answered the phone was that Jade was already outside. The party didn’t start till 7pm and it was only 11am. Debbie went and let Jade in and she was not happy. How could her friend be in this bad a state. She needed to do something about it and quickly. Jade’s twin brother Richard had just come back from a different University and although she thought he was a little odd he might be able to take her mind of things a bit.

30 minutes later they had wrestled Debbie into some jeans and a pair of flats and were in the car heading towards Jade’s. “What am i going to wear?” Said Debbie. “I have nothing with me and all my stuff is at Kyle’s, I can’t afford to just buy some new clothes.” “Well it’s your birthday next week let me buy you some things.” “Or rather, let my parents buy you some things” Jade said with a cheeky grin. She had a big weekly allowance and always saved 90% of it.
Debbie reluctantly agreed as it would give her a fresh start without having to see Kyle again to get her stuff. They stopped off in town to pick her up an outfit for tonight and would order everything else online. The theme was School Disco. It was actually Jade’s brother who suggested it and she loved the idea. They found a reasonably slutty outfit for Debbie and a pair of 4 inch black pumps with a strap across the middle. She had a pair similar to these but she wouldn’t see them again now.

When they arrived at Jade’s they were both starving so made some lunch and headed up to Jade’s room to order some other clothes and makeup for Debbie. A few hours later and they needed to get ready for the party. While they were getting ready Jade asked if Debbie liked the looks of her brother. “He’s a little short but fairly attractive,” she said. “Well at least you wont need to wear heels all the time then.” Jade replied. A few minutes later and there was a knock at Jade’s door, It was Richard. “Are you decent.” he asked. “People are starting to arrive.” “We are, you can come in” replied Jade. He opened the door and both of their jaws dropped. He was standing there in a red shoulder length wig, white shirt, the shortest skirt either of them had ever seen, a pair of stockings and garters and massive heels. Bigger than either of them would ever wear. “What the fuck are you doing Richard!” Screamed Jade “You can’t wear that, people will stare.” “That’s the point.” said Richard. Debbie was transfixed on him. She had never seen him before and this was what she was presented with. Once the shock had worn off she thought she kind of liked it but knew that was a bit weird so kept quiet. Jade went down stairs to let people in and left them up there for a few mins. Richard walked forward to offer her a hand. Debbie was amazed he could walk in heels let alone ones that high! “Practice.” he said. As though he knew what she was thinking. “Come on, you look amazing by the way, Jade wasn’t lying when she said you were beautiful.” It had been a while since someone had called her beautiful, she blushed and thanked him. They went downstairs to get a drink and say hello to the new arrivals.

Within an hour the party was going, drinks were flowing and the music was very loud. A few hours after that Debbie's feet began to hurt. She looked over and saw Richard still wearing his heels and dancing away. She decided enough was enough and she needed to take hers off. She went upstairs to use Jade’s private bathroom, just as she left she saw Richard’s eyes following her through the crowd. She smiled and continued. A few minutes later she returned shoe-less and Richard noticed straight away. He smiled and slid off to the side and headed straight upstairs. Debbie wanted to ask him to dance so decided to follow. She found him oddly attractive dressed up like that. She thought she had turned the light off in Jade’s room but she could see a glow from under the door. That’s odd she thought, Jade was still downstairs. When she opened the door she saw Richard with his cock inside one of her heels and the other pressed against his face. She clasped her hand to her mouth and tried to remain silent. She was surprised he didn’t hear her open the door. It was a good 10-15 seconds before Richard noticed her standing there. “Oh shit!” he said “Erm… I can explain.”
“This is going to be interesting then because it looks like you are smelling one of my shoes and fucking the other one”. She said, stepping forward and shutting the door behind her.
He went bright red and couldn’t find his voice. Debbie had heard of people having a shoe/foot fetish before but hadn’t ever given it any thought. Now she saw him there with his cock inside one of her heels she found it very arousing.
Eventually he managed to speak and asked her not to tell anyone. “Only if you do something for me,'' replied Debbie. “Anything!” he said. “Whenever I ask you to do something you will do it without question. Agreed” “Agreed said Richard wondering how bad this was going to end up. “And secondly i want you to tell me what it is about my shoes you like so much.” “Ok” said Richard, “Just don’t tell Jade.”
“I will never tell her this, I promise. She wouldn’t know what to do and it could ruin your life.”
They sat there for about 20 mins while Richard explained everything. He didn’t know when it started but he had always had a thing for women's shoes and clothes he explained. The sluttier the better. He had always found them a huge turn on. He said it was only sexual though. I’m 100% a guy and don’t want to be a woman or be taken like one, I just really like the sensation. That’s why I suggested a school disco to Jade because I could use it as a cover to wear this. I find dressing as a school girl even more of a turn on.
“And my shoes?” Debbie asked. “Well I found out that i also like the smell of worn shoes. The smellier the better. And heels are much better than any others.” “Only women's shoes though.”
“Well i can’t deny they do look good... and so do you!” she said. At this point he looked up and saw her looking at him not in anger as he was expecting but something else.
She lent forward and started kissing him, after a few seconds she broke off and pulled him to his feet. “Where is your room?” She asked and he pointed across the hall. She picked up her shoes and led him out of Jade’s room and into his. When they got inside she turned on the light and turned to face him. “Now we won't be disturbed” she said and she started to kiss him again.
Richard couldn’t believe his luck. He thought he was busted and going to have to explain this to everyone and now he is making out with her.

He picked her up and put her down carefully on the edge of the bed. He knelt down in front of her and made sure one of her feet was between his legs. He lifted her skirt and started to kiss her between her thighs. She moved her legs apart to give him better access and lent back. She could feel his cock against her foot so she started to move it along his shaft. It was turning her on even more. She moved her hands down and grabbed his wig and started to move his head and a few seconds later the moaning started. It was lucky the music was so loud otherwise someone might have heard her. Next thing she knew who was squirting all over him. It was the first time that had ever happened and she was slightly embarrassed but Richard seemed to love it. Now he had finished she thought it was only fair to relieve him too. She decided to give it a go with her feet. He came up onto the bed and lay down on his back. She sat next to him and slowly moved her feet over his cock. She could see the pleasure it was bringing him but knew she could do better. After all he had made her squirt. She lent down and picked up her heels and passed them to him. “Smell them while I make you cum on my feet” Said Debbie. As promised he did what he was told. Just before he was about to cum she grabbed one of her heels and gave it a sniff herself. Although she had only been wearing them for a few hours they did have a sweaty smell to them and it was very pleasant. As she breathed in Richard exploded all over her feet. She had never seen so much cum. The sensation was incredible. She had never had a guy cum on her feet before and now she wondered why.

Now they were both done they talked a little more and Debbie promised she wouldn’t tell Jade or anyone else at the party. She confessed that seeing him dressed like that and wearing heels turned her on a bit too. “How do you still have those heels on though?” “My feet would be killing me.” Asked Debbie. “Practice” Said Richard. “I wore them in bed every night and did so whenever I was at home alone. I used to wear Jade’s a lot when i was younger but when we went off to separate Universities i got some of my own and bought the highest ones i could find. I was lucky that I have size 6 feet. I used to sneak around at Uni and sniff and cum on girls shoes all the time.”
“Well you won't be doing that anymore.” Said Debbie. “You will be using mine and mine alone.”
She kissed him again, then spread the cum around both her feet before putting her heels back on. “Come on, let's go back down stairs and dance. See if we can get these heels a little more sweaty before we come up to bed.”

When Debbie had finished telling the story to Laura, Richard had come back into the room. Laura’s glass was still full. She had been so engrossed in the story she hadn’t had any of her drink. She took a large gulp just as Richard was saying that they have been together ever since that night and their fun had only grown. They knew of no one else who they could share their experience with and they are very grateful Laura is so open and willing.
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Re: Story time 2.5

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Any more stories q

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Re: Story time 2.5

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Will Laura's black pumps involve in the next part? Or is this the end?

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