Anyone been or almost caught?

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Anyone been or almost caught?

Post by tictac86 » Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:45 am

Has anyone been caught in the act or almost and you lied your way through? Ive read a few stories here about it but haven't found a topic about it. I actually have 2 stories,

First time my friend use to leave the door to his condo open. I was not working at the time and would drive on over and go through while him and his wife were at work. So many heels and I took so many photos but had put it on a SD card which I've lost... So upset... Anyways one time her younger sister, maybe 19 at the time walked in on me while I was digging through the closet. She asked me what I was doing and literally having been caught no words could come out. Just so happen I had about 3 pairs of shoes on her bed with paper towels. This is where I got mad about the SD. I have never met her but saw her through pics. She thought I was a burglar and ran up to me and tried to clock me upside the head. I wrestled her down and mounted her restraining her from hitting me. I told her I was a friend of her sisters boyfriend and was trying to get my ps2 back since he refused to give it back. After getting g up and her asking me questions about their relationship to confirm, she asked why were there shoes on her bed. I told her maybe they went hard fucking last night and didnt want to touch it as they will know someone was here. She told me I was lying because my dick was popping out of my shorts. She asked if I liked her sister or if I'm just some shoe smelling panty raiding freak. This girl was very bossy. Some how or another (this was 9 years ago) she happen to view my phone and the pictures of my dick rubbing the heels on the bed. She wanted to put them on and kick my balls but I hated that. Not to sound cocky or anything but my penis was rather big back then and her sister wore a size 8 but she couldn't do what she wanted since I was hard as fuck so we sat down and watched maury for about 15 mins when she took one of the patent leather peep toe heels from the bed and asked me to take my cock out. She placed my dick through the shoe and had the head coming out and began to suck my dick. Holy hell I got so hard so quickly that the shoe started to rip a little. I was scared because this was technically a stranger so STDs was crossing my mind but at the same time being young and having my fantasy fulfilled I said if I die I die happy. Eventually I took out a condom from my wallet and we literally fucked all over the place. I was tryna sneak underwear from her sisters drawer out to put across my face or her face and she took out some g strings and did it for me. We ended up breaking the bottom draw of the dresser looking for randkm shit while fucking when we came across a nursing and maid outfit. Omg did she put on the nurse outfit with some red pumps and I fucking exploded twice on her ankle and her ass which she made me lick and feed it to her. Come to find out it was her first time having full blown sex and wow she was a freak.... Ill try to find some of the photos from that era to see and I wish I could find that damn SD to repair it fuck man...

Second story is cousins went to Colombia for vacation. I knew his door was broken so I decided to go in his house at night. His mom is not related to me, dad is. Mom is a milf, always doing provocative things like sex parties and talking about penises in Spanish. They both have sex toys and videos, freaky ass couple. Any who found stash of sex tapes, none homemade unfortunately except for one at a Bachelorette party but her face is fully visible. Had all lights off because it's on the first floor with heavy foot traffic. Popped video in, panties and shoes ready and on my dick when half way in knock on the door. I had left bedroom light on. Again being young and caught off guard I went to see who it was. 5 dudes in all black banging on the door. I went to open and one stepped right in saying hes detective so and so. Holy fuck my heart dropped to Australia. I was like that's it I'm fucking caught, so they came In asking for the superintendent and his son. Other 4 people looking around when the main guy asked me for ID saying I fit the description. Showed him my ID with a different address. He asked why was I here.... Here it goes I'm fucked...... I looked around and by the grace of something there were keys there. I sakd I'm house sitting for a friend and he looked and said are those the keys I said yea. Ass hole weng to test it kn the door and it worked. Anyways the dicks left and I was so fucking shakened I packed everything away and was going to lock up when I just turned around and came on a pair of gold sandal heels. Fuck it wasn't gonna ruin a good moment.

Let's hear yours

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Re: Anyone been or almost caught?

Post by marxman » Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:47 pm

Twice caught, actually. I managed to escape both times, luckily. I also had one close-call.

First time was taking candid pictures of a nice pair of brown boots at school. I was questioned if I had taken pictures; I said no and that I was adjusting my camera to take pictures of airplanes. (I am a huge aviation geek). It worked.

The second time was also candid photography. A girl had a nice pair of knee-high combat boots on. Another girl asked me what I was doing. I replied, "What?" like I didn't understand what she said. She decided to abandon her pursuit.

The close-call also involved the knee combat boots, but on a different day. I accidentally left the flash on. Another girl saw my camera go off but I said that it was my flashlight.

If anybody wants pics of those boots I mentioned PM me.

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Re: Anyone been or almost caught?

Post by xxShoeloverxx » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:27 am

Got caught a few times and the girls had rather adverse reactions. I almost got in deep trouble...

Tried my luck in school and I mean, I got some really good pictures, but then the girls noticed, and caught me. :oops: No I'm not in trouble but I am definitely kicking this. I always get rid of the pictures in the end tho
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