Cumming in black wedges

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Cumming in black wedges

Post by saymyname » Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:15 am

Ok so this is my first time ever posting in these forums after lurking for more than a year. I have a story to share about a time i ran a real risk cumming some heels. I was like 15 when this happened; i was taking a trip with my family to Mexico during the summer break. Every time we took a trip over there, we would leave our car behind here in the US right before crossing over at an aunt of mines house for the fear that it might stand out too much leading to something bad. Some of our family members from the other side of the border would then pick us up and our luggage and then carry us over to the other side with them. As i was moving the luggage into the back of the truck, i noticed a pair of black suede wedges with ankle straps with 4 inch heels; size 6. They were one of my uncle's girlfriend's pairs. They were in a 2006 Chevy Equinox with the tiny open storage cubbys in the cargo area; they were settled in one of those cubbys, for those who are familiar with those trucks. As i was inside the vehicle, i couldnt keep my mind off of them. At that time i just wanted to see the insoles though. In Mexico, we had stopped at a supermarket. I was sitting in the middle row and the rest of the people who were in my row left. The pair was right behind me so i then thought that then and there was my chance. I took one of my hands and i put spit on them and reached over to the pair and thats when everything changed, the insoles were so mouthwateringly worn. I froze for a millisecond and then proceeded to dip my fingers in them and i took a taste of my fingers; a bit salty, but it was so sexy in my opinion. It was an hour to the ranch and i was so horny the whole way just thinking about them, now i wanted to fuck them. Later on at night, i went to a taco stand with my dad and my uncle. As we were waiting in the car for our orders to be ready, i took the risk and i grabbed one wedge slowly and transfered it with me. I took many licks from the inside and it felt sooo damn good. It tasted good too. I kept licking in the arch and heel area. I only did those areas since my tongue cuoldnt really access the toe box area since it was out of my reach. I then i had an idea. I had at that point a bag with a bag of chips inside of it. I stuck one shoe in there and we got off the car, i smuggled it into the house. No one noticed, so it worked. I quickly ran off to the bathroom and started fucking it. I came in under 2 minutes and it was so much cum in it and it felt incredibly sexy. I shot more than 6 spurts of cum until i stopped. I cleaned it and then took it back to my room and hid it under my bed. Later on at midnight when everybody else went to sleep, i was still awake. But there was a problem. The shoe was in a bag, and hard to reach under the bed and there was also another person sleeping in that same room with me on a separate bed. Theyre not exactly the heavy sleeper either. I slowly started the process of getting it. It took close to 30 minutes to get it, but once i got it, it was well worth the time. This time i jerked on my bed uder the sheets. I jerked and jerked until i came again!! It was so sexy i thought and a relief as well. I cleaned the shoe up the first go around, but this time i had no way of knowing how much i came in it. It was pitch dark and it was too much of a risk to even go to the bathroom, so i blindly spread it around inside, put it in the bag, and back under the bed. At dawn time, i woke up and it was perfect because i almost never wake up at that time. I HAD to put the shoe back in the truck or else i risked rising any suspicion. So i came up with the idea of secretely sneaking out and putting it in. Some were still asleep but one was up; the person from my room. I grabbed the shoe, looked for the keys and headed out one of the doors. I avoided the many windows around the house and eventually got to the truck. I opened it and put it back in there and closed the door slowly and walked back in the house like nothing ever happened. I have yet to see that pair of shoes and i doubt ill ever will, but it was all a great rush and i dont reget anything. :D
I couldve taken photos but i had no phone so sorry everyone.
Hope yall enjoyed!!

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Re: Cumming in black wedges

Post by indiedumbo » Thu Mar 08, 2018 1:58 pm

Awesome story!! Thanks for sharing...

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