Footsie with Strangers [REVIVAL!]

Girls playing footsie in shoes and boots, under the table, in bed and anywhere else. Situations where their shoes come in contact with each other. Flirting at the dinner table, wrestling, stepping on each other's shoes during a catfight or any other reason.

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Re: Footsie with Strangers [REVIVAL!]

Post by Webcam87 » Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:18 pm

LickinGood wrote:
Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:29 pm
Webcam87 wrote:
Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:12 pm
I'm sure you are all wondering about the lack of updates, other than being really busy I was just about caught by my wife. She found some pics on my phone that I recklessly didn't transfer over yet. I tried to smooth things over best I could (lucky it was only one picture). She has her suspicions but I may be off the hook for now. Also now she is very observant, in fact, I was about to play a good round of footsie today with a girl in VANS right before she walked up and almost caught me. So I still have plenty more updates and plenty more pictures. However, I have been taking less than usual as I can't forget to get them off my phone right away. My plan of action is to get maybe a used ipod or something similar to my phone to take candids this way all of the pictures aren't on my phone. I plan on selling some of the shoes I have in a secret collection as well as some of my wife's to pay for the camera. Most of my collection is flats. My wife wears flats too sometimes but hardly so I'm sure I could get away with selling some of hers without her knowing, same goes for her heels.
I'll try to keep you guys posted, and if you guys have any ideas as to what I could use in place of my phone let me know, also if you guys have any old iPod touch's or anything like that, that you would like to donate for more content here it would be much appreciated. I did have a pretty nice set up with a webcam hidden in a lunch bag but it started to fall apart.

Sorry for the delay guys, an update will be coming soon!
Can always put the photos in a certain storage, and even put in some accidental "shots." Also any chance of knowing when and what would be on or for sale?!
Yeah I was thinking of doing that, but I'm sure it'll still look obvious and she will know for sure they arent accidental. everything is on sale now, I'll post the link here ... 29&t=69201

also for some strange reason the pictures I sent to another member with a pair he wanted to buy (but never did) have replaced the pictures of my cousin's flats. Not sure how that happened... but I'll repost pics of my cousins flats. The other member wanted to buy those cato flats I found in the parking lot for his wife to wear the only request was that I cum in them 1st. also I'm reducing all those prices to $8 each. I also have some more flats/sneakers/heels I'll be selling and I'll post those once I get a chance here ... 28&t=63007

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