Shoe/footjob threesome, sort of

A shoejob, or heeljob, similar to a handjob, requires the involvement of a female. There are various ways a woman can be involved, whether she is wearing shoes while they are being cum on, she is jerking someone off into her shoes, licking cum off her shoes, etc. Shoe masturbation, shoe cumming or shoe fucking requiring no female involvement belongs in the Shoe Cumming Forum below.

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Shoe/footjob threesome, sort of

Post by droid1959 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:02 am

I attended a birthday party this past Friday with my fiance. At this party my ex also attended, and also a gal I briefly dated years after my ex and I split. At one point during the evening standing around talking my dirt little mind started to wander, and some memories kicked in.

My ex treated me many times in heels and pantyhose, including a little shoe play and foot fucking in pantyhose.

The gal I dated for a while, the first time my hard cock touched her, was when she was rubbing my crotch with her feet and while feeling my hard on she said, "shall I put on my nylons for you?" YES of course, and she slipped on the beige nylon knee highs she had over her sexy slim feet and I ended up fucking her feet.

My fiance', I told her straight up about my foot, nylons, heels fetish and she teases/pleases me regularly with shoejobs and footjobs. In fact she said she loves having me fuck her feet to cumming, she loves watching me thrusting between her feet and shooting my cum on her.

So, my minds twisted way I was enjoying a footjob/shoejob threesome while standing there talking to the group of men and women.

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