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Re: Taboo Fiction

Post by escom002 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:32 am

Please include the Asics hunter 3 in the story. :mrgreen:
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Re: Taboo Fiction

Post by Sudsey » Tue Feb 12, 2019 10:20 pm

escom002 wrote:
Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:32 am
Please include the Asics hunter 3 in the story. :mrgreen:
So... I did some googling to see what I thought of those... and I don’t know what it is but they are not doing it for me, sorry 😐

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Re: Taboo Fiction

Post by Sudsey » Wed Feb 13, 2019 6:26 am

Ok... been a while cumming... hope you guys enjoy it 😊

Chapter 25

Becky met Aryana and Stacy at Aryanas house early the next morning. She was wearing a sweet little red dress and her metallic gold stripe Superstars again, Sarah having put them in the drier before taking Becky home the previous night. She had gotten home and had immediately started packing her shoes for the next day, packing most of her sneakers as Sarah had requested. Then, as she was getting ready to leave, she had shrugged and threw the rest into her case.

As she was leaving she had walked into the open plan kitchen and found her mother asleep in the living room, an empty bottle of wine beside her. She’d pulled out a notepad and jotted a note - “sleeping over at Aryanas, Becky,” then she had turned to walk out of the house and stopped herself. “Dare she?” She had wondered at the time. She had dared.

After some early morning shoe fucking, the three girls had left for school, Aryana in a pink top, skirt and her black high tops, and Stacy in a pale yellow dress and her black low tops. She had wanted to wear her yellow One Stars but thought it would be easier to hide the cum on her black chucks.

The day dragged, the three girls staring at each other’s shoes in class and getting hornier and hornier, and all the time the prospect of Sarah’s plans loomed in their minds.

By lunch time they could wait no more and they hurried out to the equipment shed on the boundary fence. Aryana had brought a blanket and laid it out behind the shed. She kicked off her high tops, then went and stood behind a tree to watch for anyone approaching, “fuck my shoes for me girls, but make it quick, I want my turn!”

Becky and Stacy kicked their shoes off and removed their panties. They both immediately grabbed one of Aryanas high tops and lay back on the blanket, legs apart. One moment Aryana glanced away to check no one was coming, then glanced back to see her chucks deep in the pussys of her friends while they both rubbed the textured toecaps of Becky’s Superstars on their clits, “oh my god that’s so hot,” she murmured, then bit her lip. She glanced towards school, then darted over to her friends, pulled her panties down and thrust one of Stacy’s low tops inside herself, “Oh yeah that’s what I’ve been waiting for,” she grinned, holding it there then returned to her post. She squirmed as she watched, stealing glances back at her friends, but no one came near, and by the time it was her turn, milky white liquid was dripping from the heel of Stacy’s Converse.

Stacy took next watch, leaving Aryana's hightop dripping wet in her pussy while Aryana lay back fucking her black low top. Beside her, Becky continued to fuck herself with Aryana's high top which was slick and wet with her cum.

On Becky’s watch, Aryana fucked Stacy with her high top while Stacy reciprocated with her low top. Milky white fluid, meanwhile, ran from the chuck in Becky’s pussy down her thigh in a trickle.

“Hmm,” Aryana panted, “your other chuck is still dry,” she grinned as she began to fuck herself with it, and the cycle began again, each girl taking turns with Stacy’s low top.

By the time they went back to class their sneakers were soaked in cum and they squelched as they walked. Their horniness was not sated, only more aroused and they couldn’t wait for the time go home and see what Aryana's mother had in store for them.

“Ah you are finally home,” Sarah called as they walked through the door at the end of the day, “come out the back.”

The three girls giggled, pushed and shoved each other as they spilled around the corner to the back yard to find Sarah and Cassie standing by the hot tub. Both ladies were naked except for shoes - Sarah was in a pair of black patent peep toes with a small platform and 5 inch heel, while Cassie was wearing a delectable pair of wedge heeled sandals with a quarter inch platform, 5 inch heel and black patent straps.

“High girls,” Cassie grinned, “wait till you see what Sarah has planned!”

The three girls stripped down to their sneakers and approached the hot tub, gasping collectively at the sight. The hot tub was completely filled with bath slime, making it look like a giant purple slushy.

“Oh my god,” Aryana gasped, “That’s a lot of slime!”

“Uh-huh,” Sarah grinned, “and guess what? Your shoes are in there. All of them.”

“Oh god,” Aryana gasped, rubbing her clit.

“Ours too?” Stacy asked, also rubbing herself.

“Yes, yours and Becky’s too,” Sarah grinned.

“Oh my poor shoes,” Becky gasped, “wait you didn’t...”

“No,” Sarah smiled, “I kept these out,” she held out a pair black patent Louboutin So-Kate’s, “I have a special plan for your mothers expensive pumps. Now, shoes please,” she held out her hand. When the girls handed them to her, she threw them into the hot tub where they sat on top of the slime, “Ok, now for the game. In a moment you girls are going to play a game of messy shoe pairs. You will each take turns hunting for a pair of sneakers. If you find a pair, you get to fuck them, otherwise they go back in and it’s the next girls turn. They don’t have to be yours, they just have to be a pair. Last pair in the hot tub get destroyed,” she said with an evil grin, “and to make it more interesting, I downloaded an app that I will use to see if the pair you pull out at that moment gets cut up too.”

“Hey,” Cassie said frowning, “you never said anything about destruction,” she sighed theatrically, “oh well, may as well make it even more exciting,” she leaned down behind the hot tub and picked up her pink One Stars and her blue Asics Nimbus 19’s. She looked at them with a moment of doubt and then threw them into the tub, “Oh god they look so hot sitting there,” she sighed, “try not to get my shoes destroyed please girls,” she smiled. “Wait a minute,” Cassie said realising something, “back in a second,” she hurried off into the house, returning moments later with Sarah’s pink Kayano 24’s and her aqua blue Kayano 23’s, “it’s only fair some of yours are in there too,” she grinned, throwing them into the slime filled hot tub.

“Awesome,” Sarah grinned, hopping up onto the edge of the hot tub. She placed Becky’s mums shoes on the edge then lowered her feet into the slime, enjoying the look and feel as it engulfed her peep toes. She stood up in the tub and pushed the newly added sneakers down into the slime, particularly enjoying covering Cassie’s sneakers. She stirred the slime, ensuring all of the shoes were nicely mixed in, then sat back on the edge. She patted the sides, “come on, Cassie, you sit by me, you girls, in you get, but no searching yet!”

Cassie sat next to Sarah and slowly lowered her wedges into the slime, “Oh that feels so good,” she smiled, wiggling her bare toes, lifting her feet up then plunging them back.

The three girls were in a state of shock, but they shook it off and hopped in. They could already feel shoes around the feet and ankles, “our poor shoes,” Aryana grinned.

“Yep,” Sarah grinned back, “now, to see who goes first you need to find one of my pumps, but only one each! Go!”

Aryana reacted first, diving into the slime with both hands, searching around, her hands bumping into all sorts of sneakers beneath the slime. Stacy and Becky quickly joined in, all three girls groping in the mess until Stacy cried, “got one!” She held it aloft triumphantly and giggled as the slime pattered out of the white patent pump. Aryana was next, lifting out a red patent pump, and Becky held up the final pump, metallic silver pump.

“Very good,” Sarah grinned, “now look inside each shoe and you should see a number written on the insole in Sharpie. That’s the order you will go in.”

“Oh cool,” Aryana grinned, “I get first turn!” She handed the shoe to her mother.

“I go second,” Stacy smiled, doing the same.

“And me last,” Becky pouted, putting the metallic sliver pump into Cassie’s outstretched hand.

“Aww you poor things,” Sarah laughed, “don’t worry, you get to fuck yourselves with Becky’s mums pretty Louboutins while you wait for your turn,” she held them aloft, then theatrically dropped them in the slime, “oops,” she giggled, pushing them under, then handing them to Becky and Stacy, “there, nicely lubricated,” she grinned, “go on, get them in you!”

“Oh my god,” Becky moaned, sitting back on the edge of the tub, “my mum would be so mad,” she slid the pointy toe along her opening, then pushed it inside up to the vamp, “Oh god that feels amazing.” She watched the slime slide back and forth inside the pump as she fucked herself with it, “my mums poor shoe,” she giggled, scooping some more slime and filling the pump.

“Oh wow,” Stacy whispered, pushing the shiny black pump under the slime, filling it, “such an expensive shoe,” she used her hand to smooth the slush like slime so that it was level with the edges of the pump, then slid it inside herself, “Oh that feels incredible,” she sighed, sliding in and out, “your mum will kill you if she finds out.”

“Oh yeah she would,” Becky grinned, then shuddered through her first orgasm of the night, fluid squirting around her mother’s shoe.

“Oops,” Sarah grinned, “it’s more messy now, you bad girl,” she laughed, then turned to Aryana, “Ok baby, get searching. You have to grab the first sneaker you touch. When you have it, tell me and I will use my app. If you hear the sound, and you correctly find it’s partner, then I get to cut them up. If not, then you put them back and it’s the next players turn. Ready? Go!”

Aryana grinned, then plunged her hand into the slime, touching and grabbing a sneaker straight away. She could tell by the feel of it that it was a chuck, but whose she couldn’t tell, “got one,” she told her mum.

Sarah pressed the button and watched the numbers spin. Nothing. “Not this time,” she said, “lets see what you found - you might be able to fuck this pair.”

Aryana pulled her hand out of the slime revealing her pink high top covered in goop, “Oh that looks so yummy,” she murmured, rubbing herself.

“Ok baby, find it’s partner,” Sarah urged.

Aryana reached in with one hand, swirling around, feeling for another high top. There were plenty in there, she knew, she just had to find the correct one. “Aha,” she said, gripping a sneaker and holding it aloft, “Aww,” She grumped, then laughed, “not a pair, but your turquoise chuck looks awesome Stace.”

“Ok, put them back in,” Sarah smiled, “your turn Stacy. Give Aryana that pretty Louboutin while she waits.”

Stacy handed the pump to Aryana who immediately began to fuck herself with it, then jumped in with excitement, grabbing the first sneaker that came to hand - a low top chuck by the feel, “got it,” she announced and was disappointed with silence from the app. She brought the sneaker up, enjoying the way the slime cascaded from Aryanas monochrome white chucks 2, “Oh last time I saw this sneaker it was inside both our mums,” she grinned, “I want it in me now.” She started searching, feeling sneakers beneath the slime, checking for interior padding, finally settling on one, “hope this is it,” she lifted the shoe, “Oh poo,” she pouted, “but it is very pretty. Yours Becky?” She held up the pink Chucks 70 low top, tipping slime out of it.

“Oh yeah,” Becky came on her mothers pump again, “my poor chuck!”

“Yeah, your poor shoe,” Stacy grinned, plunging both sneakers under, “your turn now,” she took the black Louboutin from her friend as they exchanged places.

“Ok, here goes,” Becky said, grabbing a sneaker almost straight away, “got one.” He heart leapt as the app made a strident blaring.

“Ooh what have you got, Becky?” It was Sarah who asked but everyone stopped for a moment to see.

“A Superstar,” Becky smiled, lifting the sneaker, loving the way the purple slush slid off the white leather of her metallic gold stripe Superstar. She gasped, hoping she can find it’s partner, and quickly began searching. She found another Superstar, but it was the same side as this one. She needed a left sneaker, and ooh, her was one. She closed her eyes and lifted, hoping to see the tell tale glint of gold. She opened her eyes to see her all pink suede Superstar, “Oh my pink shoes,” she gasped, “they are suede, are they ruined?”

“Maybe,” Sarah smiled, “wouldn’t that be naughty?”

“Oh god yes it would,” Becky said, pushing her sneakers back under, then returning to the side.

The girls continued taking turns, slowly revealing sneaker after sneaker, until Stacy was finally triumphant, discovering both of Becky’s pink Chucks 70’s, “woohoo,” she grinned, heading straight back and wasting no time at all in fucking herself with them. She filled one with slime and played with it while she slid the other in and out of her pussy, “these feel great Beck,” she grinned, “and the look awesome all covered in slime!”

Several more turns went by before Aryana pulled out her pink high tops, “Ooh mine,” she smiled, filling them both and heading back to the side, “Can I change the rules? I think if we find our own shoes we should be able to fuck our friends with them.”

“That’s a great idea,” Sarah smiled, “the rules are hereby changed,” she proclaimed, “now get your chucks into Becky while Stacy takes her turn.”

“Oh goody,” Aryana grinned, handing one of her slime filled chucks to Becky before pushing the toecap of the other inside her.

Becky moaned in pleasure, dropping her mother’s pump into the slime filled hot tub, then plunging Aryans other chuck into her mouth, emptying it over herself in the process.

Four rounds later and two more pairs had been discovered - Stacey’s black stripe Superstars and Aryanas white Chucks 2’s. It was Aryanas turn and she had just called out that she had found a sneaker - a Reebok Freestyle high top by the feel of it - when the app declared it was possibly cutting time.

“Ooh,” Aryana grinned, lifting the sneaker to reveal Becky’s left, pink suede Reebok, “pretty sneaker Beck, I hope you are ready for them to be cut up.” She searched through the hot tub, finding another left sneaker, then finally, found a right hand sneaker. “Wonder if this is it,” she grabbed it, bring it up and out of the slime.

“Oh my god,” Becky cried, “my shoes!”

“Yes,” Sarah grinned, “your poor shoes,” she held her hand out to her daughter who passed Becky’s pink suede sneakers to her. She sat them on her thighs, toes away from her, “It would be really naughty to cut them up, wouldn’t it?” She reach behind her, producing her scissors.

“Oh yes,” Becky agreed, “really, really bad.” The game had paused at this point while everyone watched, and Becky found Aryana in front of her, sliding a pink chuck up her inner thigh and into her pussy, “oh god yes,” she breathed, “fuck me while your mum is bad with my shoes.”

Cassie watched on, awestruck that her friend was about to cut up a previously pristine pair of sneakers. She had taken one of Sarah’s pumps, the silver metallic shoe, and had been fucking herself with it ever since the game began. Now her pace quickened and she found herself eager to witness the destruction.

“Whatever would your mum say,” Sarah smiled, cutting a pink lace from the left shoe, “If she saw what I was doing to your beautiful sneakers,” she cut the lace from the other side of the Freestyle, “such pretty pink laces,” she snipped them from the other sneaker, dropping them beside herself on the edge of the hot tub.

“Oh god, my poor shoes,” Becky moaned, cumming freely on Aryanas chuck.

“Yes, your poor shoes,” Sarah smiled serenely, turning the left shoe to face her, “hmm, I think I will make you some pretty pink bracelets to remember this by, she positioned the scissors at the join where the collar met the shoe and started cutting, following the seam around the sneaker, cutting the entire collar free, “here,” she grinned, handing Becky her new bracelet, then started cutting the collar from the other shoe.

“Oh my poor shoe,” Becky grunted through an orgasm as she fastened the collar to her wrist with the ankle straps.

“Oh god I love cutting shoes,” Sarah sighed. She reached between her thighs and used her white pump, cumming rapidly, before cutting the collar free and handing it to Becky, “it feels so good to be so bad,” she cut down through the remaining laces in the left shoe, pulling them free, dropping them on the side of the hot tub.

“Oh my god Beck,” Aryana grinned, sliding her chuck in and out of her friends pussy, “your poor shoes! I am so jealous of your new bracelets though.”

“I know, they are beautiful,” Becky shuddered, squirting over Aryanas sneaker and hand as she watched Sarah removing the tongues from her ruined Freestyles, “Oh my mum would be so mad.”

“I could make you some bracelets too, baby,” Sarah grinned, now turning her attention to the diamond pattern of airholes in the toe of Becky’s sneaker, cutting a rough diamond pattern of pale pink suede from the shoes, “earrings maybe?” She grinned, cutting and cutting, removing pieces of pink suede and leaving them on the hot tub. Soon, only the soles remained, “Ok,” Sarah sighed, cumming on her white pump, “your poor sneakers are no more. Now let’s continue the game so I can cut some more of your shoes.”

Cassie had watched in amazement as Sarah sensuously destroyed those pretty sneakers, and found herself cumming freely on the metallic silver pump in her pussy. She could not believe the feelings she had just experienced and could not wait to experience more of them. She glanced at the pile of sneaker pieces next to her and came again.

Stacy, like her mother, was in raptures at the destruction of her friends shoes. She wanted hers to be next.

Three more rounds of the game progressed, resulting in the girls finding three more pairs - Stacy’s yellow Old Skool Vans, Becky’s pink suede Superstars, and Aryanas black high top chucks. Sneakers now sat in the slime around the outside of the hot tub, embedded in the purple slime, toes up. Becky’s mother’s Louboutins lay discarded in the slime, the girls now fucking themselves and each other with their sneakers. Sarah and Cassie watched on, enjoying the sight, using Sarah’s pumps on themselves, just waiting and hoping for the next sneakers to be destroyed.

“Found one,” Stacy grinned, holding what she suspected was a Netburner beneath the surface. Her heart leapt as the apps strident alert sounded and she lifted the sneaker out of the slime, “Oh, it’s one of mine, mum,” she said, rubbing herself.

“I know baby,” Cassie grinned, “now find your other one so Sarah can cut them up.”

“I’ll try,” she grinned, rummaging in the sneaker slime soup. There were still a lot of shoes in there. She finally found one that felt like it might match. She held her breath, then lifted her other red and blue netball sneaker out of the slime, “yippee!” She grinned, handing them to Sarah, then sitting back to watch, sighing with satisfaction as Aryana joined her and slid her monochrome chucks 2 into her.

“Such pretty netball shoes, Stacy,” Sarah grinned, “I have wanted to cut them up the moment you wore them here and fucked my baby girl with them.” She glanced at Cassie who was eagerly watching and sliding her pump in and out. She lifted a red lace and snipped it off up to the left shoe, “Oh god I love this,” she sighed, cutting the lace from the other side of the shoe. Beside her, mother and daughter gasped with delight.

“Oh my god that feels so good mum,” Stacey moaned cumming on Aryanas white chuck as Sarah cut the laces on the other shoe.

“I know baby,” Cassie came on the silver pump, spraying around it, “so good.”

“Nothing better,” Sarah sighed, cutting the remaining laces from each sneaker, “than cutting up beautiful sneakers,” she pulled the tongues forwards, “ready?” She glanced at Cassie and Stacy who both nodded.

“Cut my baby’s shoe,” Cassie whispered, cumming stronger than ever as Sarah removed the tongue from the left shoe.

“Oh my poor Netburners,” Stacy whispered, her hips shuddering and bucking at every cut.

“Yes your poor Asics,” Sarah grinned, cutting straight down through the floral pattern, cutting it into one inch strips that she left attached to the sole, “god this feels better than I’d imagined,” she came on her white pump, all the while cutting, cutting. By the time she had finished the left sneaker, it opened up like a flower, “now for the right one,” she continued, cutting it in the same manner.

“More,” Stacy pleaded, “cut them up smaller,” she came again and again on Aryanas sneaker who watched on with joy in her eyes.

“Ok,” Sarah smiled, and began cutting the strips from the sole, then cutting them into inch squares. By the time she was finished she had a small pile of floral cloth squares, laces and soles. She put them aside, “now to continue the game. I have not cut up any of my baby’s sneakers yet,” she smiled, “or Cassie’s,” she added with a sly glance at her friend who came at the thought of it.

It was two more rounds before the app squawked again. By then two more pairs had been extracted - Stacey’s black Old Skool Vans and Aryanas black monochrome Vans. This time it was Aryana again, and she pulled up one of Stacy’s black low top chucks. To everyone’s dissatisfaction, she pulled out one of her own white low tops, and the game continued.

Stacey’s turquoise chucks came out next and were duly fucked, then Aryanas white high tops and next, a pair of white Supergas belonging to Becky.

Sarah decided it was time for a stir then, bringing all of the sneakers closer to the middle, and the game went on. Aryanas white low tops came out next, then her black stripe Superstars. It was Stacy’s turn when the app blared again, and she lifted from the slime one of her mums blue Asics Nimbus, “Ooh, might be time for your pretty Asics to get cut, mum,” she grinned, searching, “Hmm, is this one of mine or one of yours?” She wondered out loud.

Cassie was gripped, her pretty shoes might be destroyed now, and she realised she wanted nothing more, “good luck,” she whispered, “make it one of mine please baby.”

“Ok, let’s see,” Stacy lifted the blue sneaker out of the slime to squeals of delight from all around, and handed them to Sarah who positioned them on her thighs like the other shoes she had cut up that night.

“Oh yes,” Cassie grinned, fucking herself faster, “cut up my shoes please Sarah, I want them in little pieces like my baby’s poor Netburners.”

“It would be my pleasure,” Sarah smiled, lifting one blue lace, cutting it off, followed by the next, “I really love these Asics,” she snipped the laces off the right sneaker, “I love the way the white shines through the blue cloth,” she cut the remaining laces from the right sneaker, then the left, “and I loved cumming on them,” she pulled the blue insoles out and cut them into strips, then squares roughly an inch in size, “but cutting them is the best,” she grinned as she cut the tongues out of Cassie’s shoes and then cut them into small squares.

“Oh god that’s so good,” Cassie moaned, cumming expansively, “why did I wait so long to let you do this?”

“Just think about how good it is,” Sarah smiled, cutting down the side of Cassie’s sneaker, either side of the Asics logo, down to the sole, then across to remove the logo intact. “Look at your poor shoes Cassie,” she giggled, cutting the logo from the other side of her sneaker. She repeated the steps on the other shoe, so that she had 4 blue Asics logos.

“Oh my poor shoes,” Cassie moaned, cumming on Sarah’s pump.

“Hehe yep,” Sarah laughed, trimming around the logos, tidying them up, then cutting the cloth toe covering from each sneaker, cutting each piece into small squares before discarding them. Finally she cut the heel cups from the soles, then cut those into little pieces. By the time she had finished she had 4 Asics logos, a pile of blue squares, two bare soles and everyone had cummed copiously.

“Oh my god that was good,” Cassie sighed, “I loved that so much.”

“Me too,” Sarah grinned, “now let’s find the next candidates. Maybe it will be your One Stars?”

“Oh god, my poor Converse,” Cassie groaned, cumming at the prospect.

It was Becky’s turn in the tub and she had already grabbed the first shoe she could find. She wasn’t sure what it was, but it wasn’t a chuck or a Superstar, “got one,” she smiled, then was amazed to hear the app sound again, straight away. “Oh wow,” she grinned, lifting the sneaker from the slime, excited to see it was one of Aryanas Netburners. “Oh, I have to find the other one,” she started digging around under the surface. Her hand found a Superstar, then a running shoe, “Hmm, nope,” she bit her lip, digging around again, “ahah I think I have it,” she lifted it, ecstatic to see it was the partner to Aryanas pink and yellow sneaker, “Yes!” She grinned, handing Aryanas shoes to Sarah.

“Oh my,” Sarah grinned, “finally a pair of my baby’s pretty sneakers for me to cut up!” She arranged them as before, bright yellow soles on her thighs, then snipped the pink laces from each shoe, “Asics are awesome to cut up,” she sighed, “so pretty,” she snipped the remaining laces out of each sneaker, “so expensive,” she cut straight down the middle of the tongue, all the way to the pink toe guard, “so naughty.”

Aryana sat with a big grin on her face, cumming freely on one of Stacy’s turquoise high tops, “Oh yeah,” she murmured, “I’ve wanted this for a long time.”

“I know baby,” Sarah grinned, cutting around the Asics logos on the side of her daughters sneaker, “I love being so bad with your shoes,” she cut the toe section free, complete with the bisected tongue, then cut it into little pieces of pink and yellow cloth. She did the same with the other sneaker, then cut the heel cups away, leaving them whole, “there, my baby’s first pair tonight, but they won’t be the last,” she grinned.

The game continued for three more rounds, this time three pairs were found - Aryanas monochrome white Vans, Becky’s monochrome white high top chucks 2’s, and also her maroon low top chucks. Stacy then pulled out Aryanas white Freestyle high tops and was heading to the side of the hot tub when Sarah called out, “I’ll take those please,” she said holding her hand out.

“But the app,” Stacy said, handing them to Sarah, “it didn’t go off?”

“No it didn’t,” Sarah smiled, “but my baby wanted some Freestyle bracelets like Becky’s, and I really want to cut more of her shoes, so,” she cut the laces from her daughters Reebok’s, “I am breaking the rules,” she started cutting the collar away from the white sneaker, then noticed Stacy’s pouting face, “what’s wrong?”

“I’ll be the only one without Freestyle bracelets,” she lamented theatrically, but she was still fucking herself with Aryanas black high top.

Sarah smiled, “Becky, would you like to find your lovely yellow suede Freestyles so I can make Stacy some bracelets too?”

Becky nodded enthusiastically and set about finding them. It took a little while, but eventually she found them, by which time Aryana was sporting her new bracelets and her Reebok’s were in pieces.

Sarah dismantled the yellow Reebok’s in short order, relishing cutting the soft yellow suede almost as much as Becky enjoyed the sheer badness of it. This time she took care to cut neatly around the Reebok pattern on the sides of the sneakers, “I am sure you could make something pretty with these,” she grinned. When she was finished, while Stacy admired her pale yellow bracelets, she decided it was time for another stir. She stood in the middle of the hot tub and mixed the shoes around in the slime, ensuring no errant sneaker had sunk to the bottom or made its way to the sides. There were distinctly less pairs in there now, but some really nice sneakers she hoped to be able to cut up. As she moved back to the side, she surveyed the carnage she had wrought - the pile of destroyed sneakers was rather large. She sat back, took one of Becky’s mothers Louboutins and slid it inside herself, “Ok, who’s turn is it?”

“Mine I think,” Aryana smiled, moving into the centre and finding a Superstar, this one turning out to be one of her pink stripes, and with the app not sounding, she managed to find its partner.

Stacy was next, and she found a running shoe. It felt like it might be an Asics, but she didn’t know what shoes Becky had brought, so she couldn’t be certain. What she did know was that she had two pairs of Asics in there and Aryana had one pair that she knew of. “Got one,” she smiled, but disappointingly there was no sound from the app. She lifted the sneaker to reveal a bright pink Kayano 25, “Oh wow, these are beautiful,” she enthused, searching for it’s partner. Instead of a bright pink partner, however, she found a pale blue sneaker, “two pairs of Kayano 25s!”

“Yes,” Sarah nodded, “the pink pair are Aryanas, the blue are Becky’s. Your turn Beck.”

The longest period between app sounds resulted in four rounds where five pairs were found - Beckys mint green low top chucks, her white stripe Superstars, Aryanas pale blue and her navy low top chucks, and Stacy’s pink Asics, all of which had joined the other found sneakers, either in pussy’s, mouths or sitting vertically in the slime around the outside of the hot tub with just the toes exposed.

Stacy now moved into the centre of the hot tub, plunged her hand in and found a sneaker. “Got one,” she smiled, feeling it and realising it was a Converse One Star, but her pale yellow sneakers or her mother’s pale pink? Her heart leapt as she heard the sound of the app, and she lifted the sneaker high out of the slime revealing pink suede, “Oh mum, your poor shoes,” she giggled.

“Oh no, not my Converse,” Cassie grinned, “find my other one baby!”

Stacy grinned and started searching, finding one, but she thought it might be a little small to be her mother’s. She moved on, finding what she thought might be the partner to the shoe she currently clutched to her chest. She turned her back to her friends and mother and lifted the sneaker to see if she was correct.

“Come on, no fair,” Aryana said, “I wanna see!”

Stacy giggled, “such pretty shoes, but is it a pair?” She laughed.

“Stacy, you turn round right now so we can see if my shoes get to be cut up,” Cassie growled in mock anger.

Stacy laughed again, “poor mummy,” she turned, revealing two pink suede sneakers, “she’s going to lose her pretty shoes!”

“Oh god yes,” Cassie grinned, “well done baby!” She looked around and saw the toe of a black patent Louboutin protruding from the slime. She pulled the metallic silver pump from her pussy and slid the Louboutin in its place, “something special about fucking with really expensive shoes,” she said, “and destroying my One Stars deserves that feeling.”

“Indeed it does,” Sarah smiled, taking the pink sneakers from Stacy and sitting them on her lap. “Remember just at the beginning of the week when you didn’t want me cumming on these in case I ruined them?” She grinned.

“I know,” Cassie laughed, “I was being silly, now stop teasing and start cutting!”

“Is someone impatient to see her pretty shoes destroyed?” Sarah arranged the laces so they were straight out, then glanced around to see everyone was eager to see her begin. “Laces first,” she smiled, cutting each one up to the sneaker,” there was a collective gasp around the group.

“So this is what it feels like to cut your favourite shoes,” Cassie’s hips bucked and she came on Becky’s mums Louboutin, “Oh god it feels so good.”

“Yes it does,” Sarah came too, then reached behind herself and brought out a box cutter, “those pretty little Stars now,” there was a delightful tearing/cutting sound as the sharp blade was pushed through the white canvas lining which made up the backing of the star shaped hole on each side of the sneakers. As she cut the canvas out of the holes on each shoe she could see Cassie going through multiple orgasms.

“O-oh god,” Cassie stuttered, “that sound. My poor shoes.”

“Oh yeah, your poor shoes,” Sarah agreed, pushing her finger through the hole and wiggling it, laughing. She held the sneaker up, “wonder if I can see through...” she peered through the star hole, “no, the tongue is in the way. Well that’s easily fixed,” she grinned, picking up her scissors again and cutting the remaining laces out of the shoe. Then she pulled the tongue forward, selected her box cutter, and started to cut through the pink suede along the lace hole re-enforcing seam on the side, neatly cutting down to the white rubber sidewall, then tracing it along the front of the Converse and back up. She removed the entire toe section, including the tongue and cut it into little pink squares before holding Cassie’s sneaker up and peering through the holes again, “that’s better,” she grinned, then repeated the process on the other shoe.

“My poor shoe,” Cassie repeated, her pussy throbbing with each cut, the pump in her pussy sloshing with cum, “you are so naughty.”

Aryana, Stacy and Becky were in a similar situation, the chucks in their pussys were saturated with their cum, but they continued to slurp in and out of their pussys with each cut.

Sarah now cut the lace re-enforcing strips away, followed by the padded collar, cutting them both into smaller pieces, then she cut down through the diagonal line of airholes on each side before removing the triangle of pink suede her cut formed. She spotted a diagonal sewn seam just behind the star hole, and cut along that before removing the panel containing the hole. She decided to keep those panels whole and set them aside on top of the Asics logos. Finally she cut the heel cups from the soles, then cut those into smaller pieces.

“My poor shoes,” Cassie murmured happily, “all gone,” she glanced to Sarah and saw she fucked herself roughly with Becky’s mothers expensive shoe, making herself cum explosively multiple times, “wow I think you enjoyed that,” she smiled.

“Oh god yeah I did,” Sarah smiled back, “Ok who is next?”

“Me,” Becky smiled, pulling one of Stacy’s black low tops from her pussy. She jumped back in and found her baby blue Kayano 25, then quickly found its partner, disappointed the alarm did not sound.

Three rounds later and Stacy’s baby blue chucks emerged, filled with slime, as did Aryanas yellow high tops and her monochrome black (with gum soles) Old Skool Vans.

“Oh,” Stacy realised, “only my One Stars and my new Asics left of mine.”

“Yes,” Sarah agreed, “we are nearly at the end of our game, but Aryana and Becky still have some left, and both of mine are still in there.”

Aryana moved into the centre of the tub and laid her hands on a sneaker. This one was unusual, she thought, tracing the lines, realising it was a Nike. Must be one of Becky’s she knew, as no one else here owned Nike’s, “got one,” she smiled, lifting the sneaker as the alarm sounded, revealing an orange and black lunar glide 6 just as the app sounded.

“Oh, my Nikes,” Becky stated simply, Stacy’s chuck pumping in her pussy.

“These should be easy to find,” Aryana grinned, and sure enough, found its partner relatively quickly. She produced it with a flourish and handed the pair to her mother.

“I took a look at these earlier, before I put them in,” Sarah smiled, “so many places to cut!” She turned the sneakers over, “soles first,” she pointed to the concentric pattern beneath the ball of the foot area and pushed her box cutter through the orange line around the centre section. There was a delightful noise as the blade cut through the material beneath the insole, “oh what am I thinking,” she laughed, pulling the orange insoles out and cutting them into little squares, “now the soles,” she pushed the blade through again, this time sawing through rubber and foam, the noise unbearably good.

“Oh god that sounds so naughty,” Becky moaned, the chuck sliding in and out with a squirt punctuating each thrust, “my poor Nike’s, my mum would be so mad with me.”

“She would,” Sarah nodded, pulling the centre section out of the sole, then cutting the next section out, “so many of your pretty sneakers destroyed Beck. I’ve been so, so naughty,” she pulled the ring of rubber and foam from the shoe, “and I’m not finished yet,” she cut along the final orange line, pulling the final ring out, “there, sole is finished,” she showed everyone the gaping hole, then scooped up some slime inside the shoe, watching it cascade out of it, shuddering with delight.

“My poor shoes,” Becky moaned cumming again, while beside her, Aryana and Stacy turned to fucking each other with their chucks, Aryana kissing Stacy passionately, both girls shuddering through orgasms at the sound of the knife cutting through the sole of the second sneaker.

“Mmm, two soles, two holes,” Sarah grinned, “but still so much to cut,” she pointed the knife at each of the translucent sections in the uppers, “each of these needs to come out,” she started to cut, that sound of fabric parting ahead of the knife driving everyone wild. Cut, cut, cut, little pieces of bright orange mesh falling from all over the sneaker, “I don’t think I am going to completely destroy these,” she smiled, “I like seeing them like this. A cage for your feet,” she grinned, continuing to cut, “but the laces need to be cut of course,” she cut them out of the sneakers, then cut the green lace hoops off, “and the tongues too,” she cut them out and then cut them into little pieces. “Hmm, finally these orange pieces here,” she cut the semi-circle of orange heel cup framed in black from both sneakers, leaving them whole. “There,” she held the ruined sneakers up, “what do you think?”

“P-perfect,” Becky came again and again, “my poor Nike’s.”

“Hehe yep, your poor Nike’s,” Sarah giggled, “but it’s time for another turn,” she looked at Aryana and Stacy who were busy pleasuring each other, “Oh, girls, it’s Stacy’s turn,” she smiled.

“Oh sorry,” Aryana grinned, “we got carried away.”

“No need to be sorry baby,” her mother said, “you and Stacy were magnificent.”
“Thanks,” Stacy blushed, moving into the hot tub and selecting the next shoe, “got it,” she said, slightly out of breath. The alert did not sound, but she had found Becky’s pink Old Skool Vans.

Three more pairs were found - all of them Becky’s. Her pink suede FILA Disrupters were first, followed by a pair of silver Supergas and finally a red pair of Vans Authentics.

Stacy was in the middle of the hot tub, her hand on what felt like an Asics running shoe, “got one,” she said, hoping for the app to sound. It didn’t. She lifted the sneaker from beneath the slime to see that it was one of Sarah’s Aqua blue Kayano 23s, “Ooh, one of yours,” she smiled, then groped around in the slime, her hand reaching this way and that. Eventually she found what she thought might be its partner. She gripped it and lifted the shoe up, enjoying how the purple slush cascaded off the blue cloth uppers, “damn, it is one but no sound,” she pouted.

“Oh sod the app,” Cassie said, “I am cutting Sarah’s pretty Asics up. It’s only fair,” she added with a grin, taking the shoes from her daughter.

“Of course,” Sarah grinned, handing Cassie the scissors and knife, “it’s only fair.”

“I’ve never done this before,” Cassie grinned, “so, you normally do laces first,” she snipped the first lace off, “oh it feels so good doing the cutting!”

“Yep it does,” Sarah smiled, sliding the Louboutin in and out, “it’s good to watch too.”

“Yeah,” Cassie smiled, cutting the other laces, “watching is good too,” she continued with the laces, a little squeak, a little squirt with each row of laces cut, “god this feels so good,” she sighed, pulling one, then the other turquoise insole out and cutting them into little pieces, “such pretty sneakers,” she moaned, gripping the pump between her legs and fucking herself until she came. “Oh god,” she panted as she pulled each turquoise tongue forwards, “feels so good,” she cut them out and diced them, “your poor shoes Sarah,” she grinned.

“Yes, you bad girl,” Sarah sighed happily, “look what you are doing to my poor shoes.”

Cassie giggled, then cut around the lace re-enforcing on both shoes, removing a ‘u’ shape whole before cutting into little pieces. “Hmm those turquoise dots over the toes now,” she cut a square of cloth out from the toe area that included just the blue dots, then cut those pieces up. Then she cut through the pink dots from the toes around to the logos on the sides. She stopped, gripped the black patent pump and fucked herself again before continuing to cut those parts into little pieces.

“Nice work Cassie,” Sarah smiled, “now finish them off for me.”

Cassie grinned, then cut the collars from both shoes, being careful to cut around the Asics logos on each side. “I don’t think you can wear these any more,” Cassie giggled, cutting the logos from the sides of the sneakers, leaving just the heel cups. She removed them with the knife, the picked the soles up, looking at them, “Oh I have to cut these into little pieces,” she enthused, “they are so pretty.” She took the box cutter and cut through the turquoise and white foam between each coloured rubber segment until all that was left was a pile of parts. “Oh god I enjoyed that,” she sighed, fucking herself roughly with the pump, “can’t wait to do your pink ones.”

“Me neither,” Sarah smiled, “that was awesome. Now, Becky, you are next.”

“Ok,” Becky grinned, and moved into the hot tub. “Not many left now,” she pouted, holding another Asics running shoe, then grinning as the alarm sounded, “Oh, it’s your white and yellow Asics Stace,” she held the white and yellow sneaker up, letting the slime pour out of the shoe.

“Uh-Oh,” Cassie frowned, “those are my baby’s new shoes.”

“I know,” Becky said starting to search. She found a couple of running shoes, but none felt quite right, then “aha!” She held aloft the sneaker she had found.

“Oh look at them, all slimy,” Stacy grinned, seeing the slime pour from the partner to her Gt2000 6.

“Well,” Cassie said with a smirk, “the rules are the rules,” Cassie handed Sarah the scissors and knife back, “you better cut up my baby’s new shoes,” she was dripping around the shoe in her pussy.

“Ok,” Sarah giggled, taking the sneakers from Becky, “Stacy’s poor Asics,” she lifted one pale yellow lace, “such pretty yellow laces,” she cut it into inch long pieces, up to the shoe, then started on the next lace.

“Oh my baby’s poor pretty shoes,” Cassie moaned, squirting with each cut.

“That’s so hot,” Aryana moved to between Stacy’s legs, taking control of her black high top which was one of Stacy’s favourite toys. She knelt in the slime in front of her friend, taking her sneaker and sliding it in and out of her friends pussy, “I’ll do this, you watch your pretty shoe get cut to pieces,” she leant in and placed a kiss on her friends clitoris, then began to lick in time with the thrusts of her sneaker.

“Oh god yes,” Stacy cried, “cut my new shoes!”

“Oh you two look so hot,” Sarah sighed, looking at her daughter and her friend. Without looking, she cut the yellow laces from Stacy’s other sneaker, then pulled the pale yellow insoles out and sliced them into small squares. She had wedged the heel of the Louboutin on the edge of the hot tub and was able to squirm on it as she cut Stacy’s sneakers, her eyes darting between the two girls and the shoes and back again.

“Oh god yes,” Stacy shuddered through an orgasm as Aryana licked her clit. She had never felt so good, the combination of her friend licking her out, her favourite black chuck in her pussy and her friends mother destroying her new Asics driving her through multiple orgasms.

Sarah pulled the yellow tongues forwards, then cut them out and cut them into 1 inch squares. She spotted a white line that ran from the Asics logos to the toes and back again, so she cut through the pale yellow collars, along the white line and back, removing the top half of the sneaker. She cut it into little pieces and then did the same to the other shoe. The logo panels were next - she cut them out, keeping them whole, and then finally removed the yellow heel cups, cutting them up into tiny squares. “There,” Sarah sighed, cumming on the black pump in her pussy, “your new shoes are all gone.”

“Oh my poor baby,” Cassie shuddered through multiple orgasms, “my poor baby’s shoes.”

“M-my p-poor Asics,” Stacy stuttered as Aryana continued to fuck her, “Oh god I love this.”

“I can tell,” Aryana giggled, the lower half of her face wet with her friends cum. She pulled her high top from Stacy’s pussy and poured cum from it.

“Oh my, what a lot of cum Stacy,” Sarah grinned, “you must really enjoy your shoes being destroyed.”

“Oh god yes,” Stacy nodded, “it’s amazing.”

“Ok Aryana,” Sarah told her daughter, “your turn now, and it seems to me like we have not cut up many of yours?”

“No mum,” Aryana smiled, wiping cum from her chin and moving into the centre, “but that’s ok - I have been having so much fun.”

“I noticed,” Sarah grinned, “Ok, find the next pair then baby.”

Aryana discovered her own pale pink low top chucks, then Stacy found Becky’s black high tops and Becky liberated Aryana’s bright pink Kayano 25’s.

It was difficult to find sneakers quickly now, but Becky finally laid her hand on another Asics, lifting it to silence from the app, revealing Sarah’s light pink Kayano, soaked and dripping with slime.

“Oh goody,” Cassie grinned, “it’s about time I get to cut up your Asics.”

“Yes it is,” agreed Sarah, handing the scissors and knife to her friend, “but Aryana has to find the other one first.”

“Easy,” grinned Aryana, “there’s only a handful of shoes left now.” She felt around in the slime, searching, searching, and while she was correct, there were not many left, making it an easy match, actually finding the shoes was getting harder. Eventually her hand brushed against slimy cloth and she felt the tell-tale signs of a running shoe - the chunky, rugged sole and midsole. She lifted her mums sneaker from the goop, letting it run out of the sneaker before handing the pair to Cassie with a flourish, “ta-da,” she giggled, then settled back to watch.

“My turn to please you,” Stacy smiled, grabbing her turquoise high top and sliding the toe cap into Aryana’s pussy.

“Oh yeah,” Aryana sighed in pleasure as her friend began to lick at her opening, “so, so good.”

“My turn next?” Becky asked, watching her friends enviously.

“Oh yeah Beck,” Aryana whispered, “we will fuck you next.”

“Oh god I love this,” Cassie smiled, cutting the laces out of Sarah’s sneakers, “I think you made a monster!” She pulled the pale pink insoles out and cut them into strips, then squares. She decided to cut the tongues differently this time, cutting the corners diagonally, an inch at a time until they were completely removed, “your poor shoes Sarah,” she giggled, cutting the lace reinforcement section out of each shoe.

Sarah smiled, loving the feeling of a Louboutin inside her, watching while her friend destroyed her sneakers, occasionally stealing a glance at her daughter being pleasured by her friend. She wasn’t sure if life could get much better than this.

Cassie switched to the knife, cutting the heel cups off the soles, then running the blade along the midsole, removing the rest of the uppers in one piece, which she then began to cut into tiny pieces of pink cloth. She was completely lost between her work and cumming, a stream of milky fluid running over the shoe in her pussy. When Sarah’s Asics were nothing but a pile of cloth, foam and rubber pieces she sat back, shuddering through an orgasm, “all gone,” she sighed, “but I wanted to cut more,” she pouted.

Sarah laughed, “I did create a monster, didn’t I?” She lifted her black peep toe clad foot into Cassie’s lap.

“Oh goody,” Cassie grinned, starting to cut through the black patent leather above the toe, snipping clean through and removing the shoe. She cut the shiny leather into squares, scattering them onto the pile of pink Kayano pieces, then deposited the sole on the pile. When Sarah slipped off the other pump, she cut that into little pieces too.

“Feel better now?” Sarah asked, laughing.

“No,” Cassie laughed, “but we should finish the game.”

The three girls took turns finding the final sneakers, two pairs of Aryanas low top chucks - a red pair and a grey pair, and Becky’s yellow low tops and her metallic gold stripe Superstars.

“Ok, I think I need to check to see how many pairs are left,” Sarah said after Stacey pulled out a bright orange pair of low tops. She jumped in and began searching in the purple slush-like slime, finding a single pair of sneakers. “Uh-Oh,” she grinned, pulling the final pair out, “your poor little One Stars are the last pair, Stacy!”

“Oh no,” Cassie moaned, “those are my favourites! I love fucking myself with those!”

“Don’t we all?” Sarah agreed, “they are so pretty,” she tipped slime out of the yellow suede sneakers.

“I have to say no,” Cassie sighed, “I really love those shoes. I am not ready to lose them yet.”

Stacy laughed, “they are my shoes mum.”

“I know,” Cassie grinned, “that’s one of the reasons I love having them in my pussy.”

“I have to agree,” Sarah said, sitting down with Stacy’s sneakers, “I really want to fuck your mum with these some more. Hmmm,” she thought a moment, “we won’t cut them up this time, but we do need to cut another pair of shoes,” she pulled the Louboutin from her pussy and slid one of Stacy’s yellow sneakers in its place, “Oh yeah they feel so good,” she handed one to Cassie who did the same, enjoying her daughters shoe.

“Oh yeah,” Cassie breathed, “Louboutins feel great but my baby’s Converse are better.”

“Yeah,” Sarah agreed, “now, I think we should finish off the game with Becky’s gold stripe Superstars,” She held out her hand for them.

“Oh my poor Superstars,” Becky grinned. She was using one of Aryana’s grey low tops in her pussy now, leaving it inside her as she grabbed the white rubber toe caps of her sneakers where they stuck beautifully out of the slime. As she pulled them out with a lovely sucking noise, the slushy purple slime cascaded out of them, some of it landing on the toes of her other sneakers, partially burying them again.

“Thank you Becky,” Sarah grinned, taking her sneakers and setting them on her lap, “I did promise I would cut these up,” she took the scissors and knife back from Cassie, “but where to start?”

“Laces,” everyone chimed in at once, with laughter filling the air.

“Of course,” Sarah laughed, cutting the soft white laces back to the white leather on each shoe, then selecting the knife, positioning it next to a metallic gold stripe, near the collar. She pushed the blade through the soft leather with a delightful sound of cutting leather and tearing inner lining, “Oh god that sounds amazing,” she grinned, cutting down to the sole.

“Oh my poor shoes,” Becky squirted around the grey chuck, then found Aryana and Stacy in front of her.

“I’ll do that,” Aryana smiled, taking the grey chuck from her and sliding it in and out of Becky’s pussy. She leaned in and started to lick her friends clitoris while Stacy took Aryana’s yellow high tops and ran the soles over Becky’s nipples, the slime acting as an efficient lubricant.

“Oh god yes,” Becky moaned, entranced by her friends and by watching her Superstars being slowly destroyed, “my mum would be so mad,” she sighed, watching Sarah push the knife through the leather again, cutting a strip of white leather from her sneaker between the stripes, “My poor shoes!”

“Hmmm, lets make your mum madder,” Aryana discarded her grey chuck and took one of Becky’s mothers Louboutins, sliding it in her in its place, “only right for you to fuck your mums very expensive shoe at the same time,” she grinned, then returned to licking her clit.

“Oh god yes,” Becky groaned, watching another strip of white leather being removed from her sneaker, “I love you guys,” she came as the knife cut into her shoe again.

“We love you too Beck,” Stacy continued rubbing the soles of the yellow chucks across her nipples. She had positioned herself so her own clit was on the toe of one of her friends pink suede Superstars where it stuck out of the slime and was gently girating on it, pushing it deeper in the process.

“God I love cutting Superstars,” Sarah ground against Stacy’s yellow Converse, pushing it deeper inside her, as she cut another strip of leather from Becky’s sneaker, “and this is my new favourite way of doing it,” she cut the triangle of leather from in front of the front stripe to the toe, where it was bordered by the lace reinforcement and the stitching. She shuddered, squirting on the sneaker in her pussy as she removed the same section on the other side of the shoe, “your poor Superstars, Becky,” she grinned, “how mad would your mother be if she saw what I was doing to them?”

“She would be so mad,” Becky panted, cumming profusely, “so, so mad.”

“Good,” Sarah grinned, “because making her mad makes you happy,” she cut through the leather to the rear of the last stripe now, cutting the triangle out which was demarcated by the stitching beneath the collar and next to the heel cup, “look,” she held the shoe up, “Superstar sandals,” she grinned again, then set about doing the same to the other sneaker, cumming with each piece of leather removed.

“My poor shoes,” Becky moaned again, “my poor pretty shoes.”

“Yes, your poor pretty shoes,” Sarah agreed, cutting the tongues out and then cutting them into little squares of white leather, “there,” she sighed, showing Becky her sneakers, “am I finished?”

Becky shook her head, “cut them into little pieces.”

“Ok,” Sarah laughed, then proceeded to do just that, cutting the rubber toecaps off first, then cutting along the lines on the shell toes. The leather lace reinforcement was next, cut off, then cut into squares. The stripes were removed in one piece, as were the shiny gold heel tabs, and finally the heel cups were removed and cut into small pieces. “There,” she said finally cumming again, “your poor pretty Superstars all gone.”

“N-not all,” Becky came again, “I have more Superstars.”

“You want me to cut up all of your Superstars don’t you?” When Becky nodded, Sarah laughed, “I think you’d like me to destroy all of your sneakers wouldn’t you, you bad girl.”

Becky smiled and nodded.

“Maybe I’ll do just that,” Sarah laughed, “later, but right now I am famished and I have dessert all lined up for us. You girls go clean up yourselves and your shoes, what’s left, in the bath,” she swung her legs out of the hot tub, “you come with me Cassie, we will clean up in my shower, oh and girls,” she turned back, “don’t get too carried away and forget us. I have a surprise for you when you are done.”

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Re: Taboo Fiction

Post by mymary54 » Wed Feb 13, 2019 2:15 pm

Awsome update once again! Your efforts and sharing them with all of us are greatly appreciated! Keep up the awsome storyline!

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Re: Taboo Fiction

Post by WAMSneak » Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:41 pm

Am I the only one who almost can't bear to read each new chapter when it arrives, cos I know it'll be over all too soon and I'll be hankering after another one again? :lol: I always go back and re-read the previous chapter, kind of like a 'previous episode' update on a weekly drama haha.

Outstanding as always Sudsey, so many hot pairs all gone at once! I hope you've already written the next one ready for finishing touches :-) I'm dying to see what's for dessert!

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Re: Taboo Fiction

Post by Sudsey » Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:59 pm

Hahaha thanks guys, glad you liked it. Have not even started the next chapter yet, but I have lots of ideas.

The destruction in this latest chapter wasn’t so detailed, but there was more of it so it kind of balanced out.

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Re: Taboo Fiction

Post by andprinter » Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:53 pm

chucko wrote:
Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:09 pm
Whoa, do you guys have links to those videos? They look great
Here's Ginary ... re/Videos/

Can't find the other vid on Pornhub, but really that picture is all the sneaker worth seeing in it.


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Re: Taboo Fiction

Post by Sudsey » Thu Feb 14, 2019 2:32 am

I use clips4sale for Ginary, but both work.

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Re: Taboo Fiction

Post by 001 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 4:48 am

Will Becky's mum walk in on them, and see her pretty expensive pumps sticking out of the girls or their mother's vaginas? Will she be cross? What will they do to temper her mood?

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Re: Taboo Fiction

Post by Sudsey » Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:03 am

Who can say? Certainly not me 😉

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