My feet and heels... and a little fun...

A shoejob, or heeljob, similar to a handjob, requires the involvement of a female. There are various ways a woman can be involved, whether she is wearing shoes while they are being cum on, she is jerking someone off into her shoes, licking cum off her shoes, etc. Shoe masturbation, shoe cumming or shoe fucking requiring no female involvement belongs in the Shoe Cumming Forum below.

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Miss Sara
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Re: My feet and heels... and a little fun...

Post by Miss Sara » Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:09 am

aldonis wrote:Your black tall boots are wonderfull !!! With your feet and red nails on them, this is over all I love... These picks of these boots make me very hard!!! Happy 2017, Miss Sara, and great thanks for your presence on this site!
Thank you and you're welcome :D Nice to hear that you like :)
ffffff wrote:Hi Sara,

so happy to see you again :-)
I like your boots and the feet which came out of them :-)
Very sexy feet and a very sexy ass :-)

I will lick your feet so long that you will not freeze anymore :-)
Maybe i can warm them up with something from inside me, white and very warm :-)
Hi, Thank you :D My toes would certainly be warm then :)
Shoenuf wrote:Happy New Year Miss Sara!! I love those wonderful boots. You are so beautiful in your tall knee boots!! I would love to clean your boots while I message and kiss your beautiful feet!! I love the little flowers on your boot soles!! They look so happy to be under your beautiful feet all the time!! I also love the picture inside your boots. I can almost feel the moisture and warmth and smell your Goddess scent!! Thank you Miss Sara!!
Thank you and you're welcome :D Hmm..sounds good :)
SirRye wrote:The Best view is the Goddess feet and the inside of the left and right toe area of the boots.. <3
Thank you :D <3
Lovershoes wrote:Hi Miss Sara !
Woooow youre feet are delicious :shock:
Give me them, I can make a sweet massage for youre tired and cold feet :roll:
Perhaps should you let me give you some lovely kisses on it ? :roll:

Lovely Sara, take care :roll:
Hi, Thank you :D I think this treatment also will help my cold feet :) <3
Toe Cleavage1 wrote:On their own the boots are just boots, but on a sexy woman who is wearing one of those warm long woolly tops they take on a totally different look. You have such a nice figure and you sit so feminine that the boots are actually quite sexy on you. I still prefer the stilettos :)
Thank you :D I know many guys love to see the stiletto heels, but here it is so cold that I had to wear something nicer and warmer boots. But of course, at work, I often change my pumps :)
fbthblover wrote:Just found this thread and I have to say, its amazing :D

I'm personally a bootlover and the pictures of you in all of your sexy boots are truly intoxicating Miss Sara, especially the pictures of your OTK boots with dominatrix look, could you please post more of those mistress :)

And have you ever had anybody worship your sexy boots and feet?
Thank you :D Why not some day :) My boyfriend a few years ago :)
Bond007 wrote:You are simply wonderful, Miss Sara!
If you had cold feet, it would be a pleasure to warm and massage them! Have a good start in 2017 and please keep up posting such lovely, appealing and seductive selfies, .... :oops:
Thank you :D That would be nice :)
Mark Heels wrote:Cute heels boots.
Thank you :D
jpierre777 wrote:Thank you Miss Sara!

Seeing the inside of those boots really made me hard! After i would give you a foot massage then i would suck your toes really warm maybe messing yoghurt all over... yum.

Your bum looks amazing in those jeans!
You're welcome and thank you :D I think I liked :)
italianboots wrote:You have such beautiful feet. .......imagine being the guy that gets to rub those beautiful feet....... :)
Thank you :D


I'm sorry for my bad english :( but I try to write...Yesterday was an exciting day for me :| I went to the dentist, me removed from two wisdom teeth under anesthesia. It had to do anesthesia because I was afraid of it too much :( Fortunately, I got a good rugs and I was very relaxed before the anesthesia :) And when I woke up, everything was fine, okay, I was a little messed up drugs and I could not walk immediately :D :D Perhaps this was a stupid thing to tell, but I was afraid of this so much, I'm so glad it's all over now, and finally those teeth are gone :D Now my face show a little bit funny, my cheeks are swollen :roll: :) Hope all goes well, and not to come to any infections. The good thing I get to eat ice cream, puddings and other soft food :P I took two funny pictures pajamas and stiletto heels, really a great combination :D :D :D I think that you like more watch high heels, not my barefoot when I rest :) Maybe next time when I'm in better shape, I will show my black work pumps, I know that you like them :)
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Miss Sara

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Re: My feet and heels... and a little fun...

Post by Atlas » Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:27 am

Nothing sexier than your legs in those black pumps!!! God I could have fun with your feet in them heels! :))

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Re: My feet and heels... and a little fun...

Post by ffffff » Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:43 am

Hi Sara,

hope everything went well :-)
You look sexy what ever you wear, even pyjamas :-)

Let me say it so, i like your feet in heels your bare feet but mostly your feet in nylons :-)

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Re: My feet and heels... and a little fun...

Post by aldonis » Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:38 am

You are fantastik!!! You know surely what I would do with your fabulus black stiletto and your feet...WOWWW! Thanks, Miss !

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Re: My feet and heels... and a little fun...

Post by Heelboy20 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:56 am

What a nice combination on the last pics :lol:
Whoult like to see more of this :)
Thanks for all your picture you made sara <3
I hope to see more :)
I would like to text you private, can you tell me your email or how i can text you here? *-*

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Re: My feet and heels... and a little fun...

Post by italianboots » Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:47 am

Glad your dentist appointment went well. Sexy heels.......hope you slept in them!! :lol: :lol:

Toe Cleavage1
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Re: My feet and heels... and a little fun...

Post by Toe Cleavage1 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:41 pm

I like the combo of P.J's and heels and of course there is so much toe cleavage on show that I like, so much to trace my tongue along, to kiss and to savour the smell and feel of your soft skin. I can imagine myself kissing your feet in those heels while caressing your shoes, the heel, the toe, the sides as you arch your foot and give me a glimpse of the inner sole.

Get well soon and the best medicine for your recovery is to wear sexy shoes to make you feel sexy, Doctors orders. :D

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Re: My feet and heels... and a little fun...

Post by Bond007 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:35 am

Hello Miss Sara,
hope your teeth are doing well again? And be ensured, you are not the only one who is afraid of such a surgery.
Lovely combination of Pyjama and Stilettos, getting my head cinema really started. Imagining that you got up before me, pour yourself a coffee and come back to our bed in those black patent heels. I would be certain, that you want to play with me and that we would have a lot of fun together.
To which occasions do you normally wear those high heels? To seduce your lover or boyfriend, to feel sexy or when going out? Or are that only bed shoes? :oops:
Have a great day
Much love, your fan Olli from Frankfurt

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Re: My feet and heels... and a little fun...

Post by jpierre777 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:41 pm

Oh wow! That is what my sick day fantasy would be! :D

Im sorry if you are in pain Miss Sara... you are really a goddess for thinking of us while you are recovering.

Get well soon please

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Re: My feet and heels... and a little fun...

Post by Shoenuf » Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:59 am

Polka Dot Paradise Miss Sara!! How great would it be to be there with you helping you recover from your dental surgery!! I heard the best way to recover from dental pain is through firm and thorough foot message!! I heard that toe licking and sucking directly removes pain from tooth extractions and that tongue messages of the toes whitens and brightens teeth!!!

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