Southern girl new to all this

For foot lovers. Footjobs, toejobs, cumming on feet. Feet in sandals count too. Stocking jobs, pantyhosejobs, nylonjobs, sockjobs. Cumming on stockings, Cumming on pantyhose, cumming on nylons, cumming on socks.

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BareFoot Rose
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Southern girl new to all this

Post by BareFoot Rose » Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:57 am

Since I am exploring and figuring out what I like, I posted in another forum my introduction but I thought I would do it here too...
I love being barefoot. I love having my feet played with.
Walking in mud feels amazing. Silk, satin, soft fur and slippers, the warm soil, sand... it all drives me crazy.
I run a small farm, and work on the side as a groomer and dog/horse trainer. When alone, I'm barefoot all the time. Even in freezing weather, but especially during wet warm weather.
I only wear shoes when I am doing dangerous very dirty work like clearing brush or mucking out the coop.
Oh and I love it when my boyfriend uses my feet. When he nips my toes and spreads them wide.
I'm not a model or an exotic dancer. I'm pretty average with waist length hair, long legs toned from dancing and teaching dance in my younger days. My feet are large and wide, tanned, and not really calloused since I keep them moisturized and cared for,
I like to sleep with socks on after my boyfriend has finished on them because it makes my feet so soft. Better than any lotion I've tried.
I want to figure out more about what I like.
What do you all like? Any suggestions on things to try?

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Re: Southern girl new to all this

Post by weakforfeet » Mon Nov 19, 2018 1:52 pm

Hey there. Can you post more pics of your feet? What do you enjoy being done to your feet - toes sucked? soles licked? massage? What kind of shoes do you like or do you prefer being barefoot?

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