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For foot lovers. Footjobs, toejobs, cumming on feet. Feet in sandals count too. Stocking jobs, pantyhosejobs, nylonjobs, sockjobs. Cumming on stockings, Cumming on pantyhose, cumming on nylons, cumming on socks.

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Re: Self footjob

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yellowpanda8 wrote: Sun Dec 27, 2020 3:15 pm Interesting idea. How would that even work. I prefer NFJ’s from my wife but that is interesting. The mechanics of it
I would imagine laying oposite each other and maybe intwining our nylon legs and ensures our feet touch each others cock and stroke and rub until one gets covered in cum and then the next
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Re: Self footjob

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It is an interesting idea. Best of luck. Not my thing but a cool idea
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