tell us your story! when was the first time boots turned you on?

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Re: tell us your story! when was the first time boots turned you on?

Post by sakione » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:01 am

My boot fetish came from me snooping in my moms closet, i used to wear her boots all the time but they weren't knee or thigh, always lower. My sister friends used to wear boots and i can remember a time when one of them came over. She had on boots with jeans and i always wondered the length of them. I always thought it was something wrong with me until i googled info on boots and i came across a forum similar to this one with boot fetishes just like mine or even surpassing. It blew my mind. Once i got a gf, I told her about my fetish and she embraced it. I remember pumping her boots so hard, the orgasm was so intense she was in shock. She gave me bootjobs all of the time and then time moved on, we broke up and i started buying boots. I had so many pairs of boots. I love to dress up in them. The feeling of leather caressing ur thighs as ur thrusting your cock into another pair to only explode with bliss into them. I love boots. I have did my fair share of quitting. now i own one pair and im debating on buying another pair for wear. It always great to know there are people like me.

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Re: tell us your story! when was the first time boots turned you on?

Post by overkneestiefel » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:08 am

Ein paar Fotos von den Stiefel das Wehre Geil ok

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Re: tell us your story! when was the first time boots turned you on?

Post by Botas_altas1 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:07 am

The good thing about the Internet and forums like this, is that thanks to them we know that we are not weird or unique creatures that we get excited, we use and we fuck boots. I like to contact other people who understand my feelings for boots and I have even exchanged their boots for mine. Years ago I never imagined that this was even a dream. Thanks to everyone who, like me, brings comments and experiences.

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Re: tell us your story! when was the first time boots turned you on?

Post by Shanechad » Mon Mar 25, 2019 1:10 pm

I was probably 4 or 5 years old and it is a vague memory but I still remember it happening. Because I noticed at such a young age, I realized that my love for boots goes further than a temporary fetish but I may have been born with the love for boots.

I was playing in the living room of my apartment when my sister came home. She was in college at the time and she had come back for the weekend. When she did, she was wearing these knee high heeled boots made of leather. The shape and design intrigued me so I went over to look at it when she took them off and went to the kitchen.

I remember feeling butterflies in my stomach as I touched them. It isn't a huge story but it's one that I remember from time to time and makes me wonder if fetishes are genetic or learned. I was very young and I remember that I liked them from the moment I saw them. Here I am today and I still watch porn with boots involved and occasionally cum some when I am at a girls house.

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Re: tell us your story! when was the first time boots turned you on?

Post by basdas » Thu Mar 28, 2019 7:02 am

This post has woken up some memories for me ;) I actually think the interest in boots begun when I was like 4 or 5 years old, I'm dead serious. I was put in a "private" daycare and one day on the toilet I remember seeing her wellies there, and I thought there was some fascinating about them. I remember that I tried to snuggle a little bit with them there and then :D
Later on when I grew up to be like 9 or 10 I got interested in my sisters barbie dolls, especially when she had put on boots on some of them. I so remember those doll boots, one pair were green and the others were black. I was so horny by them back then, but I didn't know what masturbation was so I just played with them, put my penis on them and so on.
Then I learned what masturbation was, and boy o boy that changed my life :P Now I really got in to my sisters ankle boots and then also one of my moms pair of black boots that I just LOVED! :) Got busted a couple of times, but nothing we talked about and till this day I do cum over my moms and sisters boots and shoes when ever I get a chance :D

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