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Double Boot Fuck

Post by selkietrews » Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:37 pm

New in town and mainly to ask this question/share this fantasie: namely, has anyone ever been involved double fucking one pair of boots?

Can't find any reference to this anywhere and if anyone could point the way, pics, stories, vids that would be amazing, awesome and very interesting :D

The personal appeal is imagining the kick (sic!) my partner would get out of this. Given the one time we did this a door opened and it was a definite "Fuck, Yes!" moment for both of us. I just wonder how the attentions of another cock fucking her boots (or strapon actually) with the added advantage of another pair of hands/lips and tongue free to pleasure her at the same time might appeal?

Ofcourse I've no idea how this could pan out in practice and just wondered if anyone had any experience of it.

Like any tripling I guess the possible positions might be extensive, standing, sandwiched, kneeling, a small stool to align faces to ass and cunt, hands free, hands bound, collared and chained?..I'm getting a bit carried away now :oops:

Also, can you keep your balance...?

v. interested to hear any thoughts or experience on the matter :D

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