My bootjob routine

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My bootjob routine

Post by extremebootlover » Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:31 pm

Due to the on and off nature of recent relationships and an unwillingness of certain partners to indulge my fetish I have not had the constant reliable source of boot jobs that I once enjoyed. This forced me to come up with a Plan B, and despite some hesitation and initial nervousness I am now onto a good thing, with a 100% strike rate.

First, I scoured the local buy/swap/sell market for a pair of boots. I was blown away by how much there was to choose from. Turns out there are a lot of women out there trying to offload boots - some have just gotten tired of them, some are unwanted purchases or gifts that have never even been worn. It wasn't long before i'd found the perfect pair - black, knee high, 3-inch stiletto with a calf zip that happened to be owned by a cute asian woman. A photo is below.

The next challenge is how do I get a decent female's legs into those boots, then get those boots onto my cock. I was seeing a local dominatrix for a while and she was indulging my boot fetish (along with some other things) but her sessions were intense AND expensive so I knew I couldn't keep it up for long. That is when I decided to throw myself into the local massage scene, of which there appears to be an endless supply of Korean, Chinese and Japanese owned massage parlours. With a one hour massage costing $40 and anything extra up to negotiation between you and the girl I figured this could work out well. So I booked myself into a massage parlour to which i'd previously been hoping that someone would remember me. Unfortunately everyone was new there, so I was quite nervous but ended up getting shown into a room and a gorgeous Japanese lady followed me in. I was SO nervous. Palms sweaty, just couldn't get the words out of my mouth. Eventually I plucked up the courage to ask and luckily can speak some basic Japanese (which in my mind is not as embarrassing as asking in English) so I explained to her that in my bag I had a pair of boots, and was wondering if she would wear them. To my surprise, she said "sure!" and ducked out of the room to get some socks. I then helped her into them. This is when I realised that perhaps the pair i'd bought were a bit too small - the rear zip couldn't be closed all the way up and was left partially unzipped at the top of the boot shaft. Anyway, this was her first time doing a foot job let alone a bootjob so she kept asking me what I wanted her to do. I knew that before too long she'd figure it out so I guided her through a few of my favourite positions and before too long she had mastered it and I was like putty in her hands. She worked me over very well - at one point I had to smile she had the cutest look on her face as she was intently staring at her feet as they pumped my cock. She kept going until I absolutely exploded under her right boot while I grasped tightly onto her left boot. She didn't even realise i'd cum (I don't know how, the heavy breathing, moaning and my body spasming), anyway when she figured it out she giggled and said something like "I didn't think you'd be able to cum"....well how wrong she was! Anyway, I cleaned up, packed up, gave her the tip ($30) and was too nervous to ask for her number (to try and meet up outside of the shop), so left thinking i'd see her again soon. Unfortunately within 2 weeks the shop has closed and I have all but given up on seeing her again.

Next up was over the weekend, I had some time on my hands and I felt it was time for another shot so I tried a new shop and was greeted by a Hong Kong girl who showed me into the room. The massage was amazing, she was working a few knots out of my shoulder when I got the courage to ask her....Told her I had a special request. I said that in my bag I had a pair of boots, and i'd like her to wear them. I'm a bit reluctant to straight out ask for a bootjob and figure the biggest hurdle is actually getting them into the boots - everything else would be easy after that. To my surprise she straight away asked "you want me to wear boots and give hand job?" and I responded with "well close, wear the boots and give me a foot job?" she laughed and said "i've never done that before, but okay, $60). Although much more expensive than the Japanese girl, my mind was made up and I was already in boot heaven so I agreed. I helped her into them which was great - her legs were a bit plump and again the boots were a little small for her so we wrestled her legs into them - me naked sitting on a couch with her next to met, boots over my lap rubbing the living hell out of my boner as we struggled. Eventually she was strapped in and ready to go. Like the Japanese one, she had no idea and needed a fair bit of guidance. Started by lying on the floor facing her on the couch and her using boot her feet to trap me between her soles and pumping up and down. She tried that with various speeds and intensities. She kept laughing saying "first time". Then pinned my cock against the pointy toe of her left boot, and then used the sole of her right boot to hold it in place and rub it. She came up with this position herself and i was immediately overcome with waves of pleasure, she was pretty delighted at how well I responded to this position so she giggled and kept going. After a few more changes I did the classic lie on the ground, her stand next to me and use the massage table for support, then just squashed my cock into my stomach with the sole of her boot and rubbed back and forward. Less than two minutes later I was erupting like a volcano and she was giggling saying "yaaaaay i won!". This was a pretty damn good bootjob.

I might lay low for the next couple of weeks but I hope to be back soon with some more bootjob adventures. Of course, I will try and get photos. Eventually i'll come across a massage girl who won't care, or for an extra $20 will let me take a few snaps.

Until then, happy boot jobbing!

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Re: My bootjob routine

Post by Wetshoe » Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:45 pm

Welcome to the forum! If you want to, refer them to here so the guys have a good lead to someone who already understands, and she gets more customers as well as practice. Sorry, the forum software is a bit messed up at the moment. I'm working on fixing it. If you manually type into your browser you'll get to the home page where there is a list of shoesession girls. Would be great if we could compile a list of experienced and verified shoesession girls.

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Re: My bootjob routine

Post by sandalfan1 » Thu May 25, 2017 3:49 am

Great experiences. I look forward to your next adventure. Perhaps you should buy a second larger pair of boots for the massage women to choose from?

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